The Turning Point

Author : Fritjof Capra
ISBN : 9780006540175
Genre : Change
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Until recently, our view of the physical universe had been formed, for centuries, by the mechanistic thinking of Descartes and Newton. New scientific concepts have overturned this world view, replacing it with a more holistic and ecological one that has afforded us deep insights into the nature of matter and its relation to the human mind. In the tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra showed how we might merge these new scientific ideas with the philosophies of mystics of all ages and traditions. In this book, he takes his ideas further, extending his systems-based approach to include important areas of contemporary life including medicine, psychology, economics, political science and ecology. We are at a turning point in all areas of our culture and, in this groundbreaking book, Capra reveals how we can effect a cultural revolution that will reflect the harmonious interrelatedness we observe in nature.
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The Couple Next Door

Author : Shari Lapena
ISBN : 9783732540297
Genre : Fiction
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Jedes Paar hat seine Geheimnisse. Manche sind tödlich ... Deine Nachbarin möchte nicht, dass du dein Baby zur Dinnerparty mitbringst. Dein Ehemann sagt, das sei schon in Ordnung. Ihr wohnt ja gleich nebenan. Außerdem habt ihr ein Babyfon und könnt abwechselnd nach der Kleinen sehen. Deine Tochter schläft, als du das letzte Mal nach ihr siehst. Doch jetzt herrscht Totenstille im Haus. Du rennst ins Kinderzimmer - und dein schlimmster Alptraum wird wahr: Die Wiege ist leer. Es bleibt nur eins: die Polizei zu rufen - doch wer weiß, was sie finden wird ... Shari Lapena hat mit ihrem Debüt "The Couple Next Door" einen hochspannenden Thriller geschrieben, der in den USA und England innerhalb kürzester Zeit zum Mega-Bestseller avancierte. "THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR ist 2016 der Thriller, über den am meisten gesprochen werden wird" Stylist
Category: Fiction

Quantum City

Author : Ayssar Arida
ISBN : 9780750650120
Genre : Architecture
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Can a world view based on quantum theory produce a better approach to the problems of the city? Arida links the concepts of quantum theory to the field of urban design, encouraging the urban designer and architect to look at the design of cities from a new perspective.
Category: Architecture

How To Build A Thriving Culture At Work

Author : Rosie Ward
ISBN : 9781483546964
Genre : Business & Economics
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Hailed as a must read by industry leaders, “How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work, Featuring the 7 Points of Transformation” is a fusion of organizational development and employee wellbeing that provides a sustainable solution for creating thriving workplace cultures. In a clear, easy-to-understand format, Drs. Ward and Robison explain why traditional models of organizational development and employee wellbeing often fail, assert the need for a radical paradigm shift, and offer a step-by-step action plan featuring The 7 Points of Transformation for organizations that want to thrive instead of merely survive. This unique approach to integrating organizational and employee wellbeing will free, fuel and inspire employees to bring their best selves to work each day. “How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work” offers solutions for HR & Wellness professionals who are confused about or disappointed with wellness programs, frustrated by the failure of traditional business development initiatives, or simply want to improve their workplace culture. You’ll discover: • How current approaches to organizational and employee wellbeing are based on outdated worldviews, and why these flawed foundations are wreaking havoc in today’s workplace cultures. • The outdated science that has created a pervasive stuckness in our approaches to both organizational and employee wellbeing. • Why organizations should shift from “wellness” to “wellbeing.” • How to use the new scientific discoveries of the past 100 plus years to usher organizational and employee wellbeing into the 21st century. * How to transition from traditional approaches to “getting” people to change (i.e., extrinsic methods) to creating the conditions to support intrinsic motivation. * The 7 Points of Transformation, a step-by-step blueprint for building a thriving workplace culture like you would a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing house. • An in-depth explanation of each of the 7 Points of Transformation. • How to apply the 7 Points of Transformation to guide the culture change journey. FREE tools with book: • Ward & Robison’s exclusive workplace culture audit – an online audit that will give you an instant snapshot of the health of your culture. • 7 Points of Transformation video series – 7 videos with an in-depth at each of the 7 Points of Transformation to build a thriving workplace culture.
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Author : Ayn Rand
ISBN : 3932564626
Genre :
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So You Think Medicine Is Modern

