The Upanishads

Author : Juan Mascaró
ISBN : 0140441638
Genre : Religion
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The Upanishads, The Earliest Of Which Were Composed In Sanskrit Between 8 And 4 Bce By Sages And Poets, Form Part Of The Vedas - The Sacred And Ancient Scriptures That Are The Basis Of The Hindu Religion. Each Upanishad, Or Lesson, Takes Up A Theme Ranging From The Attainment Of Spiritual Bliss To Karma And Rebirth, And Collectively They Are Meditations On Life, Death And Immortality. The Essence Of Their Teachings Is That Truth Can By Reached By Faith Rather Than By Thought, And That The Spirit Of God Is Within Each Of Us - We Need Not Fear Death As We Carry Within Us The Promise Of Eternal Life.
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The Bhagavad Gita

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ISBN : 9780141902678
Genre : Religion
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The Bhagavad Gita is an intensely spiritual work that forms the cornerstone of the Hindu faith, and is also one of the masterpieces of Sanskrit poetry. It describes how, at the beginning of a mighty battle between the Pandava and Kaurava armies, thegod Krishna gives spiritual enlightenment to the warrior Arjuna, who realizes that the true battle is for his own soul.
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The Creation Of Faith

Author : Juan Mascaro
ISBN : 1896209297
Genre : Religion
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From the great translator of the Bhagawad Gita (Penguin), an intensely personal work leading to Faith and understanding of the human condition.
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The Dhammapada

Author :
ISBN : 9780141963556
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One of the best-known and best-loved works of Buddhist literature, the Dhammapada forms part of the oldest surviving body of Buddhist writings, and is traditionally regarded as the authentic teachings of the Buddha himself, spoken by him in his lifetime, and memorized and handed on by his followers after his death. A collection of simple verses gathered in themes such as 'awareness', 'fools' and 'old age', the Dhammapada is accessible, instructional and mind-clearing, with lessons in each verse to give ethical advice and to remind the listener of the transience of life. Valerie Roebuck's new translation is accompanied by an introduction examining the language of the Dhammapada, its status as literature and the school of Buddhist teaching from which it comes.
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Author : Abhijit Naskar
Genre : Education
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A thousand years ago, India was a land of scientific and philosophical brilliance. Over time, science and philosophy started to fade away, and superstition took over people's minds. Today, India is supposedly a land of diversity, corruption, misogyny, superstitions, fake patriotism, sexual assaults, caste discrimination, useless debates among intellectual idiots and fanaticism of religious preachers. The question is how did a great civilization turn into one of the most miserable nations in the world? And is there a way out of this misery? In this book, Abhijit Naskar, one of the world's celebrated neuroscientists and best-selling author, takes us deep into the biological roots of the human mind and reveals to us the actual scientific causes behind India's present problems. In his peerless explanatory ways he shows us an actual way out of this catastrophe. He gives us the scientific means to address all the problems of India, and solve them once and for all, in the most practical way possible, without the metaphysical garbage. Ancient India was one of the father figures of Modern Science. Now, Modern Science comes to the rescue of its fatherland that has lost its ancient glory.
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Die Upanischaden

Author : Eknath Easwaran
ISBN : 9783641232337
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Die Upanischaden sind die Quellentexte schlechthin für das Verständnis indischer Spiritualität – in ihrer Bedeutung vergleichbar der Bibel und dem Koran. Herausgeber Eknath Easwaran hat die wichtigsten Texte in einem Band vereinigt. Hier geht es um die großen existenziellen Fragen nach Gott, der Seele, dem Ursprung und der Bestimmung des Menschen. Easwarans erstaunlich leicht verständliche, unserem Sprachempfinden entgegenkommende Übersetzung ist durch Kommentare sowie Vergleiche mit dem Gedankengut anderer Kulturkreise auch für Einsteiger optimal. • Der Philosoph Arthur Schopenhauer bezeichnete die Upanischaden als „belohnendste und erhebendste Lektüre, die auf der Welt möglich ist“. • Herausgeber Eknath Easwaran hat die wichtigsten Upanischaden-Texte gesammelt und ebenso einfühlsam wie verständlich übersetzt.
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The Upanishads

Author : Valerie Roebuck
ISBN : 9780140447491
Genre : Philosophy
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A Brilliant Introduction To The Essence Of Living Hinduism The Thirteen Principal Upanisads, Sanskrit Texts In The Religious Traditions Of The Vedas, Lie At The Heart Of Hinduism. Devoted To Understanding The Inner Meaning Of The Religion, They Explicate Its Crucial Doctrines Rebirth, The Law Of Karma, The Means Of Conquering Death And Of Achieving Detachment, Equilibrium And Spiritual Bliss. They Emphasize The Perennial Search For True Knowledge Especially That Of The Connection Between The Self And The Transcendental Absolute. In This Translation, Marked By Empathy And Erudition, Valerie Roebuck Approaches The Upanisads As Belonging To The Tradition Of 'Sruti', Literature Which Is Heard, As Distinct From 'Smriti', Which Is Remembered. Seeking To Reveal The Intent Of The Authors, She Attempts To Represent What, In Fact, Constitutes The Original Text. Care Is Taken To Exclude Later Accretions Of Commentaries. The Invocations Included Underline The Traditional Recitation Of These Texts, And The Literary Devices Repetitions, Dialogue And Word Combat, Riddles, Paradoxes And Word Play Used By The Sages To Express Their Teachings. This Accurate And Exceptional Rendering, While Making Accessible To The Modern Reader Something Of The Beauty And Variety Of The Original Language, Reaffirms The Place Of The Upanishads As One Of The Most Profound Works Of World Literature. This Authentic And Nuanced Rendering Makes Accessible To The Modern Reader Something Of The Beauty And Variety Of These Ancient And Rich Texts Of Hinduism. The Upanisads Belong To The Tradition Of Literature That Is Heard Rather Than Remembered , And In Her Translation Roebuck Seeks To Reveal The Intent Of The Authors And Arrive At 'The Original' Text.
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Four Wise Men

Author : Mark W. Muesse
ISBN : 9781498232234
Genre : Religion
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Confucius, the Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad are among the most thoughtful and influential people in history. By their words and examples, they have inspired countless individuals to live better and more meaningful lives and have shaped the institutions and worldviews we live in today. Four Wise Men is an accessible introduction to each of these sages in his historical context and a provocative comparison of their lives and teachings. Through careful study, this book examines the ways these fascinating figures speak as one and the ways they differ. Although their voices come from the distant past, they still have wise words to say to us today.
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