The Social Life Of Things

Author : Arjun Appadurai
ISBN : 0521357268
Genre : Political Science
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The contributors to this volume examine how things are sold and traded in a variety of social and cultural settings, both present and past. Bridging the disciplines of social history, cultural anthropology, and economics, the volume marks a major step in our understanding of the cultural basis of economic life and the sociology of culture.
Category: Political Science

Konsum Und Exklusion

Author : Aida Bosch
ISBN : 9783839413265
Genre : Social Science
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Dinge besitzen sowohl physische wie auch virtuelle Körper. Ausgehend von dieser Beobachtung entwickelt Aida Bosch eine »Soziologie der Dingwelt«, die sich aus weitverstreuten Ansätzen bedient. Im Zentrum der empirischen Fragestellung stehen die Dingwelten gesellschaftlicher Milieus in sozialen Randlagen. Identitätskonstruktionen sowie Formen sozialer Inklusion werden mit der eigens entwickelten »Objektesoziologie« untersucht. Theoretisch entscheidend ist dabei der »Doppelcharakter« der Dinge: ihre stoffliche Materialität und Eigenart einerseits sowie ihr ideeller, zeichenhafter Charakter andererseits. Ein innovativer Forschungsansatz, der sowohl inhaltlich wie methodisch neue Erkenntnisse und Einsichten vermittelt und zu einer kultursoziologischen Neuausrichtung der Armuts- und Ungleichheitsforschung beiträgt.
Category: Social Science

Rhetoric Social Value And The Arts

Author : Charlotte Bonham-Carter
ISBN : 9783319452975
Genre : Art
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The book reveals how the ‘social value of art’ may have one meaning for a policy maker, another for a museum and still yet another for an artist – and it is therefore in the interaction between these agents that we learn the most about the importance of rhetoric and interpretation. As a trajectory in art history, socially engaged art has a long and established history. However, in recent years—or since ‘the social turn’ that occurred in the 1990s—the rhetoric surrounding the social value of art has been assimilated by cultural policy makers and museums. Interdisciplinary in its approach, and bringing together contributions from artists, curators and academics, the volume explores rhetoric, social value and the arts within different social, political and cultural contexts.
Category: Art

Migrations In Medieval And Early Colonial India

Author : Vijaya Ramaswamy
ISBN : 9781351558242
Genre : Social Science
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This book looks at movements of communities which formed the lower and middle rungs of society in medieval and early colonial India. It presents migration, mobility and memories from a specifically Indian perspective, breaking away from previous Eurocentric studies. The essays in the volume focus on labour, peasant and craft migrations, and in fleshing out the causes and trajectories taken by these communities, they speak to each other by addressing similar issues as well as documenting varying responses to analogous situations.A fascinating history of migrations of ?people from below?, the volume adopts a trans-disciplinary approach and uses inscriptions, official records, and literary texts along with community narratives and folk tradition. This will be of great interest to scholars and students of migration and diaspora studies, medieval and modern South Asian history, social anthropology and subaltern studies.
Category: Social Science

Economies Of Recycling

Author : Catherine Alexander
ISBN : 9781780321974
Genre : Political Science
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For some, recycling is a big business; for others a moralised way of engaging with the world. But, for many, this is a dangerous way of earning a living. With scrap now being the largest export category from the US to China, the sheer scale of this global trade has not yet been clearly identified or analysed. Combining fine-grained ethnographic analysis with overviews of international material flows, Economies of Recycling radically changes the way we understand global and local economies as well as the new social relations and identities created by recycling processes. Following global material chains, this groundbreaking book reveals astonishing connections between persons, households, cities and global regions as objects are reworked, taken to pieces and traded. With case studies from Africa, Latin America, South Asia, China, the former Soviet Union, North America and Europe, this timely collection debunks common linear understandings of production, exchange and consumption and argues for a complete re-evaluation of North-South economic relationships.
Category: Political Science

