Theoretical Neuroscience

Author : Peter Dayan
ISBN : 0262541858
Genre : Medical
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The construction and analysis of mathematical and computational models of neural systems.
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Computational Neuroscience

Author : Jianfeng Feng
ISBN : 9780203494462
Genre : Science
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How does the brain work? After a century of research, we still lack a coherent view of how neurons process signals and control our activities. But as the field of computational neuroscience continues to evolve, we find that it provides a theoretical foundation and a set of technological approaches that can significantly enhance our understanding. Computational Neuroscience: A Comprehensive Approach provides a unified treatment of the mathematical theory of the nervous system and presents concrete examples demonstrating how computational techniques can illuminate difficult neuroscience problems. In chapters contributed by top researchers, the book introduces the basic mathematical concepts, then examines modeling at all levels, from single-channel and single neuron modeling to neuronal networks and system-level modeling. The emphasis is on models with close ties to experimental observations and data, and the authors review application of the models to systems such as olfactory bulbs, fly vision, and sensorymotor systems. Understanding the nature and limits of the strategies neural systems employ to process and transmit sensory information stands among the most exciting and difficult challenges faced by modern science. This book clearly shows how computational neuroscience has and will continue to help meet that challenge.
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Peter Dayan

Author : Maria Quincy Ferdinand
ISBN : 6139230756
Genre : Social Science
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Peter Dayan is the director of the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at the University College London. He is the a co-author of 'Theoretical Neuroscience', a leading textbook of computational and mathematical modeling of neural systems (see computational neuroscience). He is known for applying Bayesian methods from machine learning and Artificial Intelligence as theories of neural function, especially relating neurotransmitter levels to Bayesian uncertainties. He began his career studying Mathematics at Cambridge followed by a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh, which focused on reinforcement learning. He then went on to do a Postdoc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.
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Computational Neuroscience

Author : Erik De Schutter
ISBN : 0444516492
Genre : Science
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The CNS meetings bring together computational neuroscientists representing many different fields and backgrounds as well as many different experimental preparations and theoretical approaches. The papers published here range from pure experimental neurobiology, to neuro-ethology, mathematics, physics, and engineering. In all cases the research described is focused on understanding how nervous systems compute. The actual subjects of the research include a highly diverse number of preparations, modeling approaches and analysis techniques. Accordingly, this volume reflects the breadth and depth of current research in computational neuroscience taking place throughout the world.
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Computational Neuroscience

Author : Wanpracha Chaovalitwongse
ISBN : 0387886303
Genre : Medical
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This volume includes contributions from diverse disciplines including electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, industrial engineering, and medicine, bridging a vital gap between the mathematical sciences and neuroscience research. Covering a wide range of research topics, this volume demonstrates how various methods from data mining, signal processing, optimization and cutting-edge medical techniques can be used to tackle the most challenging problems in modern neuroscience.
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From Neuron To Cognition Via Computational Neuroscience

Author : Michael A. Arbib
ISBN : 9780262034968
Genre : Computers
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A comprehensive, integrated, and accessible textbook presenting core neuroscientific topics from a computational perspective, tracing a path from cells and circuits to behavior and cognition.
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Computational Neuroscience For Advancing Artificial Intelligence Models Methods And Applications

Author : Alonso, Eduardo
ISBN : 9781609600235
Genre : Computers
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"This book argues that computational models in behavioral neuroscience must be taken with caution, and advocates for the study of mathematical models of existing theories as complementary to neuro-psychological models and computational models"--
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Complex And Adaptive Dynamical Systems

Author : Claudius Gros
ISBN : 3540718745
Genre : Science
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Helping us understand our complex world, this book presents key findings in quantitative complex system science. Its approach is modular and phenomenology driven. Examples of phenomena treated in the book include the small world phenomenon in social and scale-free networks; life at the edge of chaos; the concept of living dynamical systems; and emotional diffusive control within cognitive system theory. Each chapter includes exercises to test your grasp of new material. Written at an introductory level, the author provides an accessible entry for graduate students in physics, mathematics, and theoretical computer science.
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Numerical Methods And Analysis Of Multiscale Problems

Author : Alexandre L. Madureira
ISBN : 9783319508665
Genre : Mathematics
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This book is about numerical modeling of multiscale problems, and introduces several asymptotic analysis and numerical techniques which are necessary for a proper approximation of equations that depend on different physical scales. Aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics, engineering and physics – or researchers seeking a no-nonsense approach –, it discusses examples in their simplest possible settings, removing mathematical hurdles that might hinder a clear understanding of the methods. The problems considered are given by singular perturbed reaction advection diffusion equations in one and two-dimensional domains, partial differential equations in domains with rough boundaries, and equations with oscillatory coefficients. This work shows how asymptotic analysis can be used to develop and analyze models and numerical methods that are robust and work well for a wide range of parameters.
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Computational Neuroscience Theoretical Insights Into Brain Function

Author : Paul Cisek
ISBN : 0080555020
Genre : Science
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Computational neuroscience is a relatively new but rapidly expanding area of research which is becoming increasingly influential in shaping the way scientists think about the brain. Computational approaches have been applied at all levels of analysis, from detailed models of single-channel function, transmembrane currents, single-cell electrical activity, and neural signaling to broad theories of sensory perception, memory, and cognition. This book provides a snapshot of this exciting new field by bringing together chapters on a diversity of topics from some of its most important contributors. This includes chapters on neural coding in single cells, in small networks, and across the entire cerebral cortex, visual processing from the retina to object recognition, neural processing of auditory, vestibular, and electromagnetic stimuli, pattern generation, voluntary movement and posture, motor learning, decision-making and cognition, and algorithms for pattern recognition. Each chapter provides a bridge between a body of data on neural function and a mathematical approach used to interpret and explain that data. These contributions demonstrate how computational approaches have become an essential tool which is integral in many aspects of brain science, from the interpretation of data to the design of new experiments, and to the growth of our understanding of neural function. • Includes contributions by some of the most influential people in the field of computational neuroscience • Demonstrates how computational approaches are being used today to interpret experimental data • Covers a wide range of topics from single neurons, to neural systems, to abstract models of learning
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