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The Tomb Of Christ

Author : Martin Biddle
ISBN : UOM:39015043040867
Genre : Religion
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The heart of the book reviews the history of the Tomb over the centuries in light of new discoveries, from the original construction of the Edicule by Constantine up to modern times.
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The Shroud Of Turin And The Tomb Of Christ

Author : Francisco A. Menchen Barba
ISBN : 1482550628
Genre : Religion
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The Tomb Of Jesus And His Family

Author : James H. Charlesworth
ISBN : 9780802867452
Genre : Religion
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In 1980 archaeologists unearthed a tomb near Jerusalem that contained a family's ossuaries inscribed with some familiar New Testament names, including Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. In 2007 the Discovery Channel produced and broadcast a documentary called The Lost Tomb of Jesus, raising interest — and controversy -- among the public and specialists alike. Could this actually be the tomb of Jesus and his family? In January of 2008 a group of internationally renowned scholars from a broad range of disciplines met in Jerusalem to discuss that very question. Covering the archaeological facts about the discovery, Jewish burial customs during the late Second Temple period, first-century inscriptions, the Talpiot tomb, the James ossuary, the Holy Sepulcher, and more,this volume presents their expert perspectives on a much-publicized topic. Contributors:Mordechai AviamWolfgang E. KrumbeinJames H. CharlesworthAndré LemaireClaude Cohen-MatlofskyLee Martin McDonaldApril D. DeConickCharles PellegrinoCasey D. ElledgeStephen PfannMark ElliottPetr PokornýHoward R. FeldmanJonathan J. PriceJoseph A. FitzmyerChristopher A. RollstonCamil FuchsAmnon RosenfeldShimon GibsonJane SchabergRachel HachliliAndrew V. SillsEldad KeynanMark SpigelmanKevin KiltyJames D. TaborAmos KlonerKonstantinos Th. Zarras Watch an interview with James H. Charlesworth below:
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The Virgin Mary Conspiracy

Author : Graham Phillips
ISBN : 9781591438816
Genre : Religion
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A convincing and cogent argument refuting the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Church dogma and revealing the true father of Jesus • Provides historical and archaeological evidence of a tomb of the Virgin Mary • Introduces the theory that Jesus's father was Antipater, son of Herod What became of the Virgin Mary after the Crucifixion is one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible. Although it appears nowhere in the Bible, the belief in the Assumption-Mary's bodily ascension into heaven-is accepted by many Christians as historical fact. Some, however, believe that Mary died naturally and was buried in a tomb in Jerusalem's Valley of Jehosaphat. Others say that her final resting place was in the Roman ruins of Ephesus in Asia Minor. In 1950 Giovanni Benedetti, an archaeologist attached to the Vatican museum, found a fourth-century manuscript indicating that Mary had been smuggled out of Palestine to an island off the west coast of Britain. According to Benedetti's findings, England's first Bishop, St. Augustine, discovered Mary's tomb there in A.D. 597. The reigning pope, Gregory the Great, forbade St. Augustine to speak of this, initiating a conspiracy of silence that lasted 1,400 years. Similarly, as Benedetti was about to publish his findings, he was instructed by the Vatican to discontinue his research. Soon after, the Roman Catholic Church declared the Assumption dogma. In The Virgin Mary Conspiracy Graham Phillips unravels the truth behind this centuries-old ecclesiastical cover-up and discovers what may be Mary's final resting place. During his extensive research Phillips also discovered another controversial theory revealing that Jesus was the son of Antipater, the son of Herod, and therefore the true heir to Herod's throne, thus explaining his title of "King of the Jews."
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The Jesus Discovery

Author : James D. Tabor
ISBN : 9781451650525
Genre : Religion
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The Jesus Discovery shows how a recent major archeological discovery in Jerusalem is revolutionizing our understanding of Jesus and the earliest years of Christianity. The Jesus Discovery is the story of a stunning new discovery that provides the first physical evidence of Christians in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus and his apostles. In 2010, using a specialized robotic camera, authors Tabor and Jacobovici explored a previously unexcavated tomb in Jerusalem from around the time of Jesus. They made a remarkable discovery—two ossuaries, or bone boxes, one carved with the earliest known image of Jonah; the other displaying a reference to resurrection. Since the newly discovered ossuaries can be reliably dated to before 70 AD, it is possible that whoever was buried in this tomb knew Jesus and heard him preach. In addition, the newly examined tomb is in close proximity to the so-called Jesus Family Tomb, and its discovery increases the likelihood that the “Jesus Family Tomb” is, indeed, the real tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.
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Jerusalem Diary Searching For The Tomb And House Of Jesus

