The Tears Of Re

Author : Gene Kritsky
ISBN : 9780199361380
Genre : Bee culture
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According to Egyptian mythology, when the god Re cried, his tears turned into bees upon touching the ground. Beyond the realm of myth, the honey bee is a surprisingly common and significant motif in Egyptian history, playing a role in the mythology, medicine, art, and food of the ancient culture. In this book, entomologist Gene Kritsky presents the first full-length discussion of the ways in which bees were a part of life in ancient Egypt, shedding light on one of the many mysteries of the ancient world. Kritsky delves into ancient Egypt's complex society, revealing that bees had a significant presence in everything from death rituals to trade. In fact, beekeeping was a state-controlled industry, and in certain instances honey could even be used to pay taxes! Honey was used both to sweeten foods and treat cuts, and was sometimes used as a tribute or offering. From the presence of bees in paintings and hieroglyphs in tombs to the use of beeswax in a variety of products, bees had a significant presence in ancient Egyptian culture.
Category: Bee culture

Wir Gehen Auf B Renjagd

Author : Michael Rosen
ISBN : 3737360278
Genre :
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Ein Vater mit Baby, 3 weiteren Kindern und Hund gehen auf Bärenjagd. Als sie einen Bären aufstöbern, dreht dieser den Spiess um: die tapferen Helden müssen schleunigst die Flucht ergreifen. (ab 4)

Eine Andere Welt

Author : Philip K. Dick
ISBN : 9783104027326
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.82 MB
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Die große Philip K. Dick-Reihe bei Fischer Klassik Jason Taverner: als beliebter Fernsehmoderator und Sänger gehört ihm die Welt. So denkt er, bis er in einem schäbigen Hotelzimmer aufwacht und unter Menschen kommt, die ihn nicht erkennen, in einer Welt, in der die Macht skrupellos ihre Bürger jagt. In dem Überwachungsstaat ist er ein gesichtsloser Niemand und die perfekte Beute. Mit großem Geschick erforscht Dick in seiner Dystopie die psychologischen Auswirkungen seines Orwellschen Albtraums. Nie hat Philip K. Dick seine Kritik an den zeitgenössischen USA schonungsloser dargelegt. Eine Provokation mit Nachhall.
Category: Fiction

Salty Are The Tears

Author : Dawn M. Chretien
ISBN : 9780595005604
Genre : Fiction
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Jennica James is shot during her concert debut, sending detectives Dylan Drake and Della Bishop on a bizarre trail. A gun turned in by a priest after receiving it during confession leads to an agent operating a highly classified and undercover team under the direction of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), and posing as a U.S. Marshal infiltrating a local militia. Jennica was the daughter of John James, the man behind the real mission. If exposed, the security of the nation will be compromised. What is revealed dramatically changes the detectives' lives, as the plot by James to transfer miniature spy satellites to Russia is annihilated by a war fought in the Montana wilderness. Bound by an oath of secrecy, Dylan is used as a government pawn after his past as a Navy SEAL is discovered. Instructed to tell Della the cover story to save her life and guarantee the anonymity of the mission, he is forced into active duty. It will lead into Tower of Tears.
Category: Fiction

The Tears Of Dark Water

Author : Corban Addison
ISBN : 9781784292201
Genre : Fiction
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Daniel and Vanessa Parker are an American success story. He is a Washington, D.C. power broker, and she is a doctor with a thriving practice. But behind the façade, their marriage is a shambles, and their teenage son, Quentin, is self-destructing. In desperation, Daniel dusts off a long-delayed dream - a sailing trip around the world. Little does he know that the voyage he hopes will save them may destroy them instead. Half a world away, on the lawless coast of Somalia, Ismail Ibrahim is plotting the rescue of his sister, Yasmin, from the man who murdered their father. Driven to crime by love and loyalty, he hijacks ships for ransom money. There is nothing he will not do to save her, even if it means taking innocent life. Paul Derrick is the FBI's top hostage negotiator. His twin sister Megan, is a celebrated defense attorney. When Paul is called to respond to a hostage crisis at sea, he has no idea how far it will take them both into their traumatic past - or the chance it will give them to redeem the future. Across continents and oceans, through storms and civil wars, their paths converge in a single, explosive moment. It is a moment that will test them, and break them, but that will also leave behind a glimmer of hope - that out of the ashes of tragedy the seeds of justice and reconciliation can grow, not only for themselves but also for Somalia itself.
Category: Fiction

