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The Tarim Mummies

Author : J. P. Mallory
ISBN : 0500283729
Genre : History
File Size : 77.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Preserved in the Täklimakan desert sands of China lay the well preserved remains of a people who settled in the Tarim Basin four thousand years ago. This book forms the first comprehensive study of the mummies, their clothing and physiology, and also speculates on their identity. The possible contenders for the origins of these people and their linguistic background are discussed and the authors conclude with the rather controversial claim that these in fact represent the first Europeans in China. A most interesting and important book.
Category: History

Black Athena The Linguistic Evidence

Author : Martin Bernal
ISBN : 9780813536552
Genre : Civilization, Western
File Size : 56.15 MB
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Synopsis: Could Greek philosophy be rooted in Egyptian thought? Is it possible that the Pythagorean theory was conceived on the shores of the Nile and the Euphrates rather than in ancient Greece? Could it be that Western civilization was born on the so-called Dark Continent? For almost two centuries, Western scholars have given little credence to the possibility of such scenarios. In Black Athena, an audacious three-volume series that strikes at the heart of today's most heated culture wars, Martin Bernal challenges Eurocentric attitudes by calling into question two of the longest-established explanations for the origins of classical civilization. The Aryan Model, which is current today, claims that Greek culture arose as the result of the conquest from the north by Indo-European speakers, or "Aryans," of the native "pre-Hellenes." The Ancient Model, which was maintained in Classical Greece, held that the native population of Greece had initially been civilized by Egyptian and Phoenician colonists and that additional Near Eastern culture had been introduced to Greece by Greeks studying in Egypt and Southwest Asia. Moving beyond these prevailing models, Bernal proposes a Revised Ancient Model, which suggests that classical civilization in fact had deep roots in Afroasiatic cultures.
Category: Civilization, Western

The Mummies Of R Mchi

Author : Elizabeth Wayland Barber
ISBN : 0393320197
Genre : History
File Size : 72.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A look at the incredibly well-preserved ancient mummies found in Western China describes their clothing and appearance, attempts to reconstruct their culture, and speculates about how Caucasians could have found their way to the feet of the Himalayan mountains. Reprint.
Category: History

The Double Goddess

Author : Vicki Noble
ISBN : 9781591438663
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 86.76 MB
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The first book to seriously study the double goddess that figures prominently in Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures. • Offers an important symbol for modern women seeking to reconnect with their ancient, integral sense of self and wholeness. • Presents an archetype for the sacred potential of female bonding, whether between mother and daughter, teacher and student, friends, or lovers. • Illustrated with 149 examples of double goddess images. Numerous figures depicting two women in intimate relation with one another, or as a single body with two heads, have been discovered in important centers of early civilizations such as Catal Huyuk and Gozo. These have been routinely ignored by scholars or dismissed as mere dolls with no sacred connotations whatsoever. Vicki Noble shows, to the contrary, that this double goddess is an ancient icon that can considerably expand our understanding of female sovereignty, as well as provide contemporary women with a way to reconnect with the integral sense of self and wholeness enjoyed by their ancestors. Ancient Goddess religion was informed by the organic cycles of nature--the dual poles of Life and Death. The double goddess represents phenomena such as the Earth-Moon pair, the Upper-Underworld pair, the Summer and Winter poles of the seasonal year, and the dual poles of the female biological reality of menstruation and ovulation--the dark and the light. The double goddess in all her varied forms also depicts the vast array of potential relationships women can form with themselves and each other. This book is a celebration of an archetype that not only empowers women, but also teaches them how to share that power with each other.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