Cosmopolitan Anxieties

Author : Ruth Mandel
ISBN : 9780822389026
Genre : Social Science
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In Cosmopolitan Anxieties, Ruth Mandel explores Germany’s relation to the more than two million Turkish immigrants and their descendants living within its borders. Based on her two decades of ethnographic research in Berlin, she argues that Germany’s reactions to the postwar Turkish diaspora have been charged, inconsistent, and resonant of past problematic encounters with a Jewish “other.” Mandel examines the tensions in Germany between race-based ideologies of blood and belonging on the one hand and ambitions of multicultural tolerance and cosmopolitanism on the other. She does so by juxtaposing the experiences of Turkish immigrants, Jews, and “ethnic Germans” in relation to issues including Islam, Germany’s Nazi past, and its radically altered position as a unified country in the post–Cold War era. Mandel explains that within Germany the popular understanding of what it means to be German is often conflated with citizenship, so that a German citizen of Turkish background can never be a “real German.” This conflation of blood and citizenship was dramatically illustrated when, during the 1990s, nearly two million “ethnic Germans” from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union arrived in Germany with a legal and social status far superior to that of “Turks” who had lived in the country for decades. Mandel analyzes how representations of Turkish difference are appropriated or rejected by Turks living in Germany; how subsequent generations of Turkish immigrants are exploring new configurations of identity and citizenship through literature, film, hip-hop, and fashion; and how migrants returning to Turkey find themselves fundamentally changed by their experiences in Germany. She maintains that until difference is accepted as unproblematic, there will continue to be serious tension regarding resident foreigners, despite recurrent attempts to realize a more inclusive and “demotic” cosmopolitan vision of Germany.
Category: Social Science

Encyclopedia Of Social And Cultural Anthropology

Author : Alan Barnard
ISBN : 9781135236410
Genre : Reference
File Size : 52.18 MB
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Written by leading scholars in the field, this comprehensive and readable resource gives anthropology students a unique guide to the ideas, arguments and history of the discipline. The fully revised and expanded second edition reflects major changes in anthropology in the past decade.
Category: Reference

Everyday Products In The Middle Ages

Author : Gitte Hansen
ISBN : 9781782978053
Genre : History
File Size : 81.51 MB
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The medieval marketplace is a familiar setting in popular and academic accounts of the Middle Ages, but we actually know very little about the people involved in the transactions that took place there, how their lives were influenced by those transactions, or about the complex networks of individuals whose actions allowed raw materials to be extracted, hewn into objects, stored and ultimately shipped for market. Twenty diverse case studies combine leading edge techniques and novel theoretical approaches to illuminate the identities and lives of these much overlooked ordinary people, painting of a number of detailed portraits to explore the worlds of actors involved in the lives of everyday products - objects of bone, leather, stone, ceramics, and base metal - and their production and use in medieval northern Europe. In so doing, this book seeks to draw attention away from the emergent trend to return to systems and global models, and restore to centre stage what should be the archaeologists most important concern: the people of the past.
Category: History

Ecology Of Practice

Author : Nyerges,
ISBN : 9781134387335
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 21.16 MB
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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Category: Social Science

Constructing The Field

Author : Vered Amit
ISBN : 9781134640683
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 26.64 MB
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Ethnographic fieldwork is traditionally seen as what distinguishes social and cultural anthropology from the other social sciences. This collection responds to the inte nsifying scrutiny of fieldwork in recent years. It challenges the idea of the necessity for the total immersion of the ethnographer in the field, and for the clear separation of professional and personal areas of activity. The very existence of 'the field' as an entity separate from everyday life is questioned. Fresh perspectives on contemporary fieldwork are provided by diverse case-studies from across North America and Europe. These contributions give a thorough appraisal of what fieldwork is and should be, and an extra dimension is added through fascinating accounts of the personal experiences of anthropologists in the field.
Category: Social Science