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The Vision Of Theophilus

Author : Fatin Morris Guirguis
ISBN : OCLC:680277216
Genre : Copts
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This study is a literary and ethnographic examination of The Vision of Theophilus, a fourth century Coptic narrative, as influential counter-narrative and source of counterdiscourse against the narrative created by the historically dominant Egyptian Arab Muslim state. It shows that The Vision has provided the Copts with the means to articulate their identity as different from their oppressors through its function as a repository of Coptic ideology, history and knowledge. Specifically, it has helped them resist the erosion of those aspects of their cultural identity targeted by colonial practices through its promotion of the Coptic language, pride in Coptic history, and Christianization of the landscape. This study also suggests that The Vision tradition has helped alleviate the conditions of material and economic oppression of Copts. Drawing upon theories of Foucauldian genealogy and postcolonialism, my research examines the development of Coptic identity and subjectivity in relation to assimilation practices. Using oral studies and ethnopoetics, this study traces the process of composition, transmission, stabilization and systemization of The Vision over sixteen hundred years and its dispersion over a wide geographic region from Egypt to Ethiopia, Syria, and the US. My research suggests that the resilience and effectiveness of The Vision as oral tradition lies in the stability of its core message and its ability to absorb and adapt peripheral changes to the needs of each given historical period. Close analysis of this core message as gleaned through comparative manuscript study also supports important revisions to its datation, and enables us to claim its Coptic authenticity. Previously, the only academic scholarly work concerning The Vision centered on its diffused Syrian and Ethiopian variants while its Coptic manuscript history remained largely unknown. This study, which emphasizes the specifically Coptic origins, history and significance of The Vision of Theophilus, therefore fills a vital scholarly gap: Locating cultural resistance and agency in orality, this study shows how The Vision has historically acted (and still acts today) as a repository of Coptic history and culture enabling Copts to articulate a separate identity over long periods of time, and amidst a wide range of historical and socio-economic factors.
Category: Copts

Vision Of Theophilus

Author : Alphonse Mingana
ISBN : LCCN:ac34000114
Genre : Manuscripts, Arabic
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Category: Manuscripts, Arabic

Coptic Christology In Practice

Author : Stephen J. Davis
ISBN : 9780199258628
Genre : Art
File Size : 67.34 MB
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A pioneering study of ancient and medieval Christology. Employing a range of interdisciplinary methods, Stephen J. Davis shows how Christian identity in Egypt was shaped by a set of replicable 'christological practices'. He thus enables readers to trace the Coptic church's theological and cultural transition from late antiquity to Dar al-Islam.
Category: Art

Christianity And Monasticism In Middle Egypt

Author : Gawdat Gabra
ISBN : 9781617976407
Genre : Religion
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Christianity and monasticism have long flourished along the Nile in Middle Egypt, the region stretching from al-Bahnasa (Oxyrhynchus) to Dayr al-Ganadla. The contributors to this volume, international specialists in Coptology from around the world, examine various aspects of Coptic civilization in Middle Egypt over the past two millennia. The studies explore Coptic art and archaeology, architecture, language, and literature. The artistic heritage of monastic sites in the region is highlighted, attesting to their important legacies.
Category: Religion

Scripturalizing The Human

Author : Vincent L. Wimbush
ISBN : 9781317418214
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Scripturalizing the Human is a transdisciplinary collection of essays that reconceptualizes and models "scriptural studies" as a critical, comparative set of practices with broad ramifications for scholars of religion and biblical studies. This critical historical and ethnographic project is focused on scriptures/scripturalization/scripturalizing as shorthand for the (psycho-cultural and socio-political) "work" we make language do for and to us. Each essay focuses on an instance of or situation involving such work, engaging with the Bible, Book of Mormon, Bhagavata Purana, and other sacred texts, artifacts, and practices in order to explore historical and ongoing constructions of the human. Contributors use the category of "scriptures"—understood not simply as texts, but as freighted shorthand for the dynamics and ultimate politics of language—as tools for self-illumination and self-analysis. The significance of the collection lies in the window it opens to the rich and complex view of the highs and lows of human-(un-)making as it establishes the connections between a seemingly basic and apolitical religious category and a set of larger social-cultural phenomena and dynamics.
Category: Literary Criticism

Fleeing Herod

Author : James Cowan
ISBN : 9781612613376
Genre : Religion
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When the Holy Family fled to Egypt to escape the wrath of King Herod Antipas, they journeyed for three years throughout Egypt, mainly along the Nile, to keep Herod’s agents at bay. Using an ancient 4th century text written by Patriarch Theophilus of Alexandria as his guide, Cowan takes the reader on a fascinating journey through modern-day Egypt in the footsteps of the Holy Family, about the Delta region and up the Nile to a place called Mount Qussqam, where Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus resided for six months. The itinerary, according to Coptic tradition, was revealed to Theophilus in a dream. Documenting his journey, Cowan finds himself in the midst of a spiritual revolution going on in Egypt itself. He meets with monks and health workers, desert mystics and visionaries, all of whom have a stake in the story of the Holy Family’s journey, as they know it. Through their eyes the reader is drawn into a dramatic story of escape and miraculous interventions.
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The Holy Family In Egypt

Author : Otto Friedrich August Meinardus
ISBN : 9774241290
Genre : Religion
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This book, first published in 1963, is the classica ccount of the traditions surrounding the flight of the Holy Family into and through Egypt. It has been compiles from both Eastern and Western sources, including bothe Muslim and Christian traditions, written and oral. The author has included an attempted reconstruction of the route taken by the Holy Family and retells the stories of their encounters along the way.
Category: Religion

Theophilus Of Alexandria And The First Origenist Controversy

Author : Krastu Banev
ISBN : 9780198727545
Genre : Religion
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In the age of the Theodosian dynasty and the establishment of Christianity as the only legitimate religion of the Roman Empire, few figures are more pivotal in the power politics of the Christian church than archbishop Theophilus of Alexandria (385-412). This work offers a contextualized literary-historical approach in offering new insights into the life and reputation of this remarkable figure. Examing the Festal Letters of Theophilus, Kratsu Banevidentifies the importance of classical rhetorical theory as a methodological tool for the interpretation of relevant historical data. Divided into four parts, Banev begins by introducing thebackground and highlighting that prior to Theophilus' coming to the historical scene the legacy of Origen had already become a prize topic for debate. He explains that the wide circulation and overt rhetorical composition of Theophilus' anti-Origenist letters allow for a new reading of these documents as a form of 'mass-media' unique for its time. He proves that the eventual acceptance of the condemnation of Origen should be related to the success with which the patriarch had managed to meetthe expectations of his audience, and especially of the monks who in this case formed such an important majority.
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