The Treasures Of Darkness

Author : Thorkild Jacobsen
ISBN : 0300022913
Genre : Social Science
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" ... No one can plausibly deny that the religious development of the peoples of Canaan (and indeed of all the ancient world around the eastern Mediterranean to the Indus river) were affected by the cultural and religious developments in Mesopotamia, the centre of the region, and a fertile region second to none known in the world, on a par with the Nile, around which another major civilization arose. This is a text of history of Mesopotamia in its own right. By the time history gets back this far, the lines become very blurred, rather like parallel lines intersecting on the horizon. Literature, religion, archaeology, sociology, psychology -- all of these disciplines become intertwined in Jacobsen's text as he looks at Sumerian society. The book is organized with an introduction, then according to time divisions of fourth, third, and second millennia, then concludes with an epilogue into the first millennium, during which the Bible as we know it (and most ancient history such as is commonly known occurred) came to be"
Category: Social Science

Mesopotamian Magic

Author : I. Tzvi Abusch
ISBN : 9056930338
Genre : History
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This volume, edited by Tzvi Zbusch and Karel van der Toorn, contains the papers delivered at the first international conference on Mesopotamian magic held under the auspices of the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS) in June 1995. It is the first collective volume dedicated to the study of this topic. It aims at serving as a bench-mark and provides analytic and innovative but also sythetic and programmatic essays. Magical texts, forms, and traditions from the Mesopotamian cultural worlds of the third millennium BCE through the first millennium CE, in the Sumerian, Akkadian and Aramaic languages as well as in art, are examined.
Category: History

Germanische Kultorte

Author : Matthias Egeler
ISBN : 9783831645299
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Der Band „Germanische Kultorte: »Vergleichende, historische und rezeptionsgeschichtliche Zugänge« zieht die Bilanz eines interdisziplinären Symposiums, das im Oktober 2015 am Institut für Nordische Philologie der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München stattfand. Diskutanden aus Nordischer Philologie, Archäologie, Altorientalistik und Religionswissenschaft tauschten sich in diesem Rahmen über unterschiedlichste Aspekte germanischer (und ausgewählter anderer) ›Kultorte‹ aus und deckten dabei ein Spektrum von Fragen ab, das von allgemeinen Problemen der Auseinandersetzung mit ›heiligem Raum‹ über die spezifischen religiösen Räume der germanischen Religionsgeschichte bis hin zu ihrer modernen Rezeption reichte.

Ancient Mesopotamian Religion And Mythology

Author : W.G. Lambert
ISBN : 3161536746
Genre : Religion
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The late Wilfred G. Lambert (1926-2011) was one of the foremost Assyriologists of the latter part of the twentieth century. His principle legacy is a large number of superb critical editions of Babylonian literary compositions. Many of the texts he edited were on religious and mythological subjects. He will always be remembered as the editor of the Babylonian Job (Ludlul bel nemeqi, also known as the Poem of the Righteous Sufferer), the Babylonian Flood Story (Atra-hasis) and the Babylonian Creation Epic (Enuma elish). The present book is a collection of twenty-three essays Lambert published between the years 1958 and 2004. These endure not only as the legacy of one of the greatest authorities on ancient Mesopotamian religion and mythology, but also because each makes statements of considerable validity and importance. As such, many are milestones in the fields of Mesopotamian religion and mythology.
Category: Religion

Zwischen Athen Und Jerusalem

Author : Otto Kaiser
ISBN : 9783110907049
Genre : Religion
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Der Band enthält teilweise grundlegend überarbeitete und aktualisierte Aufsätze von Otto Kaiser, dem Herausgeber der Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft, aus den Jahren 1992-2002.
Category: Religion

Mediating Between Heaven And Earth

Author : C.L. Crouch
ISBN : 9780567446244
Genre : Religion
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This volume brings together experts in the study of ancient prayers and divination methods to analyse the variety of means by which human beings sought to communicate with their gods and by which the gods were seen to communicate with their worshippers. In a departure from previous scholarship, the volume brings together the study of prophecy, as an intuitive form of divination, with the study of technical methods of communication and other forms of institutionalised communication such as prayer. Such a format allows divine-human communication to be studied in both directions simultaneously: the means by which the divine communicates to human beings through divination, and the means by which human beings communicate with the divine through prayer. This new perspective on the study of divine-human-divine communication allows scholars to better appreciate the way in which communication and the relationship between heaven and earth was conceived in the ancient near East.
Category: Religion

Eine Kurze Weltgeschichte F R Junge Leser

Author : Ernst H. Gombrich
ISBN : 9783832186395
Genre : History
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Spannend, pointiert, vielschichtig und kenntnisreich wird die Entwicklung der Menschheit von den Höhlenmenschen bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg geschildert. Ernst H. Gombrichs Weltgeschichte ist längst ein Klassiker geworden.
Category: History

Einf Hrung In Die Altorientalistik Anglais

Author : Wolfram von Soden
ISBN : 0802801420
Genre : History
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This book represents the first comprehensive, interdisciplinary presentation of ancient Near Eastern civilization. The author's study includes treatments of the history of language and systems of writing, the state and society, nutrition and agriculture, artisanry, economics, law, science, religion and magic, art, music, and more.
Category: History

Culture And History Of The Ancient Near East

Author : Piotr Taracha
ISBN : 9004119108
Genre : Religion
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The first full description and analysis of Middle Hittite substitution ritual, and as such provides the readers with an important contribution to our understanding of Hittite religious practice. With translations and transcriptions of all duplicate texts, an ample glossary of words, full thematic indices, and elucidating commentaries.
Category: Religion