The Stones Cry Out

Author : Randall Price
ISBN : 9781565076402
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69.29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This survey of archaeological discoveries in Bible lands includes testimonies and interviews from leading archaeologists and exciting pictures featuring the latest finds made in the lands of the Bible
Category: Social Science

The Politically Incorrect Guide To The Bible

Author : Robert J. Hutchinson
ISBN : 9781596985421
Genre : Religion
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In the beginning, the Bible triggered a revolution in human thought and later established Western civilization's moral and philosophical foundation. Many people though--from authors to pundits--mock it for their own purposes and political agendas. However, the Bible remains the bestselling book of all time, believed by nearly two billion people (Christians and Jews) to be divinely inspired. In his hard-hitting new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Bible, author Robert J. Hutchinson details the facts behind the numerous truths the anti-religious secularists don't want you to know about, including: *Recent archaeological discoveries confirm the historical accuracy of many Bible stories *The Bible made modern science possible (which is why it started in the Middle Ages) *Biblical laws paved the way for democracy and limited government *The Bible promotes human freedom *The enemies of the Bible are enemies of true reason and tolerance In this new installment in the bestselling P.I.G. series, Hutchinson silences the secularists and atheists with historical evidence, undeniable facts, and insightful revelations--proving why the Bible is still the bestselling book of all time--and so much more.
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Von Feuer Flut Und Finsternis

Author : Frank Zimmermann
ISBN : 9783735736055
Genre : History
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Schriftliche und mündliche Überlieferungen von Völkern, Stämmen und Kulturen aller Erdteile erzählen von vergangenen Feuer- und Flutkatastrophen globalen Ausmaßes. Die weltweite Verbreitung dieser Berichte und ihre Eigenständigkeit legen den Schluss nahe, dass sie nicht etwa nur der Fantasie antiker Literaten entsprungen sind, sondern auf tatsächliche Ereignisse der Vor- und Frühgeschichte zurückgehen. Erzürnte Götter, Drachen oder fliegende Schlangenungeheuer werden in den Mythen für die Katastrophen verantwortlich gemacht. Sind diese dubiosen Himmelsmächte vielleicht als Umschreibungen für eine reale kosmische Bedrohung in Form eines Kometen oder eines anderen ungewöhnlichen Himmelskörpers zu verstehen? Die Annahme kosmischer Katastrophen in frühhistorischer Zeit wirft auch ein völlig neues Licht auf die Glaubenswelt der alten Völker und erweist sich für das Verständnis dieser alten Kulturen mit ihrem Götter- und Drachenglauben und den damit zusammenhängenden Menschenopfern und Tötungsritualen als äußerst fruchtbar. Frank Zimmermann hat in den letzten anderthalb Jahrzehnten zahlreiche antike Mythen und Überlieferungen, alte archäologische und paläontologische Grabungsberichte, aber auch jüngere Forschungsergebnisse aus Geologie, Paläoklimatologie und Astrophysik zusammengetragen und gibt in diesem Buch erstaunliche Antworten, nicht nur auf die obigen Fragen.
Category: History

Zondervan Handbook Of Biblical Archaeology

Author : J. Randall Price
ISBN : 9780310527640
Genre : Religion
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The Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology is a reference resource for anyone interested in archaeology and its relevance to biblical, theological, and apologetic studies. Illustrated with full-color photos, charts, and maps, this handbook provides readers with a wealth of information that complements and supplements the historical context of the Bible. The Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology includes an introduction to the field of archaeology for readers who might not be familiar with the methods, practices, and importance of this area of study. Included in this section is an annotated bibliography of important biblical archaeological reports, books, and journal articles for further study. The rest of the handbook is devoted to a book-by-book (Genesis through Revelation) presentation of the most significant archaeological discoveries that enhance our understanding of the biblical text, including a section on the intertestamental period. A rich array of visual images including photos of excavations sites, coins, maps, artifacts, and historic structures allows readers to immerse themselves in the world of the Bible. This monumental work gives readers the opportunity to visit ancient sites and historical places while remaining in the comfort of their own home.
Category: Religion

Jesus His Story In Stone

Author : Mike Mason
ISBN : 9781525512216
Genre : Religion
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Jesus: His Story in Stone is a reflection on still-existing stone objects that Jesus would have known, seen, or even touched. Each of the seventy short chapters is accompanied by a photograph taken on location in Israel. Arranged chronologically, the one-page meditations compose a portrait of Christ as seen through the significant stones in His life, from the cave where He was born to the rock of Calvary. While packed with historical and archaeological detail, the book’s main thrust is devotional, leading the reader both spiritually and physically closer to Jesus.
Category: Religion

