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The Tribes Of Britain

Author : David Miles
ISBN : 0297830864
Genre : History
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The diverse peoples of Britain and Ireland are revealed not only by physical characteristics but also through structures and settlements, place names and dialects. Using the latest genetic and archaeological research, the author shows how different peoples traded, settled and conquered, establishing the 'tribal' and regional roots still apparent today. Romans and Vikings, Saxons and Normans, Jews and Huguenots, as well as the increasing population movements of the last century.
Category: History

The Tribes Of Britain

Author : David Miles
ISBN : 0753817993
Genre : History
File Size : 84.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The diverse peoples of Britain and Ireland are revealed not only by physical characteristics but also through structures and settlements, place names and dialects. Using the latest genetic and archaeological research, the author shows how different peoples traded, settled and conquered, establishing the 'tribal' and regional roots still apparent today. Its vast scope considers the impact of prehistoric peoples and Celtic tribes, Romans and Vikings, Saxons and Normans, Jews and Huguenots, as well as the increasing population movements of the last century.
Category: History

The Surfing Tribe

Author : Roger Mansfield
ISBN : 0952364654
Genre : Surfers
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The Surfing Tribe tells the full story of the history of surfing in Britain. It explains how a quirky seasidepastime transformed itself over seven decades into a phenomenally popular sport and lifestyle. FromNewquay to Newcastle and from Jersey to Swansea, the origins of Britain┬┐s separate surfing tribesare revealed and all the top British surfers from the various eras are profiled. The book also charts theevolution of British surfboards, and looks back at the films and magazines that have portrayed Britishsurfing over the decades.
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Dent S Modern Tribes

Author : Susie Dent
ISBN : 9781473623880
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 77.79 MB
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Did you know that . . . a soldier's biggest social blunder is called jack brew - making yourself a cuppa without making one for anyone else? That twitchers have an expression for a bird that can't be identified - LBJ (the letters stand for Little Brown Job)? Or that builders call plastering the ceiling doing Lionel Richie's dancefloor? Susie Dent does. Ever wondered why football managers all speak the same way, what a cabbie calls the Houses of Parliament, or how ticket inspectors discreetly request back-up? We are surrounded by hundreds of tribes, each speaking their own distinct slanguage of colourful words, jokes and phrases, honed through years of conversations on the battlefield, in A&E, backstage, or at ten-thousand feet in the air. Susie Dent has spent years interviewing hundreds of professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts, and the result is an idiosyncratic phrasebook like no other. From the Freemason's handshake to the publican's banter, Dent's Modern Tribes takes us on a whirlwind tour of Britain, decoding its secret languages and, in the process, finds out what really makes us all tick.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Britannia The Failed State

Author : Stuart Laycock
ISBN : 0752446142
Genre : History
File Size : 28.3 MB
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Britannia: The Failed State analyzes Roman Britain, not as a unified entity, but as a collection of different peoples with a history of long term conflict, and finds parallels in modern conflicts that may help provide insight into the missing pieces of this complex period of British history. Nominated for Book of the Year 2009 by Current Archaeology.
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Author : Stuart Laycock
ISBN : 9780752475608
Genre : History
File Size : 43.92 MB
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They say that history is written by the victors, and consequently there is a tendency for the Britons to be forgotten in the story of the end of Roman Britain and the post-Roman period. Warlord will redress this balance looking at the extraordinary lives of British leaders from 400-550 and the strategies they used to seize and hold power during these turbulent times. The book focuses on key figures who have been largely neglected in history over the last 30 years. Starting with Gerontius, who rebelled against the Roman establishment, the story then turns the key figures of Vortigern and Ambrosius, who were faced with the Anglo-Saxon invasion, and finishes with a look at how British warlords such as Cerdic were forced to adapt to the situation and were compelled to seek power by working with the new Anglo-Saxon powerbase.
Category: History

