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The Woodland Southeast

Author : David G. Anderson
ISBN : 9780817311377
Genre : History
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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This collection presents, for the first time, a much-needed synthesis of the major research themes and findings that characterize the Woodland Period in the southeastern United States. The Woodland Period (ca. 1200 B.C. to A.D. 1000) has been the subject of a great deal of archaeological research over the past 25 years. Researchers have learned that in this approximately 2000-year era the peoples of the Southeast experienced increasing sedentism, population growth, and organizational complexity. At the beginning of the period, people are assumed to have been living in small groups, loosely bound by collective burial rituals. But by the first millennium A.D., some parts of the region had densely packed civic ceremonial centers ruled by hereditary elites. Maize was now the primary food crop. Perhaps most importantly, the ancient animal-focused and hunting-based religion and cosmology were being replaced by solar and warfare iconography, consistent with societies dependent on agriculture, and whose elites were increasingly in competition with one another. This volume synthesizes the research on what happened during this era and how these changes came about while analyzing the period's archaeological record. In gathering the latest research available on the Woodland Period, the editors have included contributions from the full range of specialists working in the field, highlighted major themes, and directed readers to the proper primary sources. Of interest to archaeologists and anthropologists, both professional and amateur, this will be a valuable reference work essential to understanding the Woodland Period in the Southeast.
Category: History

Early And Middle Woodland Landscapes Of The Southeast

Author : Alice P. Wright
ISBN : 081304460X
Genre : History
File Size : 82.27 MB
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Integrates empirical data with social structural notions such as persistent, ritual, cultural, and social places, striving to explore the totality of landscape experiences across temporal and spatial spaces in the American Southeast.
Category: History

The Archaeology Of Houses And Households In The Native Southeast

Author : Benjamin A. Steere
ISBN : 9780817319496
Genre : Architecture
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"This book explores changes in houses and households in the southeastern United States from the Woodland to the Historic Indian Period (ca. 200 B.C. to A.D. 1800). Most studies of domestic architecture in the Southeast have been conducted at the single-site scale. As a result, broader spatial and temporal patterns of variation in houses and households are not well understood. To address this problem, Steere constructed a database that catalogues the architectural features of 1,258 structures from 65 sites in the Southern Appalachian region and surrounding areas. Significant trends identified by this comparative study include changes in the size and spacing of houses, changes in architectural investment, and a secular trend toward the increasing segmentation of houses. Using a theoretical framework developed from household archaeology and anthropology, Steere argues that certain aspects of this architectural variation can be explained by changes in household economics and household composition, symbolic behavior, status differentiation, and settlement patterning. More generally, he proposes that large-scale patterns of diachronic and synchronic variation in domestic architecture are best explained by changes in social organization"--Provided by publisher.
Category: Architecture

Forest Plants Of The Southeast And Their Wildlife Uses

Author : James Howard Miller
ISBN : 0820327484
Genre : Nature
File Size : 54.49 MB
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This guide to common and unique plants found in forests of the Southeast thoroughly covers 330 species of forbs (herbaceous plants), grasses, vines, and shrubs, with a special emphasis on the plants role in wildlife sustenance. Packed with detailed color photographs, the book is a must-have for forest landowners, game and wildlife managers, biologists, outdoors enthusiasts, students--anyone with an interest in the intricate and often unexpected interrelationships between the flora and fauna of our regions forests. Features: Descriptions of native and nonnative (exotic or invasive) plants, including 330 species of forbs, in 180 genera: grasses, sedges, and rushes; woody vines and semiwoody plants; shrubs; palms and yucca; cane; cactus; ferns; and ground lichen 650 color photos Map of physiographic provinces 56 simple black-and-white drawings of flower parts, flower types, and inflorescences, leaf arrangements, leaf divisions, shapes, and margins, and parts of a grass plant Glossary Index of genera by family, index by wildlife species, and index of scientific and common names
Category: Nature

