The Tibetan Book Of Healing

Author : Lopsang Rapgay
ISBN : 0910261407
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Dr. Rapgay is one of the foremost Tibetan doctors in the world today. In this book he discusses the many helpful practices, including diet, herbs, and meditation, that contribute to self-healing and well-being.
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The Tibetan Book Of Health

Author : Nida Chenagtsang
ISBN : 099773194X
Genre :
File Size : 90.41 MB
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A comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of Sowa Rigpa for both students of Tibetan Medicine and the general public. The first in a special series of texts co-published by SKY Press and Tibet House US Publications.

Healing From The Source

Author : Yeshi Dhonden
ISBN : 1559398272
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Dr. Yeshi Donden, the long-time personal physician of HH the Dali Lama, draws from over fifty years of practicing and teaching this ancient tradition of healing.
Category: Religion

Tibetan Buddhist Medicine And Psychiatry

Author : Terry Clifford
ISBN : 8120817842
Genre : Buddhist medicine
File Size : 63.8 MB
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Tibetan medicine is a unique and holistic system of healing. It has been continuously practiced for over a thousand years, but has still to take its place in the history of medicine as we know it in the West.This volume presents for the first time a comprehensive introduction to the arcane Tibetan art of healing. The author has provided a well-documented, original and detailed study of Tibetan psychiatry, the world`s oldest system of medical psychiatry. Translated here--for the first time in English--are three fascinating chapters about mental illness from the rGyud-bzhi, the ancient and most important Tibetan medical work. Reproductions of the rare Tibetan texts are also included. Supplementing these translations are extensive explanations of Tibetan psychiatric theory and treatment drawn from the author`s research and interviews with Tibetan refugee doctors in India and Nepal. Great care has been taken to identify over 90 pharmacological substances used in Tibetan psychiatric medicines, and these are listed in an appendix along with their English and Latin botanical names.Deeply researched and clearly written, this work will be of interest to both scholars and general readers in the fields of Buddhist studies, holistic healing, Oriental medicine, transpersonal psychology, ethnopsychiatry and medical anthropology.
Category: Buddhist medicine

Healing Elements

Author : Sienna R. Craig
ISBN : 9780520951587
Genre : Social Science
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Tibetan medicine has come to represent multiple and sometimes conflicting agendas. On the one hand it must retain a sense of cultural authenticity and a connection to Tibetan Buddhism; on the other it must prove efficacious and safe according to biomedical standards. Recently, Tibetan medicine has found a place within the multibillion-dollar market for complementary, traditional, and herbal medicines as people around the world seek alternative paths to wellness. Healing Elements explores how Tibetan medicine circulates through diverse settings in Nepal, China, and beyond as commercial goods and gifts, and as target therapies and panacea for biophysical and psychosocial ills. Through an exploration of efficacy – what does it mean to say Tibetan medicine "works"? – this book illustrates a bio-politics of traditional medicine and the meaningful, if contested, translations of science and healing that occur across distinct social ecologies.
Category: Social Science

The Tibetan Art Of Healing

Author : Ian A. Baker
ISBN : UVA:X004140686
Genre : Art
File Size : 75.55 MB
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A beautifully illustrated book is based on a revered collection, once considered lost, of four-hundred-year-old Tibetan thangkas--paintings about our search for physical and spiritual well-being--on the art of healing. Simultaneous. IP.
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Tibetan Medicine

Author : Dolkar Khanghar
ISBN : 089346919X
Genre : Social Science
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This book reviews the history and teachings of Tibetan medicine, discussing the three humours, the diagnosis and the prognosis of many diseases. Special sections describe the use of herbs and minerals, and precise ingredients for 15 home remedies are included, along with a brief glossary of terms.
Category: Social Science

Tibetan Healing

Author : Peter Fenton
ISBN : 0835607763
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 38.85 MB
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For a healing system that has been practiced for 1,300 years, Tibetan medicine is surprisingly contemporary in its assumptions. Under the guidance of skilled lama-physicians, it views good health as a balance between material and spiritual concerns and marshals an impressive array of physical, psychological, and spiritual practices in its extensive medical kit. To explore the modern legacy of the Medicine Buddha tradition, Peter Fenton journeyed to India and Nepal to see first-hand how Tibetan medicine is practiced today and to discover whether its ancient secrets can help us improve our own well-being. His first-person account, full of fascinating stories and interviews and illustrated with photographs, charts, and botanical drawings, demonstrates that traditional Tibetan healing is a vibrant, living system that can help each of us rebalance body, mind, and spirit---the essence of good health.
Category: Health & Fitness

Healing Energy

Author : Virginia Newton
ISBN : 083512679X
Genre : Medical
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Tibetan qigong focuses on quieting the body, speech, and mind, dissolving the barriers of relative perception, and revealing the true nature of existence. Through simple resonance of movement every person has the ability to heal and access healing energy. This book is a collection of interviews with his students and patients of Master Wang, describing their experiences with and how the practice of Tibetan qigong has improved their health and general well-being. Master Wang studied under the respected Tibetan lama Khenpo Munsel, and has come to the U.S. to continue the legacy of his teachers.
Category: Medical