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The Work Of Theology

Author : Stanley Hauerwas
ISBN : 9780802871909
Genre : Religion
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Category: Religion

The Work Of Christ

Author : Robert Letham
ISBN : 0830815325
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85.79 MB
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In The Work of Christ Robert Letham shapes his discussion around the threefold office of Christ as prophet, priest and king. Within this framework he explores the issues of Christ and the Word of God, the nature and theories of the atonement, and the cosmic and corporate dimensions of the mediatorial kingship of Christ. At crucial points the viewpoints of significant Christian thinkers, from the church fathers to comtemporary theolgians and biblical scholars, are introduced and brought into the conversation. Lucidly written and clearly presented, this is a soundly orthodox and engaging presentation of what Christ has done. It is a welcome starting point for students of theology.
Category: Religion

A Theology Of Work

Author : Darrell Cosden
ISBN : 9781597527576
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.24 MB
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Given that so much of our contemporary lives are spent working and that so many major decisions and issues in life revolve around our work, it is surprising just how little serious theological reflection there is on the subject. A Theology of Work: Work and the New Creation makes work itself the subject of theological enquiry. From within Christian doctrine it asks the pressing questions 'what is work and work's place in God's economy and thus, how should we be carrying out our work?' Through dialogue with Jÿrgen Moltmann, Pope John Paul II and others, this book develops a genitive 'theology of work'. It offers a normative theological definition of work and a model for a theological ethics of work that shows work's nature, value and meaning now, and, quite uniquely, eschatologically related to the new creation. Throughout the book it is argued that work in its essence is about transformation and, as such, it is an activity consisting of three dynamically interrelated dimensions: the instrumental, relational, and ontological.
Category: Religion

Theology Aesthetics And Culture

Author : Robert MacSwain
ISBN : 9780199646821
Genre : Religion
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David Brown is a widely-respected theologian who initially made his mark in analytic discussions of Christian doctrine such as the Trinity. With the publication of Tradition and Imagination: Revelation and Change (1999) his career entered a distinctly new phase, focused on theology and the arts. Four related volumes followed, dealing with discipleship, art and icons, place and space, the body, music, metaphor, drama, and popular culture. According to Brown, the fundamental thesis underlying all five volumes is that both natural and revealed theology are in crisis, and the only way out is to give proper attention to the cultural embeddedness of both. This current volume is the first attempt to assess the significance of this remarkable series, and its contributors include some of the most prominent philosophers, theologians, biblical and literary scholars writing today. Aside from its distinguished interdisciplinary line-up, a distinctive feature is sustained consideration of Brown's work on popular culture. It thus provides an exciting and substantial treatment of theology, aesthetics, and culture.
Category: Religion

Work In The Spirit

Author : Miroslav Volf
ISBN : 9781579106416
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28.58 MB
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Since the rise of modern industrial society, work has come to pervade and rule the lives of men and women. Although there have been many popular books and church documents on on the Christian understanding of work, this is the first scholarly effort to articulate a developed Protestant theology of work. In Work in the Spirit, Miroslav Volf interprets work from a new perspective - in terms of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. He exhaustively explores the nature of work in both capitalist and socialist societies and considers a variety of work, including industrial, agricultural, medical, political, and artistic work. Examining the importance of alienation in work in industrial and information societies (particularly in the relation of workers to management and technology), he analyzes various forms of such alienation, and elucidates the character of humane work. On the basis of the ÒpneumatologicalÓ theology of work that he develops, Volf rejects the traditional Protestant understanding of work as vocation, and takes the concept of charisma as the cornerstone for his theological reflection on work. He denies that one is ÒcalledÓ to do a particular work irrespective of one's inclinations, and asserts, instead, that it is our privilege to do the kind of work for which God's spirit has gifted us. All human work done in accordance with the will of God, Volf argues, is cooperation with God in the preservation and transformation of the world.
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An Exploration Of Christian Theology

Author : Don Thorsen
ISBN : 9781441237071
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85.46 MB
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Beginning theology students often find themselves bewildered by a maze of beliefs represented in Christian history and tradition. Don Thorsen's An Exploration of Christian Theology unravels the knots of theology by exploring the whole Christian tradition in a simple and straightforward way. Beginning with introductory chapters on theology, revelation, and authority, this book deals with biblical teaching and Christian tradition related to such topics as God, creation, sin, Jesus Christ, salvation, and eschatology. Chapters conclude with helpful questions for further reflection and discussion and a convenient glossary of theological terms is included. This is an excellent introduction to Christian theology for classroom or individual use.
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The Call To Radical Theology

Author : Thomas J. J. Altizer
ISBN : 9781438444529
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.12 MB
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The major death-of-God theologian explores the meaning and purpose of radical theology.
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Author : Nicholas M. Healy
ISBN : 9781467440462
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Stanley Hauerwas is one of the most important and robustly creative theologians of our time, and his work is well known and much admired. But Nicholas Healy -- himself an admirer of Hauerwas’s thought -- believes that it has not yet been subjected to the kind of sustained critical analysis that is warranted by such a significant and influential Christian thinker. As someone interested in the broader systematic-theological implications of Hauerwas’s work, Healy fills that gap in Hauerwas: A (Very) Critical Introduction. After a general introduction to Hauerwas’s work, Healy examines three main areas of his thought: his method, his social theory, and his theology. According to Healy, Hauerwas’s overriding concern for ethics and church-based apologetics so dominates his thinking that he systematically distorts Christian doctrine. Healy illustrates what he sees as the deficiencies of Hauerwas’s theology and argues that it needs substantial revision.
Category: Religion

Between Magisterium And Marketplace

Author : Robert C. Saler
ISBN : 9781451487619
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55.61 MB
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Robert C. Saler argues for a fresh ecclesiology of the church as a diffusively spatialized event. Within this framework, Saler provides an ecclesiology that retains normativity while defining authorship and the constructive task of theology. Establishing this claim through historical encounters between Thomas More and William Tyndale, and John Henry Newman and Friedrich Schleiermacher, Between Magisterium and Marketplace provides a theological genealogy of modern ecclesiology, offering a humble yet hopeful view of the theological task in light of contemporary ecclesial opportunities.
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The Trinitarian Theology Of Stanley J Grenz

Author : Jason S. Sexton
ISBN : 9780567045140
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59.64 MB
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Exploring one of the most controversial figures in recent evangelical theology, this book thoroughly examines core features of Stanley J. Grenz's Trinitarian vision.
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