The Work Of Theology

Author : Stanley Hauerwas
ISBN : 9780802871909
Genre : Religion
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A Cross Shattered Church

Author : Stanley Hauerwas
ISBN : 9781441212757
Genre : Religion
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In this work, eminent theologian Stanley Hauerwas shows how the sermon is the best context for doing good theology. He writes, "I am convinced that the recovery of the sermon as the context for theological reflection is crucial if Christians are to negotiate the world in which we find ourselves." The book includes seventeen sermons preached by Hauerwas, which he considers his best theological work and hopes exemplify the work of theology. The sermons are divided into four sections: seeing, saying, living, and events. Titles range from Believing Is Seeing and Was It Fitting for Jesus to Die on a Cross? to Only Fear Can Drive Out Fear and To Be Made Human. Each sermon includes where and when it was preached and references relevant Scripture passages. EXCERPT I have increasingly come to the recognition that one of the most satisfying contexts for doing the work of theology is in sermons. That should not be surprising because throughout Christian history, at least until recently, the sermon was one of the primary places in which the work of theology was done. For the work of theology is first and foremost to exposit scripture. That modern theology has become less and less scriptural, that modern theology has often tried to appear as a form of philosophy, is but an indication of its alienation from its proper work. I am, therefore, making these sermons available because I think they are not only my best theological work, but because I hope they exemplify the work of theology.
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The Work Of Theology

Author : Francisco Pérez Muniz
ISBN : OCLC:967781633
Genre : Theology
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Brief Outline Of Theology As A Field Of Study

Author : Friedrich Schleiermacher
ISBN : 9780664234065
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Originally published: Lewiston, N.Y.: E. Mellen Press, c1990, in series: Schleiermacher studies and translations; v. 1.
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Barth Derrida And The Language Of Theology

Author : Graham Ward
ISBN : 0521657083
Genre : Religion
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This study offers a new and original analysis of the problem of religious language. Taking as its starting point Karl Barth's doctrine of analogy, it places this doctrine within the context of German Sprache and Rede philosophies and reveals the historical links between them and the work of the philosophers Emmanuel Levinas and Jacques Derrida. Drawing out the parallels between this work and Barth's insights into the language of theology, it concludes that Barth's doctrine of analogy is a theological reading of Derrida's economy of différence. This important contemporary interpretation of Karl Barth reveals his closeness to postmodern thinking and underlines his relevance to current debates on the language of theology. It will be of interest to those studying both general questions of theology and language and the particular relationship between theology and postmodernism.
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The Practice Of Theology

Author : Colin E. Gunton
ISBN : 0334028167
Genre : Religion
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This accessible reader is focused on a standard theme for introductory level university courses in systematic theology. The texts are selected from a variety of positions from across the country, and are designed to promote engagement with major theological debates.
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Theology Aesthetics And Culture

Author : Robert MacSwain
ISBN : 9780199646821
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David Brown is a widely-respected theologian who initially made his mark in analytic discussions of Christian doctrine such as the Trinity. With the publication of Tradition and Imagination: Revelation and Change (1999) his career entered a distinctly new phase, focused on theology and the arts. Four related volumes followed, dealing with discipleship, art and icons, place and space, the body, music, metaphor, drama, and popular culture. According to Brown, the fundamental thesis underlying all five volumes is that both natural and revealed theology are in crisis, and the only way out is to give proper attention to the cultural embeddedness of both. This current volume is the first attempt to assess the significance of this remarkable series, and its contributors include some of the most prominent philosophers, theologians, biblical and literary scholars writing today. Aside from its distinguished interdisciplinary line-up, a distinctive feature is sustained consideration of Brown's work on popular culture. It thus provides an exciting and substantial treatment of theology, aesthetics, and culture.
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History Of Theology The Middle Ages

Author : Basil Studer
ISBN : 0814659160
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2009 Catholic Press Association Award Winner! At last, a thorough, balanced, and readable history of medieval theology for nonspecialist readers! This is that book we so often ask for and so seldom get: written by a scholar for everyone to read. Giulio D 'Onofrio, a historian of philosophy and theology, uses his deep and broad-ranging knowledge of the thought of the scholars (Christian, Jewish, and Muslim) of the Middle Ages to describe in a thoroughly readable style the development of ideas from the beginnings of what can rightly be called Western culture to the Renaissance and the eve of the Reformation. No longer can medieval theology be regarded as merely Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure with appendages fore and aft. This book is a page-turner, as readers are continually invited to join scholars and mystics of another age in the perennial pursuit of faith seeking understanding. It is this quest for a synthesis of faith and reason that guided the medieval thinkers and is the unifying thread running through this book. Readers follow as the Roman world of thought gives way to a Christian world whose philosophy builds on that of Greeks and Romans. That early phase in turn yields to the era of the monastic and cathedral schools, where Christian learning was nurtured until the rise of the universities. In that high flowering, the encounter with Jewish and Arabic thought brought a new energy that issued not only in the work of great masters like Thomas and Bonaventure but also in a flowering of mysticism. Along the way, the great controversies of the era sparked new thinking and new learning, as suppressions of thought proved only temporary setbacks and correctives on the way to greater understanding. Matthew O 'Connell's translation is masterful. Readers will be captivated as much by his lucid and readable English as by D 'Onofrio's clear presentation. It is a work of great merit that should be on the shelf, and frequently in the hand, of everyone who is at al curious about how human beings in the past, as in the present, have sought to understand the faith that is in them. Giulio d 'Onofrio teaches the history of medieval philosophy at the University of Salerno, Italy, and also teaches the history of medieval philosophy, Latin, and the exegesis of philosophical texts at the Pontifical Lateran University. He is the editor of Volume III, The Renaissance, in this series.
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