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The Structure Of Social Theory

Author : Anthony King
ISBN : 9780415652063
Genre : Social Science
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Over the last three decades, social theory has become an increasingly important subdiscipline within sociology. Social theory has attempted to elucidate the philosophical basis of sociology by defining the nature of social reality. According to social theory, society consists of objective institutions, structure, on the one hand, and individuals, agency on the other, it promotes human social relations, insisting that in every instance social reality consists of these relations.
Category: Social Science

The Social And Political Thought Of Noam Chomsky

Author : Alison Edgley
ISBN : 9781134625918
Genre : Philosophy
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The Social and Political Thought of Noam Chomsky questions Chomsky's claim not to have a theory about the relationship between human beings and their society other than that which 'can be written on the back of postage stamp'. Edgley compares Chomsky's vision of the good society with liberal communitarian perspectives, and establishes that it is grounded in a hopeful belief about human nature. She argues that sympathy with this vision of the good society is essential for understanding the nature of Chomsky's critique of state capitalism, its inherent nationalism and the media. The author concludes that Chomsky's analysis is coherent and systematic when one acknowledges that he is not just a critic but a theorist.
Category: Philosophy

Rethinking State Theory

Author : Mark J Smith
ISBN : 9781136295935
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 80.87 MB
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In the last two decades, objects of analysis such as 'the state' have increasingly been seen as uncertain and contested theoretical concepts. Mark J. Smith presents a counter argument that highlights how existing theoretical approaches can provide useful tools for understanding contemporary political developments.
Category: Political Science

Studies In Social And Political Theory Rle Social Theory

Author : Anthony Giddens
ISBN : 9781317650645
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 38.87 MB
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The studies which comprise this book are essentially organized around a critical encounter with European social theory in its 'classical period' – i.e. from the middle years of the nineteenth century until the First World War – and have the aim of working out some of the implications of that encounter for the position and prospects of the social sciences today. The issues involved relate to the following series of problems: method and epistemology; social development and transformation; the origins of 'sociology' in nineteenth-century social theory; and the status of social science as critique. In each of these areas, Giddens develops views that challenge existing orthodoxies, and connects these ideas to a reconstruction of social theory in the contemporary era.
Category: Social Science

Deciphering Goffman

Author : Ramon Vargas Maseda
ISBN : 9781317153962
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 35.99 MB
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Challenging the ‘classical’ conception of Goffman’s sociology, this book offers a new interpretation based on a comprehensive examination of previous interpretations and critical assessments of Goffman’s work. Epistemologically, the book acknowledges the important but overlooked influences of both pluralism and particularly of pragmatism, where not only Simmel but also James and Dewey played a pivotal role in his work, thus rooting Goffman’s thought in symbolic interactionism. With attention to two central theoretical principles underlying his work—the pertinence of studying social interaction as given and the need and warrant to study face-to-face interaction in its own right—the author presents a rigorous examination of Goffman’s own writings to uncover the clear and recognizable process of systematization that Goffman followed throughout. In this manner, the book reveals the structure of Goffman’s theory by way of mapping the main themes, topics, concepts, empirical referents, methodological principles and theoretical frameworks relevant to the structure of his thought. A fresh examination of the structure of Goffman’s work that sheds light on the core of his unique approach, this new study of one of the central figures of sociology constitutes an important contribution to scholarship in social theory and the history of sociology.
Category: Social Science

Routledge International Handbook Of Contemporary Social And Political Theory

Author : Gerard Delanty
ISBN : 9781135997946
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 39.38 MB
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The triangular relationship between the social, the political and the cultural has opened up social and political theory to new challenges. The social can no longer be reduced to the category of society, and the political extends beyond the traditional concerns of the nature of the state and political authority. This Handbook will address a range of issues that have recently emerged from the disciplines of social and political theory, focusing on key themes as opposed to schools of thought or major theorists. It is divided into three sections which address: the most influential theoretical traditions that have emerged from the legacy of the twentieth century the most important new and emerging frameworks of analysis today the major theoretical problems in recent social and political theory. The Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory encompasses the most up-to-date developments in contemporary social and political theory, and as such is an essential research tool for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as researchers, working in the fields of political theory, social and political philosophy, contemporary social theory, and cultural theory.
Category: Political Science