Compelling Evidence For God And The Bible

Author : Douglas Jacoby
ISBN : 9780736937597
Genre :
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In an age of doubt, it's rare to find Christians who can speak clearly and boldly about the reasons for their faith. Douglas Jacoby is one of those rare Christians. As an international teacher for over 25 years, he has shared the vital truths found in Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible with thousands of people in all walks of life and in dozens of cultures. Jacoby's book is an easy-to-read apologetics work that will show readers the evidence that there is a God help readers see the unique role of the Bible as the Word of God encourage readers to make an informed decision about whether to follow Jesus Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible is especially suited for nonbelievers, anyone new to the faith, and believers who want a better understanding of their faith and how to explain it to others. For readers who want solid reasons why the Christian faith is not only true but also reasonable, this book is the place to begin.

From Eden To Exile

Author : Eric H. Cline
ISBN : 9781426212246
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90.39 MB
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Eric H. Cline uses the tools of his trade to examine some of the most puzzling mysteries from the Hebrew Bible and, in the process, to narrate the history of ancient Israel. Combining the academic rigor that has won the respect of his peers with an accessible style that has made him a favorite with readers and students alike, he lays out each mystery, evaluates all available evidence—from established fact to arguable assumption to far-fetched leap of faith—and proposes an explanation that reconciles Scripture, science, and history. Numerous amateur archaeologists have sought some trace of Noah's Ark to meet only with failure. But, though no serious scholar would undertake such a literal search, many agree that the Flood was no myth but the cultural memory of a real, catastrophic inundation, retold and reshaped over countless generations. Likewise, some experts suggest that Joshua's storied victory at Jericho is the distant echo of an earthquake instead of Israel's sacred trumpets—a fascinating, geologically plausible theory that remains unproven despite the best efforts of scientific research. Cline places these and other Biblical stories in solid archaeological and historical context, debunks more than a few lunatic-fringe fantasies, and reserves judgment on ideas that cannot yet be confirmed or denied. Along the way, our most informed understanding of ancient Israel comes alive with dramatic but accurate detail in this groundbreaking, engrossing, entertaining book by one of the rising stars in the field.
Category: Religion

Doctrine Twisting

Author : H. Wayne House
ISBN : 0830813691
Genre : Religion
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Daily, Christians are bombarded by strange new teachings about Jesus. The worldwide proliferation of new religious movements has created confusion in the church. Are there core beliefs at the heart of the Christian faith? If so, what are they? And how should Christians relate to those who do not embrace these beliefs? In down-to-earth language, Doctrine Twisting addresses and answers these questions. With the firm conviction that God has sufficiently and finally revealed himself in Christ and through the Bible, the authors explore in detail the doctrines of the Trinity, revelation, sin, Christ's divinity, the atonement, faith and works, the second coming, and the afterlife. Each chapter outlines the biblical basis for the historic orthodox position and then analyzes and refutes deviations from these truths.
Category: Religion

Three Perspectives Jewish Christian And Muslim

Author : Steven H. Propp
ISBN : 9781440197161
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.65 MB
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“You’re Jewish, aren’t you?” This blunt question is the way that college freshman Richard Cohn is introduced to an outspoken fellow student named Dov Epstein, who calls himself a “Messianic Jew,” and believes that God has a special purpose for the Jewish people in these “Last Days.” Raised by secular Jewish parents, Richard is completely oblivious to his own Jewish background, until this ongoing dialogue forces him to confront his own heritage. The two young men vigorously argue with each other over the interpretation of the Hebrew Bible (particularly its reputed predictions of a “Messiah”), Christian doctrines such as the Trinity, and most significantly, about the identity and significance of Jesus of Nazareth. The rigorous process of self-examination this initiates leads Richard to embrace his Jewish identity, even as he vehemently denies the same for Dov. The two ultimately become fast friends; but as they progress from an academic environment to the professional world, they are challenged by racist statements made by prominent national figures, anti-Semitic doctrines such as “Christian Identity”?which teaches that white Anglo-Saxons are the “true Israel”?and also purported “scholars” who deny the reality of the Holocaust itself. Circumstances in life connect them with a young Iranian émigré named Jahangir Khatami, whose Muslim beliefs conflict strongly with their own. Yet when a violent incident brings the three of them together, they are forced to reexamine not just their differences, but their similarities. While they clash over the ideals of Zionism and its ramifications in the modern State of Israel, they are united in their horror over the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Join a diverse cast of characters (some of whom appeared in the author’s earlier book, Beyond Heaven and Earth) in a probing exploration that may help you reconsider just what it means to be Jewish, Christian, or Muslim in the modern world.
Category: Fiction