The Tears Of Power

Author : Kit Cain
ISBN : 9780978000615
Genre :
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The Tears Of Power is a fable for all ages from ten to eternity about a mouse named Victor who lives in Edgeville, a mouse town located at the edge of everything . the river, the fields, the forest, the mountains, and the sky. Victor is entirely unlike his nine brothers and sisters, having an innate courage and belief in himself that compels him to be an inveterate wanderer into areas not at all suited to mouse longevity. His secret forays into the town dump yield treasures too numerous to bring home, thus requiring ingenious extraction and storage solutions of pack-rat proportion . often resulting in life-endangering adventure. Edgeville quickly becomes too small for his restless soul, so he ventures out into the world of the great unknown, learning to repair boats, pilot tugboats, fly helicopters, and be a real friend to those he meets along the way. Victor makes unusual friends like Oddie the Otter and Mo the musical Mole who teach him to be street-wise in the face of a deceitful world. Minkie, his flight instructor, teaches him to overcome fear with thorough training, practice, and constant vigilance. It is Eagle, though, who teaches Victor to think, and introduces him to the inner powers of his soul . finally telling him what the Tears of Power really are.Both versions of the book are masterfully illustrated with 24 illustrations by Scott Peck.

Der Gro E Trip

Author : Cheryl Strayed
ISBN : 9783641046026
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 89.30 MB
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EAT, PRAY, LOVE meets Hape Kerkeling Gerade 26 geworden, hat Cheryl Strayed das Gefühl, alles verloren zu haben. Drogen und Männer trösten sie über den Tod ihrer Mutter und das Scheitern ihrer Ehe hinweg. Als ihr ein Outdoor-Führer über den Pacific Crest Trail in die Hände fällt, trifft sie die folgenreichste Entscheidung ihres Lebens: mehr als tausend Meilen zu wandern. Die berührende Geschichte einer Selbstfindung – voller Witz, Weisheit und Intensität, mit einer respektlosen Heldin, die man lieben muss.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Faith Through The Tears

Author : Stephanie Payne Hurt
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60.6 MB
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When Randy lost his wife, he fell apart, his faith tested. She was his soul mate. But he had to start life alone with his two little girls. Things change drastically when Joy moves in to help with the house and the girls. Suddenly he feels alive again. Can he love again? Is she the Christian woman he’d prayed for? His faith is tested and rewarded in this sweet story of loss, new love and test of faith.
Category: Fiction

When You Re Ready

Author : Andrea Gross
ISBN : 1452542236
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 84.37 MB
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WHEN YOU’RE READY is the book I wanted to read as I spent years searching bookstore shelves for answers. After reading so many self-help books, I decided I wanted to write a book about what it is really like to change your life. I began keeping a journal, and two years later, When You’re Ready was born, and so was my career as a Lifestyle Coach ( WHEN YOU’RE READY can mean many different things. It can be about second chances, living your dreams, finding new love, feeing sexy again, making money and starting over. However, the common denominator is getting back your confidence. It’s about being so comfortable in your own skin that you start shedding layers of fear, self-doubt, and negativity and start magnetizing your “dream life.” Life can be challenging, but it can also be an incredible journey. I found my passion, I live my truth, I feel and look better than ever—and so can you.
Category: Self-Help

You Re Not Alone

Author : Jasania Rios
ISBN : 9781105790409
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 73.11 MB
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This book comes from the heart and I hope you take the time to read my book.
Category: Poetry