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Author : Barri J. Gold
ISBN : 9780262288279
Genre : History
File Size : 46.68 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In ThermoPoetics, Barri Gold sets out to show us how analogous, intertwined, and mutually productive poetry and physics may be. Charting the simultaneous emergence of the laws of thermodynamics in literature and in physics that began in the 1830s, Gold finds that not only can science influence literature, but literature can influence science, especially in the early stages of intellectual development. Nineteenth-century physics was often conducted in words. And, Gold claims, a poet could be a genius in thermodynamics and a novelist could be a damn good engineer. Gold's lively readings of works by Alfred Tennyson, Charles Dickens, Herbert Spencer, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, and others offer a decidedly literary introduction to such elements of thermodynamic thought as conservation and dissipation, the linguistic tension between force and energy, the quest for a grand unified theory, strategies for coping within an inexorably entropic universe, and the demonic potential of the thermodynamically savvy individual. Gold shows us that in A Tale of Two Cities, for example, Dickens produces order in spite of the universal drive to entropy; Wilde's Dorian Gray and Stoker's Dracula, on the other hand, reveal the creative potential of chaos.Victorian literature embraced the language and ideas of energy physics to address the era's concerns about religion, evolution, race, class, empire, gender, and sexuality. Gold argues that these concerns, in turn, shaped the hopes and fears expressed about the new physics.
Category: History

Victorian Literature And The Physics Of The Imponderable

Author : Sarah C. Alexander
ISBN : 9780822981886
Genre : Science
File Size : 58.18 MB
Format : PDF
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The Victorians are known for their commitment to materialism, evidenced by the dominance of empiricism in the sciences and realism in fiction. Yet there were other strains of thinking during the period in the physical sciences, social sciences, and literature that privileged the spaces between the material and immaterial. This book examines how the emerging language of the “imponderable” helped Victorian writers and physicists make sense of new experiences of modernity. As Sarah Alexander argues, while Victorian physicists were theorizing ether, energy and entropy, and non-Euclidean space and atom theories, writers such as Charles Dickens, William Morris, and Joseph Conrad used concepts of the imponderable to explore key issues of capitalism, imperialism, and social unrest.
Category: Science

The Routledge Research Companion To Nineteenth Century British Literature And Science

Author : John Holmes
ISBN : 9781317042341
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 73.18 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Tracing the continuities and trends in the complex relationship between literature and science in the long nineteenth century, this companion provides scholars with a comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date foundation for research in this field. In intellectual, material and social terms, the transformation undergone by Western culture over the period was unprecedented. Many of these changes were grounded in the growth of science. Yet science was not a cultural monolith then any more than it is now, and its development was shaped by competing world views. To cover the full range of literary engagements with science in the nineteenth century, this companion consists of twenty-seven chapters by experts in the field, which explore crucial social and intellectual contexts for the interactions between literature and science, how science affected different genres of writing, and the importance of individual scientific disciplines and concepts within literary culture. Each chapter has its own extensive bibliography. The volume as a whole is rounded out with a synoptic introduction by the editors and an afterword by the eminent historian of nineteenth-century science Bernard Lightman.
Category: Literary Criticism

Victorian Literature Energy And The Ecological Imagination

Author : Allen MacDuffie
ISBN : 9781107064379
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 52.80 MB
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Explores how Victorian fiction helped create an environmental consciousness by articulating questions about sustainable energy use.
Category: Literary Criticism

Uncommon Contexts

Author : Ben Marsden
ISBN : 9781317320357
Genre : History
File Size : 22.50 MB
Format : PDF
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Britain in the long nineteenth century developed an increasing interest in science of all kinds. The essays in this collection uncover this symbiotic relationship between literature and science.
Category: History

Sensational Subjects

Author : John Jervis
ISBN : 9781472535641
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 50.65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Under what conditions does 'sensation' become 'sensational'? In the early nineteenth century murder was a staple of the sensationalizing popular press and gruesome descriptions were deployed to make a direct impact on the sensations of the reader. By the end of the century, public concern with the thrills, spills, and shocks of modern life was increasingly articulated in the language of sensation. Media sensationalism contributed to this process and magnified its impact, just as sensation was, in turn, taken up by literature, art and film. In the contemporary world the dramatization of these experiences in an era of media panics over terrorism and paedophilia has taken an overtly melodramatic form, in which battles of good and evil play out across the landscapes of our lives. Sensational Subjects develops an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to exploring these themes, their impact and their implications for understanding the modern world. A companion volume, Sympathetic Sentiments: Affect, Emotion and Spectacle in the Modern World is published simultaneously by Bloomsbury.
Category: Literary Criticism


Author : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
ISBN : 9789256091857
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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يهدف هذا الإصدار من تقرير حالة الموارد السمكية وتربية الأحياء المائية في العالم إلى تقديم بيانات ومعلومات موضوعية وموثوقة ومستوفاة إلى طيف واسع من القراء - صانعو السياسات، والمديرون، والعلماء، وأصحاب المصلحة، وكل المهتمين بقطاع مصايد الأسماك وتربية الأحياء المائية. وكما هي العادة دوماً فإن التقرير عالمي في نطاقه، ومواضيعه كثيرة ومتنوعة. ويستخدم هذا الإصدار آخر الإحصاءات الرسمية المتعلقة بمصايد الأسماك وتربية الأحياء المائية لعرض تحليل شامل لاتجاهات الأرصدة السمكية وإنتاجها وتجهيزها واستخدامها والتجارة فيها واستهلاكها. ويشير التقرير أيضاً إلى حالة أساطيل الصيد في العالم، ويتناول بالتحليل طبيعة الدور البشري في القطاع.
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