The Vagina Monologues

Author : Eve Ensler
ISBN : 9780748121540
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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I decided to talk to women about their vaginas, to do vagina interviews, which became vagina monologues ... At first women were reluctant to talk. They were a little shy. But once they got going, you couldn't stop them. Women secretly love to talk about their vaginas. They get very excited, mainly because no one's ever asked them before.' Eve Ensler A poignant and hilarious tour of the last frontier, the ultimate forbidden zone, THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES is a celebration of female sexuality in all its complexity and mystery. Hailed as the bible for a new generation of women, it has been performed in cities and colleges throughout the world, and has inspired a dynamic grassroots movement - V-Day - to stop violence against women. Witty and irreverent, compassionate and wise, Eve Ensler's award-winning masterpiece gives voice to real women's deepest fantasies and fears, guaranteeing that no one who reads it will ever look at a woman's body, or think of sex, in quite the same way again.
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Lady Parts

Author : Kathryn D. Blanchard
ISBN : 9781621895992
Genre : Religion
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How might women in the Bible tell their stories if they were prompted to do so by Eve Ensler's controversial play, The Vagina Monologues? This collection imagines some answers to that question. The monologues herein are written by a variety of authors, including scholars, undergraduates, clergy, and laywomen; the content of the narratives reflects this variety, being at times faithful or irreverent, tragic or even funny. All seek to give twenty-first-century voices to women in canonical texts--including the Hebrew Bible, Deuterocanonical books, and New Testament--who are often speechless, nameless, or otherwise marginalized. Not for the faint of heart, these monologues not only end the silences but also add flesh and bone to characters whose experiences have too easily been justified, metaphorized, or altogether ignored. By naming the torn places in these women's stories, this volume invites readers to encounter both the biblical characters and their contemporary interpreters with an attitude of compassionate listening. Our hope is that such compassionate listening may contribute not only to more just readings of sacred texts, but also to the mission of Eve Ensler and V-Day to end global violence against women and girls.
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My Life On The Road

Author : Gloria Steinem
ISBN : 9783641201319
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Sie ist klug, elegant und charmant. Eine Kämpferin mit Leidenschaft und Stil. Ein Vorbild für Frauen seit fünf Jahrzehnten. Hillary Clinton verehrt sie genauso wie die Schauspielerin Emma Watson. Lange vor Facebook-Chefin Sheryl Sandberg hat Gloria Steinem Frauen den Glauben an sich selbst gegeben. Sie hat provoziert, Mut gemacht und alte Rollenbilder über den Haufen geworfen. Auch heute noch, mit über achtzig Jahren, ist Gloria Steinem ein Star, der Frauen jeder Generation begeistert. In MY LIFE ON THE ROAD erzählt Steinem von einem rastlosen Leben, ausgefüllt mit Reisen und unvergesslichen Begegnungen. Schon als Kind, als Tochter eines durch die Lande tingelnden Antiquitätenhändlers aus Toledo, Ohio, war ihr eines klar geworden: Man braucht nicht unbedingt einen geografischen Anker im Leben, dafür aber ein klares Ziel vor Augen.
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Die Vagina Monologe

Author : Gloria Steinem
ISBN : 9783960540298
Genre : Social Science
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Das Buch ist eine kleine, kunstfertige Anregung zur weiblichen Selbsterkenntnis, eine liebevolle Aufforderung an alle Frauen, den eigenen Weg zur Lust zu finden. Gleichzeitig ist es ein entschiedenes Plädoyer gegen sexuelle Gewalt. Alte Damen und Mädchen, Singles, Ehefrauen, Lesben, Professorinnen, Arbeiterinnen, Schauspielerinnen, Prostituierte wurden von der Auto-rin zu ihrer Vagina befragt. Ihre unterschiedlichen Erfahrungen und Ausdrucksweisen geben dem Buch eine lebendige Vielfältigkeit. Witz und Leichtigkeit stehen neben Traurigem und Erschütterndem. Eve Ensler hat einer großen Bandbreite von Gefühlen eine poetische und charmante Form gegeben. Die Vagina-Monologe wurden zwei Jahre lang in einem New Yorker Off-Broadway-Theater gespielt und wurde dann auch in zahlreichen Städten Europas aufgeführt.
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A Penis Manologue

Author : Joe DiBuduo
ISBN : 9781468902303
Genre : Social Science
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Insisting On Intersectionality In The Vagina Monologues

Author : Erin Heisler
ISBN : OCLC:921303882
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Discusses how The vagina monologues is hindered by the play's relatively singular focus on patriarchal ideologies and calls for an intersectional approach to gender that also addresses the ways in which women are simultaneously oppressed by racism, capitalism, gender binarism, ageism, and nationalism.

Eating Pussy

Author : William Mark Vaughn
ISBN : 1530783437
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The Title Eating Pussy is not meant to be derogatory, at least not completely. A joke while I was working for a metal fabrication plant was that men's facial hair grew because they ate pussy. It was meant as a sign of maleness, and manhood, in its way. It was also a play on words. Eating pussy of course is the term used by men mostly to describe oral sex. As I read the book, I was ingesting it...its title the Vagina Monologues. It is a humorous look mostly at this well-written book about a woman's self-discovery. Being one who has sought counseling, and had conversations with my walls, This book was part of my work in dealing with myself. Being a bit broken from the divorce and loss, the exercise in reading and writing helped me if no one else, to find humor and love once again

Passage Through The Vagina Monologues

Author : Kryn Freehling-Burton
ISBN : OCLC:173427491
Genre : Feminist theater
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Passage through The Vagina Monologues: A College Anti-Violence Rite examines the ways in which the audience at Oregon State University (OSU) responds to the annual production of the play in connection with the international college campaign to raise awareness about violence against women and to raise money for community organizations addressing the issue. OSU has produced the play since 2000 raising thousands of dollars for the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence in Corvallis, OR and sending part of the money raised through V-Day International to a selected spotlight group of women each year. The play, and its production each year, provide a unique look at the way this example of activist theatre represents (and challenges) feminist and performance theories. Using a mixed methods approach, I utilize quantitative survey data and qualitative interview data to explore what the production means to the audience, cast and producers of the show. Both sets of data show that the community finds great value in producing the show each year, even when it is perceived to function imperfectly.
Category: Feminist theater

Facs Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies

Author : Ilaria Serra
ISBN : 9781581129618
Genre : Film noir
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The editors of the Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies literary journal invite submissions on any topic for upcoming issues. FACS is an interdisciplinary journal providing a forum for comparative study in the arts, humanities, language, culture and social sciences. Past topics have included:* exploring representations of catastrophe * performing culture
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