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Tong Wars

Author : Scott D. Seligman
ISBN : 9780399562297
Genre : History
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Format : PDF
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A mesmerizing true story of money, murder, gambling, prostitution, and opium in a "wild ramble around Chinatown in its darkest days." (The New Yorker) Nothing had worked. Not threats or negotiations, not shutting down the betting parlors or opium dens, not house-to-house searches or throwing Chinese offenders into prison. Not even executing them. The New York DA was running out of ideas and more people were dying every day as the weapons of choice evolved from hatchets and meat cleavers to pistols, automatic weapons, and even bombs. Welcome to New York City’s Chinatown in 1925. The Chinese in turn-of-the-last-century New York were mostly immigrant peasants and shopkeepers who worked as laundrymen, cigar makers, and domestics. They gravitated to lower Manhattan and lived as Chinese an existence as possible, their few diversions—gambling, opium, and prostitution—available but, sadly, illegal. It didn’t take long before one resourceful merchant saw a golden opportunity to feather his nest by positioning himself squarely between the vice dens and the police charged with shutting them down. Tong Wars is historical true crime set against the perfect landscape: Tammany-era New York City. Representatives of rival tongs (secret societies) corner the various markets of sin using admirably creative strategies. The city government was already corrupt from top to bottom, so once one tong began taxing the gambling dens and paying off the authorities, a rival, jealously eyeing its lucrative franchise, co-opted a local reformist group to help eliminate it. Pretty soon Chinese were slaughtering one another in the streets, inaugurating a succession of wars that raged for the next thirty years. Scott D. Seligman’s account roars through three decades of turmoil, with characters ranging from gangsters and drug lords to reformers and do-gooders to judges, prosecutors, cops, and pols of every stripe and color. A true story set in Prohibition-era Manhattan a generation after Gangs of New York, but fought on the very same turf. From the Hardcover edition.
Category: History

Greater Gotham

Author : Mike Wallace
ISBN : 9780195116359
Genre : New York (N.Y.)
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"In Greater Gotham Mike Wallace, co-author of GOTHAM, picks up the story of New York at the critical juncture of 1898 and carries it forward during the period when it became not just the country's greatest urban center but a megapolis on an international scale, and with global reach. Between consolidation and the end of World War One, New York was transformed and transforming, mirroring the juggernauting dynamism of the country at large--and largely fueling it. The names of two its streets encapsulate the degree of the city's preeminence: Wall Street and Broadway. Greater Gotham reveals the workings of the city's consolidation; the emerging hegemony of its financial markets, which effectively reconstructed U.S. capitalism; the influx of migrants from other continents and from the American South; the development of its massive infrastructure--subways and waterways and electrical grid; and New York's growing dominance over the arts, media, and entertainment. It captures and illuminates the swings of prosperity and downturn, from the 1898 skyscraper-driven boom, to the Bankers' Panic of 1907, to the labor upheavals and repressions during and after the World War One. By 1920, New York was the second-largest city in the world and arguably its new capital"--Provided by publisher.
Category: New York (N.Y.)

Gangland Boston

Author : Emily Sweeney
ISBN : 9781493030378
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 35.65 MB
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Welcome to Boston’s criminal underworld Author covers crime for the Boston Globe An entire chapter dedicated to Whitey Bulger: “Whitey’s World” 150 photos from author’s own Boston crime archives and more Organized criminals have haunted Greater Boston’s history, lurking just around the corner or inside that nondescript building. Packed with photos, sidebars, and maps, Gangland Boston reveals the secrets of these places, showing how the Italian mafia and Irish gangs rose to power, how the Winter Hill gang ascended to prominence, and how James “Whitey” Bulger became the region’s most feared crime boss. These are the places where deals were made, people were killed, and bodies were unearthed. From South Boston to the North End, Chinatown, Downtown, and Charlestown; Somerville, Brookline, and more . . . come and see where mobsters lived, worked, ate, played, and died.
Category: True Crime

The Third Degree

Author : Scott D. Seligman
ISBN : 9781640120600
Genre : History
File Size : 83.28 MB
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If you've ever seen an episode of Law and Order, you can probably recite your Miranda rights by heart. But you likely don't know that these rights had their roots in the case of a young Chinese man accused of murdering three diplomats in Washington DC in 1919. A frantic search for clues and dogged interrogations by gumshoes erupted in sensational news and editorial coverage and intensified international pressure on the police to crack the case. Part murder mystery, part courtroom drama, and part landmark legal case, The Third Degree is the true story of a young man's abuse by the Washington police and an arduous, seven-year journey through the legal system that drew in Warren G. Harding, William Howard Taft, Oliver Wendell Holmes, John W. Davis, and J. Edgar Hoover. The ordeal culminated in a sweeping Supreme Court ruling penned by Justice Louis Brandeis that set the stage for the Miranda warning many years later. Scott D. Seligman argues that the importance of the case hinges not on the defendant's guilt or innocence but on the imperative that a system that presumes one is innocent until proven guilty provides protections against coerced confessions. Today, when the treatment of suspects between arrest and trial remains controversial, when bias against immigrants and minorities in law enforcement continues to deny them their rights, and when protecting individuals from compulsory self-incrimination is still an uphill battle, this century-old legal spellbinder is a cautionary tale that reminds us how we got where we are today and makes us wonder how far we have yet to go.
Category: History