Author : حجّاج أبو جبر
ISBN : 9786144451762
Genre : Secularism
File Size : 54.84 MB
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في كتابه نقد العقل العلماني: دراسة مقارنة لفكر زيغمونت باومان وعبد الوهاب المسيري، الصادر عن المركز العربي للأبحاث ودراسة السياسات، قدم الباحث حجاج أبو جبر دراسة مقارنة بين عبد الوهاب المسيري في نقده العقل العلماني وأسسه المعرفية في التراث الغربي، وزيغمونت باومان. بحث الكتاب في كيفية صوغ النماذج التفسيرية الرئيسة وتوظيفها في نقد هذا العقل والحداثة، حيث يتجلى التقاء الخطاب النقدي عند باومان (اليهودي) والمسيري (المسلم) في أنموذجين أساسيين: الحداثة الصلبة (العقلانية المادية) والحداثة السائلة (المادية اللاعقلانية). كما سعى إلى استكشاف الخرائط الإدراكية للحداثة الغربية والعقل العلماني عند باومان والمسيري، لأن كلًّا منهما يرى الحداثة العلمانية رؤية معرفية شاملة لله والإنسان والطبيعة، ويستخدم النماذج التفسيرية والصور المجازية نفسها لكشف هذه الرؤية، وإن اختلفا في وصفات الخلاص من مأزق الحداثة.
Category: Secularism

Handbook Of Contemporary European Social Theory

Author : Gerard Delanty
ISBN : 9781134255467
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This innovative publication maps out the broad and interdisciplinary field of contemporary European social theory. It covers sociological theory, the wider theoretical traditions in the social sciences including cultural and political theory, anthropological theory, social philosophy and social thought in the broadest sense of the term. This volume surveys the classical heritage, the major national traditions and the fate of social theory in a post-national and post-disciplinary era. It also identifies what is distinctive about European social theory in terms of themes and traditions. It is divided into five parts: disciplinary traditions, national traditions, major schools, key themes and the reception of European social theory in American and Asia. Thirty-five contributors from nineteen countries across Europe, Russia, the Americas and Asian Pacific have been commissioned to utilize the most up-to-date research available to provide a critical, international analysis of their area of expertise. Overall, this is an indispensable book for students, teachers and researchers in sociology, cultural studies, politics, philosophy and human geography and will set the tone for future research in the social sciences.
Category: Social Science


Author : Richard Howson
ISBN : 9781135916312
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 79.86 MB
Format : PDF
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The originality and depth of Gramsci's theory of hegemony is now evidenced in the wide-ranging intellectual applications within a growing corpus of research and writings that include social, political and cultural theory, historical interpretation, gender and globalization. The reason that hegemony has been so widely and diversely adopted lies in the unique way that Gramsci formulated the 'problematics' of structure/superstructure, coercion/consensus, materialism/idealism and regression/progression within the concept hegemony. However, in much of the contemporary literature the full complexity of hegemony is either obfuscated or ignored. Hegemony, through comprehensive and systematic analyses of Gramsci's formulation, a picture of hegemony as a complex syncretism of these dichotomies. In other words, hegemony is presented as a concept that is as much about aspiration and progressive politico-social relations as it is about regressive and dominative processes. Thus, the volume recognises and presents this complexity through a selection of contemporary theoretical as well as historico-social investigations that mark a significantly innovative moment in the work on hegemony.
Category: Philosophy

The Routledge Companion To Social And Political Philosophy

Author : Gerald F. Gaus
ISBN : 9780415874564
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 51.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy is a comprehensive, definitive reference work, providing an up-to-date survey of the field, charting its history and key figures and movements, and addressing enduring questions as well as contemporary research. Features unique to the Companion are: an extensive coverage of the history of social and political thought, including separate chapters on the development of political thought in the Islamic world, India, and China as well in modern Germany, France, and Britain a focus on the core concepts and the normative foundations of social and political theory a seven-chapter section devoted exclusively to distributive justice, the central issue of political philosophy since Rawls' Theory of Justice extensive coverage of global justice and international issues, which recently have emerged as vital topics an eight-chapter section on issues in social and political philosophy. The Companion is divided into eight thematic sections: The History of Social and Political Theory; Political Theories and Ideologies; Normative Foundations; The National State and Beyond; Distributive Justice; Political Concepts; Concepts and Methods in Social Philosophy; Issues in Social and Political Philosophy. Comprised of sixty-nine newly commissioned essays by leading scholars from throughout the world, The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy is the most comprehensive and authoritative resource in social and political philosophy for students and scholars.
Category: Philosophy