Author : Joanna Kujawa Ph.D
ISBN : 1452506388
Genre : Travel
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Based on a true story, Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus is an adventurous journey of intrigue and discovery in the Holy Land. After finishing her PhD, Joanna joins two Australian men who claim to discover new sites that could be Jesus’ home in Nazareth and his tomb in Jerusalem. As they travel through Israel, Joanna challenges conventional ideas about the life of Jesus. Relying on Gnostic Gospels, Joanna deconstructs the dogmatic images of suffering Christ and creates an alternative picture of Yeshua (Jesus) as a young, rebellious, inspiring teacher. Recent Reviews: “This engaging book has everything the passionate-thinking person desires: intensity, intrigue, controversy. Thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking. A book for all seekers.” —Mark Manolopoulos, adjunct research associate, Monash University Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology, and author of If Creation Is a Gift. “In Jerusalem Diary, Joanna affectionately traces the life of the human side of Jesus. She beautifully weaves her own spiritual quest for truth in this well-researched, deeply passionate journey, accounting for typical historical gaps in the life and teachings of the Great Soul. The outcome is a refreshing and unusual tale in which Joanna elegantly contrasts and reconciles the Christ on the Cross of the Church with Yeshua, the revered realised Master of the East. A must-read for every sincere seeker of the Self.” —Karthyeni Purushothaman, lecturer in business management, Monash University
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The Empty Tomb

Author : Robert M. Price
ISBN : 9781615921539
Genre : Religion
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Did the Resurrection actually take place? This is the central question that Price (editor, Journal of Higher Criticism) and Lowder (cofounder, Internet Infidels) pose in their essay collection. Written in response to recent works by Wolfhart Pannenberg, William Lane Craig, Murray J. Harris, and others who offered a defense of the Resurrection on historical and logical grounds, the essays probe the following: What is the most reasonable way to understand the appearance stories? Why would a God resurrect Jesus? Is the Resurrection theologically necessary? Is there enough historical evidence to make the Resurrection plausible or convincing? Did the 'Empty Tomb' really take place? To such questions, the answer is in the negative or is rendered in a nontheistic manner. Interestingly, contributors include not only philosophers, historians, and major nontheists but also New Testament scholars who view the Resurrection as a later church development. Well argued and well written, the essays are certain to stimulate further insight and reflection for both theists and nontheists.... Recommended for academic libraries.--John Jaeger, Dallas Baptist University, Texas, in Library JournalIt is not new for a few lonely, persecuted radicals to deny the resurrection of Jesus. What is new in this book is that such a number of competent, scrupulous scholars are agreeing that it did not happen, and going so far as attacking fundamentalists for propagating false and misleading views of the Bible.--Dr. Barbara Thiering, author of the bestseller Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea ScrollsOne can only hope this valuable collection will result in a renewed commitment to intelligent discourse concerning Christianity's greatest miracle.--Gerd Lüdemann, University of Göttingen, author of The Resurrection of Christ: A Historical InquiryDid Jesus rise from the dead? Although 19th- and early 20th-century biblical scholarship dismissed the resurrection narratives as late, legendary accounts, Christian apologists in the late 20th century revived historical apologetics for the resurrection of Jesus with increasingly sophisticated arguments. A few critics have directly addressed some of the new arguments, but their response has been largely muted. The Empty Tomb scrutinizes the claims of leading Christian apologists and critiques their view of the resurrection as the best historical explanation.The contributors include New Testament scholars, philosophers, historians, and leading nontheists. They focus on the key questions relevant to assessing the historicity of the resurrection: What did the authors of the New Testament mean when they said Jesus rose from the dead? What historical evidence is needed to establish the resurrection? If there is a God, why would He resurrect Jesus? Was there an empty tomb? What should we make of the appearance stories? Apart from historical evidence, is belief in the resurrection justified?The Empty Tomb provides a sober, objective response to arguments offered in defense of Christianity's central claim.Robert M. Price, Ph.D. (Selma, NC), professor of scriptural studies at the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary, is the editor (with Jeffery Jay Lowder) of The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave and the Journal of Higher Criticism. He is also the author of Top Secret: The Truth Behind Today's Pop Mysticisms; The Paperback Apocalypse: How the Christian Church Was Left Behind; The Reason-Driven Life: What Am I Here on Earth For?; The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man; and Deconstructing Jesus; among other works.Jeffery Jay Lowder is the cofounder and past president of Internet Infidels, Inc., an international coalition of nontheists dedicated to promoting and defending a naturalistic worldview on the Internet.
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The Christ Of The Empty Tomb

Author : James Montgomery Boice
ISBN : 1596381604
Genre : Religion
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The Message of Easter is kept more in the background of the holiday than that of Christmas. After all, this is not the joyous welcoming of a baby with the giving of gifts, this is the brutal death of a young man, stripped of any gifts and dignity. For the Easter story to work as a joyous occasion you have to accept two stories - the death of Jesus - a negative event - and then the resurrection of Jesus - which requires faith. Without faith, the events speak of failure, with faith, they speak of triumph. Here the drama, purpose and events of Easter interplay around these two stories - and bring out the joy.
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