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The Sutta Nipata

Author : H. Saddhatissa
ISBN : 9781136773006
Genre : Social Science
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This is one of the oldest collections of Buddhist discourses in the Pali canon; by far one of the most popular as well as the most important. Written in a mixture of prose and verse, it presents a code of conduct and provides the basis for a system of moral philosophy. A prime source work.
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The Suttanipata

Author : Bodhi
ISBN : 9781614294542
Genre : Religion
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This landmark volume in the Teachings of the Buddha series translates the Suttanipata, a text that matches the Dhammapada in its concise power and its centrality to the Buddhist tradition. Celebrated translator Bhikkhu Bodhi illuminates this text and its classical commentaries with elegant renderings and authoritative annotations. The Suttanipata, or “Group of Discourses” is a collection of discourses ascribed to the Buddha that includes some of the most popular suttas of the Pali Canon, among them the Discourse on Loving-Kindness Sutta. The suttas are primarily in verse, though several are in mixed prose and verse. The Suttanipata contains discourses that extol the figure of the muni, the illumined sage, who wanders homeless completely detached from the world. Other suttas, such as the Discourse on Downfall and the Discourse on Blessings, establish the foundations of Buddhist lay ethics. The last two chapters—the Atthakavagga (Chapter of Octads) and the Parayanavagga (The Way to the Beyond)—are considered to be among the most ancient parts of the Pali Canon. The Atthakavagga advocates a critical attitude toward views and doctrines. The Parayanavagga is a beautiful poem in which sixteen spiritual seekers travel across India to meet the Buddha and ask him profound questions pertaining to the highest goal. The commentary, the Paramatthajotika, relates the background story to each sutta and explains each verse in detail. The volume includes numerous excerpts from the Niddesa, an ancient commentary already included in the Pali Canon, which offers detailed expositions of each verse in the Atthakavagga, the Parayanavagga, and the Rhinoceros Horn Sutta. Translator Bhikkhu Bodhi provides an insightful, in-depth introduction, a guide to the individual suttas, extensive notes, a list of parallels to the discourses of the Suttanipata, and a list of the numerical sets mentioned in the commentaries.
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The Sutta Nipata Annotated Edition

Author : Michael Viggo Fausböll
ISBN : 9783849622473
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This is the extended and annotated edition including * an extensive annotation of more than 10.000 words about the history and basics of Buddhism, written by Thomas William Rhys Davids * an interactive table-of-contents * perfect formatting for electronic reading devices The Sutta Nipata is a Buddhist scripture, a sutta collection in the Khuddaka Nikaya, part of the Pali Canon of Theravada Buddhism. All its suttas consist largely of verse, though some also contain some prose. It is divided into five sections: Uraga Vagga Cula Vagga Maha Vagga Atthaka Vagga Parayana Vagga Some scholars consider this the oldest of all Buddhist scriptures. Others agree that it contains much very early material.

Buddha S Teachings Being The Sutta Nipata Or Discourse Collection

Author : Robert Chalmers Baron Chalmers
ISBN : 8120813553
Genre : Buddhism
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Buddha`s Teachings contains a metrical English rendering of an important Buddhist work in Pali named `Sutta-Nipata` with the original text in Romanized version on the opposite page. The Pali Canon, as it has come down to us, is divided into three Pitakas or `baskets`, viz. Vinaya-Pitaka Sutta-Pitaka and Abhidhamma-Pitaka. The Sutta-Nipata, translated here, contains an ancient, probably the most ancient, part of the Sutta-Pitaka. It belongs to that portion of the Sutta-Pitaka which is named Khuddaka Nikaya or `Collection of Short Treatises` as distinct from the four long Nikayas called Digha, Majjhima, Samyutta and Anguttara. Of the five Vaggas (or `books`) of the present Sutta-Nipata the fifth stands out from its fellows by reason of its purposeful unity. Whle the Uraga, Maha, Cula and Atthaka Vaggas consist each of a collectioin of independent and unconnected poems (sometimes interspersed with prose) called Suttas, the Parayana aims at a dramatic synthesis. Its prologue and epilogue serve as a setting to the sixteen Questions which elicit Gotama`s gradual exposition of the saving `Way Across`.
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Buddha S Teachings

Author : Lord Chalmers
ISBN : 1258131226
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Harvard Oriental Series, V37. Edited In The Original Pali Text With An English Version Facing It.

The Dhammapada And The Sutta Nipata

Author : Max Muller
ISBN : 192677728X
Genre : Religion
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Beginning this work, Max Muller provides a thorough introduction to his translation of the Dhammapada -- perhaps the best-loved piece of Buddhist scripture. In it he explores the chronology of early Buddhism and its literature. The translation itself is accompanied by copious notes on the choices Muller made in rendering the original Pali into English. The Dhammapada, a collection of wisdom-sayings, is traditionally held to consist of words spoken by the Buddha on various occasions. Danish scholar Viggo Fausboll then offers his introduction to and translation of the Sutta Nipata, a text generally reckoned to be among the most primitive parts of the Theravada Buddhist canon on the grounds of its language and the stage in the formation of Buddhism that it depicts. The Sutta Nipata consists of verse and prose passages celebrating the path to enlightenment discovered by the Buddha, a wisdom that speaks to us even today. Pali words in this second edition are set using modern diacritical marks.
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The Dhammapada And Sutta Nipata

Author : F. Max Muller
ISBN : 9781317849162
Genre : Social Science
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This is a subset of F. Max Mullers great collection The Sacred Books of the East which includes translations of all the most important works of the seven non-Christian religions which have exercised a profound influence on the civilizations of the continent of Asia. The works have been translated by leading authorities in their field.
Category: Social Science