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Thought Revolution Updated With New Stories

Author : William A. Donius
ISBN : 9781476751535
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 70.48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Explains the science behind nondominant-hand writing and teaches readers how to use the technique in daily life.
Category: Business & Economics

The Loudest Voice In The Room

Author : Gabriel Sherman
ISBN : 9780679644095
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 43.97 MB
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A revelatory journey inside the world of Fox News and Roger Ailes—the brash, sometimes combative network head who helped fuel the rise of Donald Trump NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • SOON TO BE A SHOWTIME LIMITED SERIES When Rupert Murdoch enlisted Roger Ailes to launch a cable news network in 1996, American politics and media changed forever. With a remarkable level of detail and insight, New York magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman puts Ailes’s unique genius on display, along with the outsize personalities—Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, Gretchen Carlson, Bill Shine, and others—who have helped Fox News play a defining role in the great social and political controversies of the past two decades. From the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal to the Bush-Gore recount, from the war in Iraq to the Tea Party attack on the Obama presidency, Roger Ailes developed an unrivaled power to sway the national agenda. Even more, he became the indispensable figure in conservative America and the man any Republican politician with presidential aspirations had to court. How did this man become the master strategist of our political landscape? In revelatory detail, Sherman chronicles the rise of Ailes, a frail kid from an Ohio factory town who, through sheer willpower, the flair of a showman, fierce corporate politicking, and a profound understanding of the priorities of middle America, built the most influential television news empire of our time. Drawing on hundreds of interviews with Fox News insiders past and present, Sherman documents Ailes’s tactical acuity as he battled the press, business rivals, and countless real and perceived enemies inside and outside Fox. Sherman takes us inside the morning meetings in which Ailes and other high-level executives strategized Fox’s presentation of the news to advance Ailes’s political agenda; provides behind-the-scenes details of Ailes’s crucial role as finder and shaper of talent, including his sometimes rocky relationships with Fox News stars such as O’Reilly, Hannity, and Carlson; and probes Ailes’s fraught partnership with his equally brash and mercurial boss, Rupert Murdoch. Roger Ailes’s life is a story worthy of Citizen Kane. Featuring a new afterword about Ailes’s epic downfall during the extraordinary 2016 election, The Loudest Voice in the Room is an extraordinary feat of reportage with a compelling human drama at its heart. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR
Category: Business & Economics

Ich Muss Verr Ckt Sein So Zu Leben

Author : Shane Claiborne
ISBN : 9783765570544
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Format : PDF
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"Man hatte mir beigebracht, was man als Christ glaubt. Aber niemand hatte mir gezeigt, wie man als Christ lebt." Wie lebt man als Christ? Diese Frage führt Shane Claiborne auf ungewöhnliche Wege. Er reist nach Kalkutta und begleitet Mutter Teresa zu den Ärmsten der Armen - und dort begegnet er Gott auf ganz neue Weise. Seine "Bekehrung zur radikalen Nachfolge" ruiniert seine beruflichen Pläne, führt ihn in die Innenstadtghettos an die Seite der Vergessenen der Wohlstandsgesellschaft und zu Beginn des Irakkriegs 2003 als Friedensaktivist nach Bagdad. Der "Extremist der Nächstenliebe" erzählt eine Geschichte voller Leidenschaft, Kreativität und eines Glaubens, der durch kleine Taten der Liebe die Welt verändert.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story

Author : R. Kent Newmyer
ISBN : 9780807864029
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 70.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The primary founder and guiding spirit of the Harvard Law School and the most prolific publicist of the nineteenth century, Story served as a member of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1811 to 1845. His attitudes and goals as lawyer, politician, judge, and legal educator were founded on the republican values generated by the American Revolution. Story's greatest objective was to fashion a national jurisprudence that would carry the American people into the modern age without losing those values.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Political Thought In America

Author : Philip Abbott
ISBN : 9781478607663
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 53.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Political Thought in America is based on the idea that there are three major languages or traditions of discourse that Americans have employed to interpret the national experience: biblical thought, republicanism, and liberalism, interpreted through the lens of two other languagesconservatism and radicalism. The authors engaging style brings the American political experience to life with clarity and vision, immersing readers into the politics surrounding eleven great crises in our nations history. Through the eyes of philosophers, writers, and orators of each period and the voices of commentators both historical and current, political theories are outlined in the context of the debates and conversations of the men and women who have struggled to extricate the nation from crisis. New to the fourth edition are an analysis of the impact of Barack Obama on contemporary American political discourse, recent developments in the war on terror, and a section on gay and lesbian protest. A new chapter has been added that discusses the phenomenon of globalization and its challenge to American exceptionalism. As in previous editions, each chapter ends with an insightful author commentary and contains an up-to-date and comprehensive bibliographical essay, along with a list of major works for each period.
Category: Political Science