Author : Dr Eddie Price
ISBN : 9781925271362
Genre : Medical
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Disappointed by the lack of uptake in the utilisation of Health Outcomes into routine day-to-day medical practice, Dr Price was confronted by the objection that as these measures were patients’ responses to questions – they were “subjective” and therefore not good science. Medicine, said the doctors, was based in science, which was objective. This made no sense to Dr Price, who considered himself an advocate for scientific medicine. He vowed to find the science that would prove that “Outcomes Medicine” was not only based on good science but the latest science. This led him on a journey from Systems Theory to Quantum Mechanics, to Dissipative Structures, to Einstein and e = mc2. He read about fractals, Mandelbrot, and the work of the world-famous Santa Fe Institute set up by “particle physics” Nobel Prize Winner, Murray Gell-Mann, which developed the latest science – Complexity Science. Dr Price concluded that the human body is a Complex Adaptive System (CAS) and realised that there was an additional in-between “state of matter” between solid and fluid. This, he called “SOPHTID”, the mnemonic for (S)Second (O)Order (PH)Phase (T)Transition (ID)Identity, a state which enables fractals and power laws to come about or emerge. Dr Price further contended this was a “functional” state that not only was consistent with Health Outcomes “functional” measurements, but enabled information generation and with the aid of the solid and fluid parts of the cell, information processing or cognition. Dr Price’s hypothesis on the SOPHTID state has now been supported by Longo & Montévil in their 2014 book, Perspectives on Organisms, where they call this “SOPHTID state”, Extended Critically. Thus, with this scientific backing, “Outcomes Medicine” is now best called “Complexity Medicine”, and is backed by the latest science. It enables a new form of Digitised Medicine that will revolutionise healthcare improving Health Outcomes and drastically reducing costs.
Category: Medical

Turning Points

Author : Ansgar Nünning
ISBN : 9783110297102
Genre : Literary Criticism
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At times of crisis and revolution such as ours, diagnoses of crucial junctures and ruptures – ‘turning points’ – in the continuous flow of history are more prevalent than ever. Analysing literary, cinematic and other narratives, the volume seeks to understand the meanings conveyed by different concepts of turning points, the alternative concepts to which they are opposed when used to explain historical change, and those contexts in which they are unmasked as false and over-simplifying constructions. Literature and film in particular stress the importance of turning points as a sensemaking device (as part of a character’s or a community’s cultural memory), while at the same time unfolding the constructive and hence relative character of turning points. Offering complex reflections on the notion of turning points, literary and filmic narratives are thus of particular interest to the present volume.
Category: Literary Criticism

Precision Guided Munitions And Human Suffering In War

Author : James E. Hickey
ISBN : 9781317076339
Genre : Political Science
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James Hickey proceeds from the premise that throughout history, humans have demonstrated a proclivity for using violence against one another as a means to achieve an end, means enabled, in many respects, by the technologies available at the time. Advancing technology has often been a prime enabler of ever-increasing levels of violence and attendant human suffering. At a few junctures in history, however, certain technologies have seemingly provided the armed forces that possess them the ability to fight wars with decreasing levels of violence and suffering. Today, precision-guided munitions (PGMs) with their high degree of discrimination and accuracy again hold such promise. This book seeks to answer the question: Do PGMs mitigate suffering in war, and have these weapons changed the way decisions regarding war and peace have been made? Answering this question helps us understand possible shifts in emphasis in modern warfare, both in terms of methods employed and of the greater concern placed on limiting human suffering during conflict. This book will help students of ethics, just war and military history and senior military and civilian leaders to understand the possible outcomes and wider implications of their strategic choices to use such technology.
Category: Political Science