An Army Of Tribes

Author : Edward Burke
ISBN : 9781786948632
Genre : History
File Size : 78.35 MB
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This is the first such study of Operation Banner, the British Army's campaign in Northern Ireland. Drawing upon extensive interviews with former soldiers, primary archival sources including unpublished diaries and unit log-books, this book closely examines soldiers' behaviour at the small infantry-unit level (Battalion downwards), including the leadership, cohesion and training that sustained, restrained and occasionally misdirected soldiers during the most violent period of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. It contends that there are aspects of wider scholarly literatures - including from sociology, anthropology, criminology, and psychology - that can throw new light on our understanding of the British Army in Northern Ireland. It also offers fresh insights and analysis of incidents involving the British Army during the early years of Operation Banner, including the 1972 'Pitchfork murders' of Michael Naan and Andrew Murray in County Fermanagh, and that of Warrenpoint hotel owner Edmund Woolsey in South Armagh. The central argument of this book is that British Army small infantry units enjoyed considerable autonomy during the early years of Operation Banner and could behave in a vengeful, highly aggressive or benign and conciliatory way as their local commanders saw fit. The strain of civil-military relations at a senior level was replicated operationally as soldiers came to resent the limitations of waging war in the UK. The unwillingness of the Army's senior leadership to thoroughly investigate and punish serious transgressions of standard operating procedures in Northern Ireland created uncertainty among soldiers over expected behaviour and desired outcomes. Overly aggressive groups of soldiers could also be mistaken for high-functioning units - with negative consequences for the Army's overall strategy in Northern Ireland.
Category: History

The Origins Of The British

Author : Stephen Oppenheimer
ISBN : UOM:49015003146850
Genre : History
File Size : 25.30 MB
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Analyzes the genetic background of the British, concluding that there are genetic differences between the populations of east and west Britain, but that these date to before the Anglo-Saxon, Viking, and Norman invasions.
Category: History

The Road To Somewhere

Author : David Goodhart
ISBN : 9781849047999
Genre :
File Size : 84.56 MB
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The political era one is living through always feels messy and fragmented from the inside. But looking back from the future, the first two decades of the 21st century will come to be seen as the moment when the politics of culture and identity rose to challenge the previous politics of leftand right. David Goodhart's searing analysis considers this shift through his novel paradigm of the "nowhere" class and the "somewhere" class.Members of the "Nowhere" class dominate our culture and society. They tend to do well at school, then usually move from home to a boarding university in their late teens and on to a career in the professions that might take them to a capital city or even abroad for a year or two. Such people haveportable "achieved' identities, based on educational and career success, which makes them generally comfortable with new places and people. The"Somewhere" people are by definition more rooted and have ascribed identities based on group belonging and particular places, which is why they often find rapid change disturbing. One core group of Somewheres are often "left behind" - mainly older white working class men with little education.They have lost economically with the decline of well paid jobs for people with little education and culturally, too, with the disappearance of a distinctive working-class culture and the marginalization of their social conservatism in the public conversation. However Somewhere ambivalence aboutrecent social trends spreads far beyond this core group and is shared by many in all social classes.The broad ideology of Nowhere people can be characterized as "progressive individualism." By contrast, the Somewheres are more socially conservative by instinct. This book will contend that the Nowhere people have counted for too much in the past generation and populist parties, such as the TeaParty, have emerged in part as a democratic counter-balance to that dominance. In a democracy the Somewheres cannot, however, be ignored.

Iron Age Communities In Britain

Author : Barry Cunliffe
ISBN : 9781134277230
Genre : History
File Size : 53.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Since its first publication in 1971, Barry Cunliffe's monumental survey has established itself as a classic of British archaeology. This fully revised fourth edition maintains the qualities of the earlier editions, whilst taking into account the significant developments that have moulded the discipline in recent years. Barry Cunliffe here incorporates new theoretical approaches, technological advances and a range of new sites and finds, ensuring that Iron Age Communities in Britain remains the definitive guide to the subject.
Category: History