The White Rose Of Stalingrad

Author : Bill Yenne
ISBN : 9781782009139
Genre : History
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Of all the major air forces that were engaged in the war, only the Red Air Force had units comprised specifically of women. Initially the Red Air Force maintained an all-male policy among its combat pilots. However, as the apparently invincible German juggernaut sliced through Soviet defenses, the Red Air Force began to rethink its ban on women. By October 1941, authorization was forthcoming for three ground attack regiments of women pilots. Among these women, Lidiya Vladimirovna "Lilya†? Litvyak soon emerged as a rising star. She shot down five German aircraft over the Stalingrad Front, and thus become history's first female ace. She scored 12 documented victories over German aircraft between September 1942 and July 1943. She also had many victories shared with other pilots, bringing her possible total to around 20. The fact that she was a 21-year-old woman ace was not lost on the hero-hungry Soviet media, and soon this colourful character, whom the Germans dubbed "The White Rose of Stalingrad,†? became both folk heroine and martyr.
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The White Rose

Author : Inge Scholl
ISBN : 9780819572721
Genre : History
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The White Rose tells the story of Hans Scholl and Sophie Scholl, who in 1942 led a small underground organization of German students and professors to oppose the atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazi Party. They named their group the White Rose, and they distributed leaflets denouncing the Nazi regime. Sophie, Hans, and a third student were caught and executed. Written by Inge Scholl (Han's and Sophie's sister), The White Rose features letters, diary excerpts, photographs of Hans and Sophie, transcriptions of the leaflets, and accounts of the trial and execution. This is a gripping account of courage and morality. CONTRIBUTORS: Dorthe Solle.
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Defending The Motherland

Author : Lyuba Vinogradova
ISBN : 9780857051943
Genre : History
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Plucked from every background, and led by an N.K.V.D. Major, the new recruits who boarded a train in Moscow on 16th October 1941 to go to war had much in common with millions of others across the world. What made the 586th Fighter Regiment, the 587th Heavy-bomber Regiment and the 588th Regiment of light night-bombers unique was their gender: the Soviet Union was creating the first all-female active combat units in modern history. Drawing on original interviews with surviving airwomen, Lyuba Vinogradova weaves together the untold stories of the female Soviet fighter pilots of the Second World War. From that first train journey to the last tragic disappearance, Vinogradova's panoramic account of these women's lives follows them from society balls to unmarked graves, from landmark victories to the horrors of Stalingrad. Battling not just fearsome Aces of the Luftwaffe but also patronising prejudice from their own leaders, women such as Lilya Litvyak and Ekaterina Budanova are brought to life by the diaries and recollections of those who knew them, and who watched them live, love, fight and die.
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History Of World War Ii

Author : Marshall Cavendish Corporation
ISBN : 076147482X
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Presents a comprehensive discussion of the origins, events, campaigns and personalities of World War II.
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World War Ii

Author :
ISBN : 1412714370
Genre : World War, 1939-1945
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The Armchair Reader series will entertain and enlighten with spellbinding anecdotes, little known stories, and fascinating facts. Take a front-row seat and delve into tales of astounding feats, unmatched heroism, unfathomable mistakes, and electrifying exploits from the European and Pacific theaters of World War II.
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Air Aces Of World War Ii

Author : Robert Jackson
ISBN : 1840374128
Genre : History
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The conflict in the skies above the combat zones of World War II bred a new legion of heroes. Boys became men in weeks and many became commanders and leaders before the age of twenty-five. These young pilots were flying for their lives on every dangerous sortie and in every type of aircraft. From the heavy bomber struggling to its target in the German Ruhr to the shipboard fighter fired into combat by a carrier's catapult in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, every pilot honed his skills to take on the enemy and survive. They were all brave men - but some have become legends. Pilots like Guy Gibson - leader of the famous Dam Buster's raid; Don Gentile - an ace in the Mustang fighter defending allied heavy bombers deep over enemy Europe; John "Cat's Eyes" Cunningham - top scoring night-fighter ace; or Leon W. Johnson - leader of the low-level raid on Ploesti oil refinery complex in Romania. These are some of the hundred heroes included in this compact reference to the history and record of allied and enemy aces of World War II.
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Night Witches

Author : Fergus Mason
ISBN : 9781629173870
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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From 1942 until the end of World War II, the Soviets had a secret weapon: women. The 588th Night Bomber Regiment was one of the most decorated units; each member had flew more than 800 missions by the end of the war, and twenty-three were awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union (the highest distinction). Despite all the awards, the unit is largely forgot now. This book looks at the history of one of the most daring aviations units ever commissioned.
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Im Kessel

Author : Carl Schüddekopf
ISBN : 3492240321
Genre : Stalingrad, Battle of, Volgograd, Russia, 1942-1943
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World War Ii Resources On The Internet

Author : Roland H. Worth
ISBN : 0786414367
Genre : Computers
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This book is a detailed guide to the enormous number of World War II resources available on the Internet. A brief description and summary of the information on each website is provided.
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