The Slave S Cause

Author : Manisha Sinha
ISBN : 9780300182088
Genre : Social Science
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Received historical wisdom casts abolitionists as bourgeois, mostly white reformers burdened by racial paternalism and economic conservatism. Manisha Sinha overturns this image, broadening her scope beyond the antebellum period usually associated with abolitionism and recasting it as a radical social movement in which men and women, black and white, free and enslaved found common ground in causes ranging from feminism and utopian socialism to anti-imperialism and efforts to defend the rights of labor. Drawing on extensive archival research, including newly discovered letters and pamphlets, Sinha documents the influence of the Haitian Revolution and the centrality of slave resistance in shaping the ideology and tactics of abolition. This book is a comprehensive new history of the abolition movement in a transnational context. It illustrates how the abolitionist vision ultimately linked the slave’s cause to the struggle to redefine American democracy and human rights across the globe.
Category: Social Science

Onkel Tom S H Tte

Author : Harriet Beecher Stowe
ISBN : 9783736833463
Genre : Drama
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Dieses Buch ist eine flammende Anklage gegen den Rassismus, wo immer er einem begegnet. Die Autorin schreibt dieses Plädoyer für ein freies Amerika im Jahre 1852. Die Sklaverei ist im Süden der USA integraler Bestandteil des Wirtschaftswesens. Die Schrift war wichtige Unterstützung für die Verfechter einer von Sklaverei befreiten Welt im Sezessionskrieg, der letztendlich zur Abschaffung der Sklaverei führte.
Category: Drama

12 Jahre Als Sklave

Author : Solomon Northup
ISBN : 9783847676683
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Solomon Northup, ein freier Bürger des Staates New York, wird 1841 unter einem Vorwand in die Südstaaten gelockt, vergiftet, entführt und an einen Sklavenhändler verkauft. 12 Jahre lang schuftet er auf den Plantagen im Sumpf von Louisiana, und nur die ungebrochene Hoffnung auf Flucht und die Rückkehr zu seiner Familie hält ihn all die Jahre am Leben. Die erfolgreiche Verfilmung der Autobiographie Solomon Northups hat das Interesse an diesem Werk neu geweckt. Neben der dramatischen Geschichte von Solomon Northups zwölfjähriger Gefangenschaft ist dieses Buch zugleich ein zeitgeschichtliches Dokument, das die Institution der Sklaverei und die Lebensweise der Sklaven in den Südstaaten eindrucksvoll und detailliert beschreibt.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Caribbean Slave Revolts And The British Abolitionist Movement

Author : Gelien Matthews
ISBN : 9780807131312
Genre : History
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"Focusing on slave revolts that took place in Barbados in 1816, in Demerara in 1823, and in Jamaica in 1831-32, Matthews identifies four key aspects in British abolitionist propaganda regarding Caribbean slavery: the denial that antislavery activism prompted slave revolts, the attempt to understand and recount slave uprisings from the slaves' perspectives, the portrayal of slave rebels as victims of armed suppressors and as agents of the antislavery movement, and the presentation of revolts as a rationale against the continuance of slavery. She makes use of previously overlooked publications of British abolitionists to prove that their language changed over time in response to slave uprisings.".
Category: History

Quakers And Their Allies In The Abolitionist Cause 1754 1808

Author : Maurice Jackson
ISBN : 9781317272786
Genre : History
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This volume explores the significant connections between the Quaker community and the abolitionist cause in America. The case studies that make up the collection mainly focus on the greater Philadelphia area, a hotbed of the abolitionist movement and the location of the first American abolition society founded in 1775. Despite the importance of Quakers to the abolitionist movement, their significance has been largely overlooked in the existing historiography. These studies will be of interest to scholars of slavery and abolition, religious history, Atlantic studies and American social and political history.
Category: History

A Letter On The Abolition Of The Slave Trade

Author : William Wilberforce
ISBN : 9781108024990
Genre : History
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This 1807 'letter', addressed to his constituents, summarises Wilberforce's arguments for the abolition of the slave trade.
Category: History

The Fearless Benjamin Lay

Author : Marcus Rediker
ISBN : 9780807035931
Genre : History
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The little-known story of an eighteenth-century Quaker dwarf who fiercely attacked slavery and imagined a new, more humane way of life In The Fearless Benjamin Lay, renowned historian Marcus Rediker chronicles the transatlantic life and times of a singular man—a Quaker dwarf who demanded the total, unconditional emancipation of all enslaved Africans around the world. Mocked and scorned by his contemporaries, Lay was unflinching in his opposition to slavery, often performing colorful guerrilla theater to shame slave masters, insisting that human bondage violated the fundamental principles of Christianity. He drew on his ideals to create a revolutionary way of life, one that embodied the proclamation “no justice, no peace.” Lay was born in 1682 in Essex, England. His philosophies, employments, and places of residence—spanning England, Barbados, Philadelphia, and the open seas—were markedly diverse over the course of his life. He worked as a shepherd, glove maker, sailor, and bookseller. His worldview was an astonishing combination of Quakerism, vegetarianism, animal rights, opposition to the death penalty, and abolitionism. While in Abington, Philadelphia, Lay lived in a cave-like dwelling surrounded by a library of two hundred books, and it was in this unconventional abode where he penned a fiery and controversial book against bondage, which Benjamin Franklin published in 1738. Always in motion and ever confrontational, Lay maintained throughout his life a steadfast opposition to slavery and a fierce determination to make his fellow Quakers denounce it, which they finally began to do toward the end of his life. With passion and historical rigor, Rediker situates Lay as a man who fervently embodied the ideals of democracy and equality as he practiced a unique concoction of radicalism nearly three hundred years ago. Rediker resurrects this forceful and prescient visionary, who speaks to us across the ages and whose innovative approach to activism is a gift, transforming how we consider the past and how we might imagine the future.
Category: History

The A To Z Of Slavery And Abolition

Author : Martin A. Klein
ISBN : PSU:000053620774
Genre : History
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An historical overview of slavery through the ages, from prehistoric times to the 21st century. It details slavery's different forms and the circumstances existing in numerous countries and regions. It also explores the causes and cures of slavery, and the plight of those who fought against it.
Category: History

To Plead Our Own Cause

Author : Kevin Bales
ISBN : 0801457084
Genre : Political Science
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Boys strapped to carpet looms in India, women trafficked into sex slavery across Europe, children born into bondage in Mauritania, and migrants imprisoned at gunpoint in the United States are just a few of the many forms slavery takes in the twenty-first century. There are twenty-seven million slaves alive today, more than at any point in history, and they are found on every continent in the world except Antarctica. To Plead Our Own Cause contains ninety-five narratives by slaves and former slaves from around the globe. Told in the words of slaves themselves, the narratives movingly and eloquently chronicle the horrors of contemporary slavery, the process of becoming free, and the challenges faced by former slaves as they build a life in freedom. An editors' introduction lays out the historical, economic, and political background to modern slavery, the literary tradition of the slave narrative, and a variety of ways we can all help end slavery today. Halting the contemporary slave trade is one of the great human-rights issues of our time. But just as slavery is not over, neither is the will to achieve freedom, "plead" the cause of liberation, and advocate abolition. Putting the slave's voice back at the heart of the abolitionist movement, To Plead Our Own Cause gives occasion for both action and hope.
Category: Political Science