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The Shamanic Wisdom Of The Huichol

Author : Tom Soloway Pinkson
ISBN : 9781594773495
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The Huichol tribes of the Sierra Madre in Mexico have thoroughly retained their ancient way of life. Their shamanic spiritual practices focus on living life in harmony with all things and offer a path path to healing both on a personal and a planetary level.
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People Of The Peyote

Author : Stacy B. Schaefer
ISBN : 082631905X
Genre : History
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People of the Peyoteexplores the Huichol Indians of Mexico, who are best known for their worship of the peyote cactus. Ritually harvested each year, the peyote flower plays a central role in most Huichol observances of the annual ceremonial round. The Huichols have been the most culturally persistent indigenous group in Mexico and have maintained their pre-Christian religion with only minimal accommodation to Catholicism. Eighteen essays explore Huichol ethnography, ethnohistory, shamanism, religion, mythology, art, ethnobotany, society, and other topics. The authors, including Huichol contributors, are an international array of scholars on the Huichols and indigenous peoples of Mexico.
Category: History

The Shaman S Mirror

Author : Hope MacLean
ISBN : 9780292742505
Genre : Social Science
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Huichol Indian yarn paintings are one of the world's great indigenous arts, sold around the world and advertised as authentic records of dreams and visions of the shamans. Using glowing colored yarns, the Huichol Indians of Mexico paint the mystical symbols of their culture—the hallucinogenic peyote cactus, the blue deer-spirit who appears to the shamans as they croon their songs around the fire in all-night ceremonies deep in the Sierra Madre mountains, and the pilgrimages to sacred sites, high in the central Mexican desert of Wirikuta. Hope MacLean provides the first comprehensive study of Huichol yarn paintings, from their origins as sacred offerings to their transformation into commercial art. Drawing on twenty years of ethnographic fieldwork, she interviews Huichol artists who have innovated important themes and styles. She compares the artists' views with those of art dealers and government officials to show how yarn painters respond to market influences while still keeping their religious beliefs. Most innovative is her exploration of what it means to say a tourist art is based on dreams and visions of the shamans. She explains what visionary experience means in Huichol culture and discusses the influence of the hallucinogenic peyote cactus on the Huichol's remarkable use of color. She uncovers a deep structure of visionary experience, rooted in Huichol concepts of soul-energy, and shows how this remarkable conception may be linked to visionary experiences as described by other Uto-Aztecan and Meso-American cultures.
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Teachings Of The Peyote Shamans

Author : James Endredy
ISBN : 9781620554623
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 54.71 MB
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A rare in-depth look at the inner workings of Huichol shamanism • Describes the five sacred sites of the Huichol and their peyote ceremonies • Explains how the Huichol teachings of awareness, centered on the five points of attention, connect you to your true essence • Reveals the deep relationship between Huichol cosmology, Gnosticism, and Christianity, especially Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary Taking place in the heart of the Huichol homeland in western Mexico, this book offers a rare in-depth look at the inner workings of Huichol shamanism, which is permeated with the use of the sacred peyote cactus. Outsiders are almost never allowed access to Huichol sacred sites and ceremonies; however, James Endredy, after years of friendship with Huichol families, earned the privilege nearly by accident. Swayed by persistent pleading, he agreed to take another gringo into the mountains to one of the Huichols’ ceremonial centers, and they were both caught. After trial and punishment, Endredy was invited to stay within the sacred lands for the festivities he had illegally intruded upon and found his initiation into the Huichol shamanic tradition had begun. Sharing his intimate conversations and journeys with the shaman he calls “Peyote Jesus,” the author explains how Huichol belief revolves around the five sacred directions, the five sacred sites, and the five points of attention. As Peyote Jesus explains, the five points of attention refer to dividing your awareness yet staying focused on your inner self. This is not a normal state of consciousness for most people, yet when we maintain these points of attention, we discover our true essence and move closer to God. Endredy undergoes dozens of spiritual journeys with peyote as he makes the pilgrimages to the five sacred Huichol sites with Peyote Jesus. He is shocked by his vision of the Virgin Mary while under peyote’s guidance and learns of the deep relationship--strictly on Huichol terms--between their cosmology, Gnosticism, and Christianity, especially Jesus Christ. Providing an inside look at the major ceremonies and peyote rituals of the Huichol, this unexpectedly powerful book reveals the key tenants of the Huichol worldview, their beliefs in the afterlife, and their spiritual work on behalf of all of humanity.
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Huichol Mythology

