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The Treasures Of Darkness

Author : Thorkild Jacobsen
ISBN : 0300022913
Genre : Social Science
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" ... No one can plausibly deny that the religious development of the peoples of Canaan (and indeed of all the ancient world around the eastern Mediterranean to the Indus river) were affected by the cultural and religious developments in Mesopotamia, the centre of the region, and a fertile region second to none known in the world, on a par with the Nile, around which another major civilization arose. This is a text of history of Mesopotamia in its own right. By the time history gets back this far, the lines become very blurred, rather like parallel lines intersecting on the horizon. Literature, religion, archaeology, sociology, psychology -- all of these disciplines become intertwined in Jacobsen's text as he looks at Sumerian society. The book is organized with an introduction, then according to time divisions of fourth, third, and second millennia, then concludes with an epilogue into the first millennium, during which the Bible as we know it (and most ancient history such as is commonly known occurred) came to be"
Category: Social Science

Toward The Image Of Tammuz And Other Essays On Mesopotamian History And Culture

Author : Thorkild Jacobsen
ISBN : 9781556359521
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.36 MB
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In this volume, William L. Moran has collected seventeen of Jacobsen's widely scattered essays. Dealing with religion, history, culture, government, economics, and grammar, these pieces are representative of all aspects of Jacobsen's work, but stress his studies in history and religion, the fields in which he made his most important contributions to our knowledge of Mesopotamian culture and the origins of Western civilization. Moran has also included a bibliography of and a lexical index to Jacobsen's writings.
Category: Religion

An Introduction To Ancient Mesopotamian Religion

Author : Tammi J. Schneider
ISBN : 9780802829597
Genre : History
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In her book, the author offers readers a compact guide to the religion of the peoples living in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers from the beginning of the Bronze Age to the time of Alexander the Great and Darius III. Drawing on extant texts, artifacts, and architecture, Schneider uncovers both an intriguing pantheon of deities -- including Marduk, Ishtar, and many others -- and the complex, fluid, and highly ritualized religious experience of the people who spent their lives serving and appeasing them.
Category: History

Religion In Ancient Mesopotamia

Author : Jean Bottéro
ISBN : 0226067181
Genre : History
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One of the world's foremost experts on Assyriology, Jean Bottéro has studied the religion of ancient Mesopotamia for more than fifty years. Building on these many years of research, Bottéro here presents the definitive account of one of the world's oldest known religions. He shows how ancient Mesopotamian religion was practiced both in the public and private spheres, how it developed over the three millennia of its active existence, and how it profoundly influenced Western civilization, including the Hebrew Bible.
Category: History

The Harps That Once

Author : Thorkild Jacobsen
ISBN : 0300072783
Genre : Poetry
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Sumerian, the oldest language known, is represented by hundreds of thousands of clay tablets inscribed in the cuneiform writing system. Most of the tablets are devoted to mundane matters- ration lists, annual accounts, deeds, contracts- but a substantial number contain examples of perhaps the earliest poetry extant. In this volume, the eminent Assyriologist Thorkild Jacobsen presents translations of some of these ancient poems, including a number of compositions that have never before been published in translation. "What a wonderful bouquet; a gift to us all from a master Sumeriologist, a singer of human achievement, and a lover of words. Jacobsen needs no introduction and this work is special, and should be found in the home of all human and literate persons. It gives access to the mind of ancient Mesopotamia in a manner rarely duplicated heretofore.... Jacobsen has chosen widely from Sumer's rich literature- myth, epics, hymns, boasts, epithalamia, love songs, lamentations, fables- nad has presented us with perspective renderings". Jack M. Sasson, Religious Studies Review.
Category: Poetry

Religion In Ancient Egypt

Author : Byron Esely Shafer
ISBN : 0801497868
Genre : History
File Size : 20.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Meeting the need for an up-to-date English-language survey, this informative and accessible book will be welcomed by Egyptologists and their students, as well as by other readers interested in learning more about the culture and religion of ancient Egypt.
Category: History