Stories Of The French Revolution

Author : Walter Montgomery
ISBN : PKEY:6610000020829
Genre : History
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About eight miles from Paris is the town of Versailles, which was but a poor little village when a great king took a fancy to it and built there a palace. His son was passionately fond of state and grandeur, and he resolved to add to the palace, room after room and gallery after gallery, until he had made it the most superb house in all the world. It is said the cost was so frightful that he never let anyone know what the sum total amounted to, but threw the accounts into the fire. This was Louis XIV., called by Frenchmen "Le grand Monarque." He reigned seventy-two years, having been a mere child when called to the throne. To this splendid palace and to an income of thirty millions a year, did his great-grandson, Louis XV., succeed. He, too, was a child of tender years when he entered on his vast inheritance. For a time the Duke of Orleans acted as regent; but when the little king was fourteen years of age he assumed the sceptre, and in two years more he married a Polish princess. At one time Louis was very much beloved, and got the title of "Bien Aime;" but he afterward lost his people's affection, and by the time he died he was utterly despised, if not detested. Everything seemed to be going to rack and ruin. The French armies were defeated, their colonies fell into the hands of England, their navy suffered great losses, their commerce was all but ruined. Therefore the French people felt disgraced; and many of them believed all these evils were greatly owing to the idleness and bad management of their pleasure-loving and careless king. At length, one year,—it was in the pleasant May-time,—Louis fell sick of smallpox. He was at once put to bed, and the doctors came to see him; but from the first they looked with grave anxiety on the ailing man. His three daughters—whom he had nicknamed Rag, Snip, and Pig—waited on him dutifully, though the terrible disease turned everybody sick who came near the bed. The stench was carried far into the palace; but there the princesses remained until the end came. They had a fourth sister, nicknamed Dud; but she was in a nunnery, and so could not wait upon her dying father. So Louis, once the "Well Beloved," lay dying at last. Twice before he had been near death. Once at Metz he was very, very ill, and prayers ascended in every church for his recovery; and at another time he almost perished under the knife of an assassin, named Damiens, who leaped on the carriage-step and stabbed the king in the side. But now Death had come to him in earnest, and Louis was nevermore to smell the roses in the glorious gardens of Versailles; nor was he evermore to watch the wonderful fountains play, nor to hunt in the pleasant forest. Death had called for him at last, and he must go. When he felt himself sinking into the grave, he sent for the sacrament, and it was given him by Cardinal Roche Aymon. Many ministers of religion were praying incessantly in the chapel below for the king's recovery. While the dauphin (afterward Louis XVI.), his queen, and many of the courtiers were present at one of these services, the May skies were darkened by a sudden thunderstorm, and the rattling peals drowned the sound of the chants and prayers. The tempest rolled away, and soon after the old king breathed his last. While he was in his death agonies, the dauphin and his wife and others were standing ready to leave Versailles at a moment's notice. The horses were yoked to the carriages, and the postilions in their churn-boots were standing by; all were ready for an instant start. At length the dauphin and Marie Antoinette heard a noise like the sound of distant thunder; it came nearer and nearer, and very soon the door of the apartment flew open, and all the courtiers crowded in, each wishing to outstrip the other in saluting the new majesties of France. The young couple, it is said, fell on their knees and asked God to help them to rule, for they were so young and knew not how. It was a pious deed; and we cannot but grieve as we see them, full of youth and hope and prosperity, beginning that course which so soon afterward ended in disaster and death. It seems strange to us that Louis did not remain at Versailles and follow his grandfather to the grave. Wicked as he was, the old king might at least have had a decent funeral. As for the young king, he and his brilliant court did not remain an hour, but stepped into their carriages and were driven away at a rapid rate to Choisy. Meanwhile the dishonored body of the late monarch, now a mass of putrefying sores, was tumbled hastily into a coffin of lead, which was well supplied with spirits of wine. The coffin was then carried rapidly away by torchlight to St. Denis, where the kings of France had a burial-place. As the funeral procession passed through Paris, many were the bitter things said of him who was gone. The curious people stood in two rows to witness the dismal sight pass them at a quick trot. Ten years of peace followed the accession of Louis XVI.; but he and his government had been meanwhile getting deeper and deeper into debt and discredit, and they were at length obliged, by sheer- want of money, to call together a parliament, called the States-General, which had not met for upward of a hundred and fifty years.
Category: History

Russian Literature Since The Revolution

Author : Edward James Brown
ISBN : 0674782046
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 84.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Surveys the major writers, organizations, and movements in modern Russian literature and examines the clash between writers and the state
Category: Literary Criticism

Thought Revolution The Key To Perfect Health

Author : Sirshree
ISBN : 9788184154160
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 85.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ask yourself , “What do I truly want?” - Do you want life filled with love, bliss, peace, and prosperity? - Would you like the company of good people and harmony in all your relations? - Do you want to lead a life brimming with perfect health – not just physical vitality, but also mental wellbeing? - What if you could attain success effortlessly? What if your path to success is pleasant and straightforward? - What if the world is pervaded by love, bliss and peace? Do you know that what you are holding in your hands right now is not just a book, but a key that can unlock the door to all the above possibilities?! You can direct your thoughts by applying the Laws of Thought explained in this book to attain a life of love, bliss, good health, wealth and creativity… not just for yourself, but also for the world!
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Blaze Of Obscurity

Author : Clive James
ISBN : 9780330515252
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 49.33 MB
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‘I was never alone except in the toilet, where I soon found that locking myself into a cubicle was not much protection from hearing myself talked about by young men standing at urinals. (“Jesus, he’s looking rough.” “And it’s only Monday.”) Reviews for Clive James’s fourth volume of memoirs, North Face of Soho, included several that specifically requested a further volume; Clive James duly obliged and here, in all its glory, is ‘Unreliable Memoirs V’, otherwise known as The Blaze of Obscurity. Perhaps his most brilliant book yet, The Blaze of Obscurity tells the inside story of his years in television: part Clive James on TV and part Clive James on TV, it shows Clive James on top form – both then and now. ‘In the case of many people who attempt an autobiography even a single volume is one too many . . . In the case of Clive James, the volumes now in existence are too few. If the final tally puts him up there with Marcel Proust, so much the better’ Financial Times
Category: Biography & Autobiography