Author : Robert Mowry Zingg
ISBN : 0816523177
Genre : Social Science
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Best known for their ritual use of peyote, the Huichol people of west-central Mexico carried much of their original belief system into the twentieth century unadulterated by the influence of Christian missionaries. Among the Huichol, reciting myths and performing rituals pleases the ancestors and helps maintain a world in which abundant subsistence and good health are assured. This volume is a collection of myths recorded by Robert Zingg in 1934 in the village of Tuxpan and is the most comprehensive record of Huichol mythology ever published. Zingg was the first professional anthropologist to study the Huichol, and his generosity toward them and political advocacy on their behalf allowed him to overcome tribal sanctions against divulging secrets to outsiders. He is fondly remembered today by some Huichols who were children when he lived among them. Zingg recognized that the alternation between dry and wet seasons pervades Huichol myth and ritual as it does their subsistence activities, and his arrangement of the texts sheds much light on Huichol tradition. The volume contains both aboriginal myths that attest to the abiding Huichol obligation to serve ancestors who control nature and its processes, and Christian-inspired myths that document the traumatic effect that silver mining and Franciscan missions had on Huichol society. First published in 1998 in a Spanish-language edition, Huichol Mythology is presented here for the first time in English, with more than 40 original photographs by Zingg accompanying the text. For this volume, the editors provide a meticulous historical account of Huichol society from about 200 A.D. through the colonial era, enabling readers to fully grasp the significance of the myths free of the sensationalized interpretations found in popular accounts of the Huichol. ZinggÕs compilation is a landmark work, indispensable to the study of mythology, Mexican Indians, and comparative religion.
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Peyote Hunt

Author : Barbara G. Myerhoff
ISBN : 0801491371
Genre : Religion
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"Ramón Medina Silva, a Huichol Indian shaman priest or mara'akame, instructed me in many of his culture's myths, rituals, and symbols, particularly those pertaining to the sacred untiy of deer, maize, and peyote. The significance of this constellation of symbols was revealed to me most vividly when I accompanied Ramón on the Huichol's annual ritual return to hunt the peyote in the sacred land of Wirikuta, in myth and probably in history the place from which the Ancient Ones (ancestors and deities of the present-day Indians) came before settling in their present home in the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental in north-central Mexico. My work with Ramón preceded and followed our journey, but it was this peyote hunt that held the key to, and constituted the climax of, his teachings."—from the Preface
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Letters To The River

