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The Special Theory Of Relativity

Author : David Bohm
ISBN : 041514809X
Genre : Science
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Based on his famous final year undergraduate lectures on theoretical physics at Birkbeck College, Bohm presents the theory of relativity as a unified whole, making clear the reasons which led to its adoption and explaining its basic meaning. With clarity and grace, he also reveals the limited truth of some of the "common sense" assumptions which make it difficult for us to appreciate its full implications. With a new foreword by Basil Hiley, a close colleague of David Bohm's, The Special Theory of Relativity is an indispensable addition to the work of one of greatest physicists and thinkers of the twentieth century.
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Author : Asghar Qadir
ISBN : 9971506122
Genre : Science
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The most important feature in this book is the simple presentation with details of calculations. It is very easy to follow. Fairly sophisticated calculations are developed very rapidly. The presentation is logical and the detailed coverage makes this book very readable and useful. The contents develop Relativity as a modern theory of motion, starting by placing it in historical perspective and proceeding to show its logical necessity. The development of the Lorentz transformation is given using only one assumption rather than two. Right away in Chapter 3, geometry as required in Special Relativity for extension to General Relativity is introduced. This enables the use of the four-vector formalism of Minkowski. By the end of Chapter 4, the general Lorentz transformations for three-dimensional motion and their relation to four-dimensional boosts have already been explained. In Chapter 5 applications of relevance in Physics are provided. After a brief introduction to elementary electromagnetic theory, it is reformulated as a theory in four-dimensions using tensors in Chapter 6. Finally in Chapter 7, the theory is extended to deal with accelerated motion as ?corrections? to Special Relativity.
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Special Theory Of Relativity

Author : C. W. Kilmister
ISBN : 9781483137049
Genre : Science
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Special Theory of Relativity provides a discussion of the special theory of relativity. Special relativity is not, like other scientific theories, a statement about the matter that forms the physical world, but has the form of a condition that the explicit physical theories must satisfy. It is thus a form of description, playing to some extent the role of the grammar of physics, prescribing which combinations of theoretical statements are admissible as descriptions of the physical world. Thus, to describe it, one needs also to describe those specific theories and to say how much they are limited by it. The book is organized into two parts. The first part traces the historical development of the special theory of relativity, including Einstein's contribution, the elementary consequences of the Lorentz transformation, and applications in quantum theory. The second part contains extracts from various publications covering topics such as relative motion of the earth, and the luminiferous and dynamics of the electron.
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The Special Theory Of Relativity

ISBN : 9788120346444
Genre : Science
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The special theory of relativity, a monumental achievement of scientific creativity, appeared in 1905 as a culmination of deep and careful analysis of contradictions in old notions. The subject is now taught in almost all universities and colleges in the departments of physics and mathematics. This text is designed to give students a solid foundation in experimental background of the theory, relativistic kinematics, relativistic dynamics, and relativistic electrodynamics. What distinguishes the text are some special features, not found in other similar texts, that give a more intuitive understanding of the subject. Another important feature of the text is its clarity and correctness with which the principles, their relations, and their applications are set forth. This well-accepted book, now in its second edition, includes a brief account of the “properties of Cartesian tensors” and also adds “experimental verifications of the mass variation of a particle with velocity and the mass–energy equivalence relation” in Chapter 3. Besides, in Chapter 4, some calculations to show how the potentials obtained for a uniformly moving charge lead to Lorentz transformation have been added. It also includes some new problems in the exercise section of Chapters 2, 3 and 4 with their solutions given in the Appendix. The book will also be useful for competitive examinations to PG and Ph.D. courses. KEY FEATURES : Discusses relativistic mechanics and electrodynamics of continuous media. Presents the covariant four-dimensional formulation of relativistic mechanics and electrodynamics. Explains the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations in mechanics and electrodynamics. Describes the Terrell effect (visual appearance of moving objects) and the Thomas precession. Includes a large number of solved problems. Provides solutions to end-of-chapter exercises.
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The Special Theory Of Relativity

Author : David Bohm
ISBN : 9781136747601
Genre : Philosophy
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In these inspiring lectures David Bohm explores Albert Einstein’s celebrated Theory of Relativity that transformed forever the way we think about time and space. Yet for Bohm the implications of the theory were far more revolutionary both in scope and impact even than this. Stepping back from dense theoretical and scientific detail in this eye-opening work, Bohm describes how the notion of relativity strikes at the heart of our very conception of the universe, regardless of whether we are physicists or philosophers.
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Special Theory Of Relativity

Author : S. P. Puri
ISBN : 9789332514232
Genre :
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Special Theory of Relativity is primarily intended as a textbook for the students of physics at the undergraduate level. Examining developments in the field as well as the predictions of special relativity that have taken place since 1959, its comprehensive coverage includes engaging explanations of the mathematical treatment as well as the applications of the special theory of relativity.

The Special Theory Of Relativity

Author : Farook Rahaman
ISBN : 9788132220800
Genre : Science
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The book expounds the major topics in the special theory of relativity. It provides a detailed examination of the mathematical foundation of the special theory of relativity, relativistic mass, relativistic mechanics and relativistic electrodynamics. As well as covariant formulation of relativistic mechanics and electrodynamics, the book discusses the relativistic effect on photons. Using a mathematical approach, the text offers graduate students a clear, concise view of the special theory of relativity. Organized into 14 chapters and two appendices, the content is presented in a logical order, and every topic has been dealt with in a simple and lucid manner. To aid understanding of the subject, the book provides numerous relevant worked examples in every chapter. The book’s mathematical approach helps students in their independent study and motivates them to research the topic further.
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Einstein S 1912 Manuscript On The Special Theory Of Relativity

Author : Albert Einstein
ISBN : 0807615323
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The influence of Einstein's contributions on so many branches of physics is such that if one wanted to describe its full extent, it would be hard to know where to begin. His work and discoveries are so fundamental that each achievement alone would have gu
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