The Social Construction Of Communities

Author : Mark D. Varien
ISBN : 9780759112384
Genre : Social Science
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The Social Construction of Communities draws on archaeological research in the Southwest to examine how communities are created through social interaction. The archaeological record of the Southwest is important for its precise dating, exceptional preservation, large number of sites, and length of occupation—making it most intensively researched archaeological regions in the world. Taking advantage of that rich archaeological record, the contributors to this volume present case studies of the Mesa Verde, Rio Grande, Kayenta, Mogollon, and Hohokam regions. The result is an enhanced understanding of the ancient Southwest, a new appreciation for the ways in which humans construct communities and transform society, and an expanded theoretical discussion of the foundational concepts of modern social theory.
Category: Social Science

The Social Construction Of Reform

Author : Dan A. Lewis
ISBN : 1412834260
Genre : Social Science
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It has become fashionable to assume that concerted action to bring about social reform is a waste of time. If we are to move beyond the current laments about how nothing works anymore, we must view the reform process from the perspective of the community groups involved-those who make it work or fail-and understand how and why they behave as they do. "Social Construction of Reform "is an analysis of the activities of community groups who used Ford Foundation funding to prevent crime. The authors ask: What are the goals of the community groups who are involved in the reform? What are they trying to accomplish with their participation in the program? Are their goals synonymous with those who fund and evaluate the activity? The authors begin by analyzing the implementation of the grant by the groups involved. They describe the origins of the group's planned intervention, the nature of what is called community crime prevention, and then they examine the impact of external funding on community organizations as a generic issue. They take a careful look at what the groups did with the Foundation's support, to understand how well the groups' crime prevention strategy they employed supported their ideology. The block watch is examined in detail as the tactic most often employed. The authors conclude with observations on what success and failure mean in the context of the findings reported, offering a better understanding of reforms and new criteria to assess their effectiveness.
Category: Social Science

Gender And Community In The Social Construction Of The Internet

Author : Leslie Regan Shade
ISBN : 0820450235
Genre : Computers
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This book provides a critical analysis of how communication technologies have been gendered through the social practices that are promoted and put to use, with a particular look at the diverse women's cultures and communities that are using the Internet. Emanating from a critical feminist and political-economic perspective, this book provides a policy-oriented framework on access to the Internet from a feminist perspective, as well as suggestions for ensuring that women become actively involved in the continued shaping of digital culture and technology.
Category: Computers

Social Construction In Contemporary China

Author : Xueyi Lu
ISBN : 9789813206717
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Placing the modernization of China in a historical context, Social Construction in Contemporary China provides a powerful argument that social construction is instrumental for the country's modernization process and a key factor in China’s national rejuvenation. A wide range of topics and issues related to social construction are covered, including people's livelihood and social undertakings, income distribution, urban and rural communities, community organizations, social management, social norms, reforms of social institutions and systems, social restructuring and the process of social construction. In addition to well-informed and insightful analyses of these subjects that draw on the country's historical experiences, contributors also provide policy suggestions on how to tackle problems and respond to challenges. Its breadth and depth make this volume a valuable addition to the growing body of literature on this important topic.

The Social Construction Of Literacy In The Primary School

Author : Allan Luke
ISBN : 0732917557
Genre : Language arts (Primary)
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Primary teacher reference book which considers literacy in the primary school. Defines literacy and the influence of educators' decisions and outlines various community and cultural resources which shape what children bring to the classroom. Also looks at how children perceive the possibilities and potentials of literacy and discusses the possibilities for teaching children a critical social literacy. Includes a bibliography.
Category: Language arts (Primary)

The Construction Of Communities In The Early Middle Ages

Author : Richard Corradini
ISBN : 9789004118621
Genre : History
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This volume provides a complex discussion of the variety of social efforts which were undertaken to create meaningful communities in the process of the formation of the early medieval gentes and kingdoms in the post-Roman west.
Category: History