China S Internal And External Relations And Lessons For Korea And Asia

Author : Jung-Ho Bae, Jae H. Ku
ISBN : 9788984797420
Genre : China
File Size : 67.61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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With the coming of so-called G2 era, guaranteeing cooperation with China is a rising strategic task when it comes to the North Korean problem and Korean reunification. There is a clear limit, however, in guaranteeing Chinese cooperation due to the Republic of Korea (ROK) and China’s different perceptions on Korean reunification while economic interdependence between these two states is increasing. In international society, cooperation could be achieved on the basis of shared interests, but issue by issue, shared interests in and of themselves may not be enough. “Strategic leverage,” in other words, might be necessary in order to induce some kind of inter-state cooperation. This research was undertaken in the context of the above-mentioned questions, with regard to building up diplomatic leverage that could lead to possible ways to induce Chinese cooperation. This research was undertaken in the context of cooperation with Florence Lowe-Lee at the Global America Business Institute; Dr. Jae H. Ku at the U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University; and Professor David Hawk at the City University of New York. Researchers Kwon Hye-Jin, Moon Mi-Young, Ro Young-Ji, An Hyun-Jung (former member) at the Korea Institute for National Unification (KINU) and Wonhee Lee at the U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS also devoted much effort in making it possible to publish this volume. as did coeditor Dr. Jae H. Ku. As the chief editor of this volume, I sincerely appreciate all these efforts. It is my hope that this research helps academics and experts as well as general audiences better understand the dynamic relationship between core and periphery in China, the relationship between China and its weak neighboring countries, China and international human rights organizations, and North Korean human rights. Jung-Ho Bae, senior research fellow, Korea Institute for National Unification ― Part 1 : China’s Internal Center-Periphery Relations Chapter 1 Middle Kingdom’s New Territory: A History of Relations Between Xinjiang and China/ Haiyun Ma Chapter 2 Diplomacy or Mobilization: The Tibetan Dilemma in the Struggle with China/ Tenzin Dorjee ― Part 2 : China’s Relations with Neighboring Countries Chapter 3 China’s Relations with Mongolia: An Uneasy Road/ Mark T. Fung Chapter 4 China’s Relations with Vietnam: Permanently Caught Between Friend and Foe/ Catharin E. Dalpino Chapter 5 China’s Relations with Laos and Cambodia/ Carlyle A. Thayer Chapter 6 China’s Relations with Myanmar: National Interests and Uncertainties/ Yun Sun ― Part 3 : China and International Institutions Chapter 7 The People’s Republic of China and Respect for International Human Rights Law and Mechanisms/ Sophie Richardson Chapter 8 International Human Rights Law and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea: The “UN Roadmap” for Human Rights Improvements in North Korea/ David Hawk
Category: China

Ancient China And Its Eurasian Neighbors

Author : Katheryn M. Linduff
ISBN : 9781108314206
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 25.16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume examines the role of objects in the region north of early dynastic state centers, at the intersection of Ancient China and Eurasia, a large area that stretches from Xinjiang to the China Sea, from c.3000 BCE to the mid-eighth century BCE. This area was a frontier, an ambiguous space that lay at the margins of direct political control by the metropolitan states, where local and colonial ideas and practices were reconstructed transculturally. These identities were often merged and displayed in material culture. Types of objects, styles, and iconography were often hybrids or new to the region, as were the tomb assemblages in which they were deposited and found. Patrons commissioned objects that marked a symbolic vision of place and person and that could mobilize support, legitimize rule, and bind people together. Through close examination of key artifacts, this book untangles the considerable changes in political structure and cultural makeup of ancient Chinese states and their northern neighbors.
Category: Social Science

Ancient Persia In Western History

Author : Sasan Samiei
ISBN : 9780857736062
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 38.9 MB
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The Achaemenid Empire, founded by Cyrus the Great in the 6th century, was at its height the largest empire the world had yet seen, stretching across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Because this first Persian Empire fought a series of wars against the Ancient Greek city-states, it has often been cast in opposition to the Hellenistic cultures of the period. Ancient Persia in Western History is a measured rejoinder to the dominant narrative that considers the Graeco-Persian Wars to be merely the first round of an oft-repeated battle between the despotic ‘East’ and the broadly enlightened ‘West’. Sasan Samiei analyses the historiography which has skewed our understanding of this crucial era - contrasting the work of Edward Gibbon and Goethe, which venerated Classicism and Hellenistic history, with later writers such as John Linton Myres. Finally, Samiei explores the cross-cultural encounters which constituted the Achaemenid period itself, and repositions it as essential to the history of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Category: Literary Criticism

Hidden History

Author : Brian Haughton
ISBN : 9781442953505
Genre : History
File Size : 34.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Despite being enmeshed in a culture steeped in technology and science, the magic and mysteries of the ancient world still haunt our imagination. Through their architecture, artifacts, and deeds, ancient cultures speak to us across thousands of dusty years--from the labyrinthine palace of Knossos on Crete and the lofty pyramids of Egypt to the remotest jungle temples of Peru and the megalithic mystery of Stonehenge. HIDDEN HISTORY brings together a fascinating selection of these ancient enigmas. arranging them into three sections: Mysterious Places, Unexplained Artifacts, and Enigmatic People.
Category: History

Prehistoric Societies On The Northern Frontiers Of China

Author : Gideon Shelach
ISBN : 9781134944811
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.36 MB
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The northern borders of China - known as the Northern zone - were a key area of interaction between sedentary and nomadic people during the late second and early first millennium BCE. During this period the region's unique economy, socio-political systems, local cultures and identities took shape. 'Prehistoric Societies on the Northern Frontiers of China' analyses the archaeological record to examine the changes that took place in Northern China in the first millennium. Drawing on field work in the Chifeng area of Inner Mongolia, the book explores dramatic changes in the construction of identities alongside more gradual changes in subsistence strategies and political organization. The book is unique in integrating the archaeological data and historical records of this period with anthropological theory to examine the role of identity construction and the use of symbol in the shaping of East Asian society.
Category: Social Science