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The Soul Catcher

Author : Alex Kava
ISBN : 9781552549216
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Soul Catcher

Author : Katia Lief
ISBN : 9780983499046
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 48.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"WE WERE DELINQUENTS, ADDICTS, MENTAL CASES, ORPHANS AND KIDS FROM BROKEN HOMES." Fifteen-year-old Kate Steiner is not sure why she is suddenly boarding at an East Coast school for troubled kids, though there is evidence that her lawyer parents are having marital problems. It is the mid-1970s, and at the progressive school where she has landed, Kate is initiated into a stratified society inhabited by kids who fell through the cracks. Kate must grapple with moral ambiguities when she discovers that Patrick, her first boyfriend, is also a slip-sliding drug addict. In the loosening of family ties, and faced with an inscrutable headmaster, uncommunicative parents and a doomed first love, Kate makes shadowy passage through her questioning adolescence...finding solace in a soul catcher dangling inside a geodesic dome built by a quirky boy who surprises her with an unexpected friendship. Praise for international bestseller Katia Liefs novels: "Taut, clean storytelling." --Publishers Weekly "Readers will want to read more of this talented writers work." --New York Journal of Books".
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Soul Catcher

Author : Merle Ricklefs
ISBN : 9789814722841
Genre : History
File Size : 27.90 MB
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Mangkunagara I (1726-95) was one of the most flamboyant figures of 18th-century Java. A charismatic rebel from 1740 to 1757 and one of the foremost military commanders of his age, he won the loyalty of many followers. He was also a devout Muslim of the Mystic Synthesis style, a devotee of Javanese culture and a lover of beautiful women and Dutch gin. His enemies—the Surakarta court, his uncle the rebel and later Sultan Mangkubumi of Yogyakarta and the Dutch East India Company—were unable to subdue him, even when they united against him. In 1757 he settled as a semi-independent prince in Surakarta, pursuing his objective of as much independence as possible by means other than war, a frustrating time for a man who was a fighter to his fingertips. Professor Ricklefs here employs an extraordinary range of sources in Dutch and Javanese—among them Mangkunagara I’s voluminous autobiographical account of his years at war, the earliest autobiography in Javanese so far known—to bring this important figure to life. As he does so, our understanding of Java’s devastating civil war of the mid-18th century is transformed and much light is shed on Islam and culture in Java.
Category: History

Soul Catcher

Author : Michael C. White
ISBN : 9781849164672
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43.10 MB
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Augustus Cain has his back against the wall. A war-scarred wanderer, he faces a past he wants to forget, a present without prospect or fortune and an uncertain future, reliant upon his one skill: an uncanny ability to track people who don't want to be found. With the clouds of civil war gathering, a plantation owner has called in a debt and Cain is forced to head north from Richmond and retrieve a runaway slave named Rosetta, on the promise that his creditor will not only clear his debt, but pay him as well. Running Rosetta to ground in Boston, Cain discovers she carries a secret, and the size of the bounty on her head begins to make more sense. Fleeing the northern states pursued by a posse of unionists lead by John Brown, Cain finds himself increasingly drawn to Rosetta and starts to wonder if his five hundred dollar fee - if any fee - could ever be enough to return her to her master...
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Soul Catcher

Author : G. P. Ching
ISBN : 9780985236786
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A murder. A mission. A mystery. Book 4 in the bestselling Soulkeepers Series. Dane Michaels has been to Hell and back and isn't interested in repeating the experience. But as a human caught up in the Soulkeeper's world, his life isn't exactly his own. No one can explain why Dane was allowed through the gates of Eden, but it's changed everything. Now, the only one who can make him feel safe is Ethan, the telekinetic Soulkeeper with a dark past and a heart of gold. When Malini asks Dane to be part of a mission to find the last Soulkeeper, Cheveyo, more than one team member thinks she's tempting Fate. But Malini suspects Fate has had a hand in Dane's life for some time and that he could be the key to unraveling Lucifer's latest plan of attack. Don't miss these other books in The Soulkeepers Series! The Soulkeepers (Book 1) Weaving Destiny (Book 2) Return to Eden (Book 3) Lost Eden (Book 5) The Last Soulkeeper (Book 6) Read the bestselling series that readers call bold, brilliant, and brave! Had me on the edge of my seat! Each book in this series gets better and better. P. Givens Smartly complex and refreshing, while still being relatable and believable. -Aeicha, Book Blogger It's a story about inclusiveness and love; trial and hardship; evil and redemption; and finding the balance between heart and head with integrity and moral fiber. -J. D. Self Keywords: angels, demons, action, adventure, teen, paranormal, fantasy, YA, mystery, romance, thriller, judeo-christian mythology, multicultural, first in series free, LGBT
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Soul Catcher

Author : Leigh Bridger
ISBN : 9781935661481
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From the gothic eccentricity of Asheville, North Carolina, to the terrifying recesses of the Appalachian wilderness, from modern demonology to ancient Cherokee mythology, Soul Catcher follows the tormented journey of folk artist Livia Belane, who has been stalked through many lives by a sadistic and vengeful demon. Livia and her loved ones, including her frontier-era soulmate and husband, Ian, a Soul Hunter, have never beaten the demon before. Now, in this life, it's found them again.
Category: Fiction

The Evolution Of Wired Life

Author : C. Jonscher
ISBN : 0471357596
Genre : Computers
File Size : 68.19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Examines the history of the digital era and argues that the human mind will always shape future technology and its uses
Category: Computers

The Soul Catcher

Author : Rowanne S. Carberry
ISBN : 1540745066
Genre :
File Size : 50.25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Spirit-speaker. Death Seer. To preserve her sanity, Jemma lives her lie-that she is normal. As a child, her psychic gifts cost her everything. So when she foresees a woman's murder, she does nothing to prevent it and unwittingly helps a serial killer get away with another murder. Guilt-ridden, she reports the crime only to find herself thrown into a world she didn't know existed. Coerced into working with the police, battling to keep herself alive and dealing with newfound emotions, Jemma is forced to use the gifts she sees as a curse, to save the lives of others.