Chinese Business Etiquette

Author : Scott D. Seligman
ISBN : 9780446551144
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 57.79 MB
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East-West business is booming as thousands of people flock to China. The author, with 25 years of experience dealing with the Chinese, provides up-to-date advice on how to succeed, avoid gaffes, interpret behaviour and make positive impressions.
Category: Business & Economics

Erz Hl Ihnen Von Schlachten K Nigen Und Elefanten

Author : Mathias Enard
ISBN : 9783827075055
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Das Erdbeben von 1509 wird die Fundamente der Brücke Michelangelos zerstören. Enard zeichnet ein gelungenes Künstlerporträt und füllt dabei die wenigen Wochen aus, die in der Biografie des Künstlers weiße Flecken geblieben waren."(3Sat) Eine wunderbare Parabel über die Religions- und Zivilisationskonflikte, eine Parabel von ungebrochener Aktualität: den Bruch zwischen diesen zwei Welten hat es nicht immer gegeben, und es muss ihn, vielleicht, nicht für immer geben.
Category: Fiction

The New Jim Crow

Author : Michelle Alexander
ISBN : 9783956141591
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 69.93 MB
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Die Wahl von Barack Obama im November 2008 markierte einen historischen Wendepunkt in den USA: Der erste schwarze Präsident schien für eine postrassistische Gesellschaft und den Triumph der Bürgerrechtsbewegung zu stehen. Doch die Realität in den USA ist eine andere. Obwohl die Rassentrennung, die in den sogenannten Jim-Crow-Gesetzen festgeschrieben war, im Zuge der Bürgerrechtsbewegung abgeschafft wurde, sitzt heute ein unfassbar hoher Anteil der schwarzen Bevölkerung im Gefängnis oder ist lebenslang als kriminell gebrandmarkt. Ein Status, der die Leute zu Bürgern zweiter Klasse macht, indem er sie ihrer grundsätzlichsten Rechte beraubt – ganz ähnlich den explizit rassistischen Diskriminierungen der Jim-Crow-Ära. In ihrem Buch, das in Amerika eine breite Debatte ausgelöst hat, argumentiert Michelle Alexander, dass die USA ihr rassistisches System nach der Bürgerrechtsbewegung nicht abgeschafft, sondern lediglich umgestaltet haben. Da unter dem perfiden Deckmantel des »War on Drugs« überproportional junge männliche Schwarze und ihre Communities kriminalisiert werden, funktioniert das drakonische Strafjustizsystem der USA heute wie das System rassistischer Kontrolle von gestern: ein neues Jim Crow.
Category: Political Science

Dealing With The Chinese

Author : Scott D. Seligman
ISBN : 1852520655
Genre : Business etiquette
File Size : 54.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Half a million English-speaking business people and tourists visit China every year and encounter the unwritten rules of protocol which guide Chinese behaviour.
Category: Business etiquette

Die Morawische Nacht

Author : Peter Handke
ISBN : 9783518754337
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39.5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In einer Neumondnacht lädt ein »ehemaliger Autor« die Freunde seines Lebens auf sein Hausboot am Ufer der Morawa, einem serbischen Nebenfluß der Donau, um ihnen eine Geschichte zu erzählen. Sie führt zu den Orten, an denen alles begann, sie erzählt seine Lebensreise durch Europa. Kritik und Publikum reagierten begeistert auf Peter Handkes märchenhafte Bilanz eines Dichterlebens.
Category: Fiction

Das Ende Des Alphabets

Author : Charles Scott Richardson
ISBN : 9783455170450
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.86 MB
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Ein Paar macht eine letzte alphabetische Reise an die Orte ihrer Liebe. Doch kann die Sehnsucht und der Schmerz einem Alphabet gehorchen? Als Ambrose Zephyr erfährt, dass er nur noch so viele Tage zu leben hat wie das Alphabet Buchstaben, packt er seinen alten Lederkoffer und macht sich mit seiner Frau auf den Weg: Sie beginnen bei A wie Amsterdam, dann Berlin, Chartre ... Eine zärtliche, ergreifende Geschichte über die eine große Liebe - intelligent, romantisch, weise.
Category: Fiction