Southeastern Woodland Indian Designs

Author : Caren Caraway
ISBN : 088045072X
Genre : Art
File Size : 84.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Contains designs from ceramics, textiles, metal-working, basketry and sculpture, ranging from pure Indian designs to those reflecting Spanish influence drawn from the cultures of the Seminole, Natchez, Creek and affiliated tribes.
Category: Art

Investigating The Ordinary

Author : Sarah E. Price
ISBN : 1683400216
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 35.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Centering the archaeological discussion on the everyday affords a vantage point from which to think about the artifacts and conceptions of the past in new ways. Although not written specifically for the non-archaeological audience, this volume serves as an engaging entry into archaeological thinking through exploration of various times and topics.
Category: Social Science

Woodland Period Systematics In The Middle Ohio Valley

Author : Darlene Applegate
ISBN : 9780817352370
Genre : History
File Size : 74.32 MB
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This collection provides a comprehensive vocabulary for defining the cultural manifestation of the term “Woodland.” The Middle Ohio Valley is an archaeologically rich region that stretches from southeastern Indiana, across southern Ohio and northeastern Kentucky, and into northwestern West Virginia. In this area are some of the most spectacular and diverse Woodland Period archaeological sites in North America, but these sites and their rich cultural remains do not fit easily into the traditional Southeastern classification system. This volume, with contributions by most of the senior researchers in the field, represents an important step toward establishing terminology and taxa that are more appropriate to interpreting cultural diversity in the region. The important questions are diverse. What criteria are useful in defining periods and cultural types, and over what spatial and temporal boundaries do those criteria hold? How can we accommodate regional variation in the development and expression of traits used to delineate periods and cultural types? How does the concept of tradition relate to periods and cultural types? Is it prudent to equate culture types with periods? Is it prudent to equate archaeological cultures with ethnographic cultures? How does the available taxonomy hinder research? Contributing authors address these issues and others in the context of their Middle Ohio Valley Woodland Period research. Darlene Applegate is Associate Professor of Folk Studies and Anthropology at Western Kentucky University. Robert C. Mainfort Jr. is an archaeologist with the Arkansas Archeological Survey in Fayetteville, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arkansas, and co-editor of The Woodland Southeast. With Contributions By: Darlene Applegate, David S. Brose, James A. Brown, Jarrod Burks, R. Berle Clay, William S. Dancey, N’omi B. Greber, R. Eric Hollinger, Jonathan P. Kerr, Robert C. Mainfort Jr , David Pollack, Sean M. Rafferty, Michael D. Richmond, Eric J. Schlarb, Mark F. Seeman, William E. Sharp, Lauren E. Sieg, Patrick D. Trade, Teresa
Category: History

Prehistoric Indians Of The Southeast

Author : John A. Walthall
ISBN : 0817305521
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 78.29 MB
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This book deals with the prehistory of the region encompassed by the present state of Alabama and spans a period of some 11,000 years—from 9000 B.C. and the earliest documented appearance of human beings in the area to A.D. 1750, when the early European settlements were well established. Only within the last five decades have remains of these prehistoric peoples been scientifically investigated. This volume is the product of intensive archaeological investigations in Alabama by scores of amateur and professional researchers. It represents no end product but rather is an initial step in our ongoing study of Alabama's prehistoric past. The extent of current industrial development and highway construction within Alabama and the damming of more and more rivers and streams underscore the necessity that an unprecedented effort be made to preserve the traces of prehistoric human beings that are destroyed every day by our own progress.
Category: Social Science

Native Plants Of The Southeast

Author : Larry Mellichamp
ISBN : 1604693231
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 73.44 MB
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Provides information and helpful tips to gardeners in the Southeast region of the United States who are looking to cultivate native, sustainable plants and includes details on more than 460 different species of trees, shrubs, vines, ferns, grasses and wildflowers.
Category: Gardening