Author : Sparrow Hart
ISBN : 1482370352
Genre :
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Letters to the River places the struggles and crises we currently face -- personal, political, moral, ecological and spiritual -- within the context of a mythic and heroic journey. In doing so, it forms a bridge between the left side and the right -- the practical, daily life we can neither ignore or avoid, and the magical, shimmering world reported by sages and shamans throughout the millennia. Letters to the River points the way to a path that's deep and soulful. It speaks eloquently to our reason (the right side) about the territory we need to explore and the issues we must face to find that "dream worth living." But it does not stop there. In the "Letters" themselves we hear the beckoning of the left side, the call of the soul within that magical, shimmering dream. And in so doing, we sense who we might become if our soul not only found its voice, but began to sing, loudly, one breathtaking song. "Sparrow Hart is a gifted storyteller. Dancing between the visible and invisible worlds, this book expands our perceptions, tells the truth of who we are, and shows us the beauty of our inner and outer landscapes. Inspiring us to live in harmony with nature and all of life, reading Letters to the River is like being on a vision quest. This book is a gem!" - Sandra Ingerman author of Soul Retrieval "In Letters to the River, Sparrow Hart addresses the challenges facing humanity in these perilous times. He describes the strategies and transformations needed to cope with whole-system change, using a provocative manner that employs word-play, poetry, and insights from shamanic wisdom, Jungian psychology, and a host of other creative sources. There are many fine books that confront the perils facing humankind in the 21st century, but none are as adroit in celebrating the "in-between spaces" where reason, emotion, and intuition produce a synthesis to help humanity continue its grand adventure." - Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.; co-author of Personal Mythology "Sparrow Hart loves what is most wild in the natural world and in the deeper landscapes of the human heart. He is a keeper of myth, dream, and story, and in this collection of essays he shares observations and reflections that open us to the interconnected mysteries and miracles of the wilderness. Gary Snyder writes that a shaman 'speaks for wild animals, the spirits of plants, mountains, and watersheds... They sing through him.' If a shaman is the healer who sings, then Sparrow Hart is a true shaman. Through these heart-opening essays we discover a profound listener to unspoken stories, a man of immense spirit, a singer with a wild and perceptive heart. - Stephan Beyer, author of Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon "This is a generous book and from the heart. Artfully interfacing science and mythology, spirituality, shamanism, and earth wisdom, Sparrow Hart listens to and reveals the profound guidance from nature that true elders have been passing on for generations. In the easy-to-read fashion of a good story-teller, he reminds us that life is holy, that we all have purpose and work to do. The good news is we can do it successfully if we respond to the wisdom - the summons and the invitation - this book places before us." -Tom Pinkson, author of The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times "In Letters to the River, Sparrow Hart explores how to give birth to a personal and cultural story large enough to lead us into the arms of a healthier, more integrated world where human and nature share one voice. As a poet he listens to the muse of creation and the thrumming rhythms of the land, dipping into this fertile unified voice and transporting us to places of great beauty." -Meredith Little, co-founder (with Steven Foster) of The School of Lost Borders

Advanced Shamanism

Author : James Endredy
ISBN : 9781591432845
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 87.39 MB
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A step-by-step guide to authentic advanced shamanic practices • Offers hands-on instructions for more than 30 practices, including sacred Fire ceremonies, direct shamanic viewing, shamanic death and rebirth, working with healing stones, shamanic lucid dreaming, shamanic healing, and advanced methods for acquiring an animal spirit guide • Allows solitary shamanic practitioners to advance their practice • Examines the biological foundations of spiritual experience, the many ways that Psi phenomena and shamanism are linked, and their relationship to the scientific concept of quantum entanglement In this step-by-step guide to more than three dozen advanced shamanic practices, James Endredy shares the wisdom and techniques he has learned through 30 years of working with shamanic teachers from all over the globe, including Huichol kawiteros, Tibetan lamas, Incan, Mayan, and Tukano shamans, Indian siddhas, the Kanaka Maoli of Hawai’i, and elders from many Native American tribes, such as the Seneca, Lenni Lenape, Arapaho, Sioux, Tuscarora, Yurok, Navajo, and Hopi. Endredy offers hands-on instructions for sacred Fire ceremonies, direct shamanic viewing, experiencing shamanic death and rebirth, working with and acquiring healing stones, shamanic lucid dreaming, shamanic healing, and advanced methods for acquiring an animal spirit guide, including how to properly retain its spirit in a sacred bundle or altar and how to use its power responsibly for healing. He provides a meticulous step-by-step approach to working with the five points of attention, a Huichol teaching on sacred awareness and shamanic levels of attention. He also examines the many ways that Psi phenomena and shamanism are linked and their relationship to the scientific concept of quantum entanglement. Showing how quantum physics is the scientific expression of shamanism, the author also explores the biological foundations of spiritual experiences, including the roles of serotonin, dopamine, and opioid transmitters, and the connections between altered consciousness and shamanic states. Integrating modern research with ancient knowledge to provide an enlightened view of shamanism that marries science and spirit, this guide offers authentic shamanic wisdom and techniques to help the solitary practitioner move forward on their shamanic path.
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High Society

Author : Mike Jay
ISBN : 9781620553886
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64.62 MB
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An illustrated cultural history of drug use from its roots in animal intoxication to its future in designer neurochemicals • Featuring artwork from the upcoming High Society exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London, one of the world’s greatest medical history collections • Explores the roles drugs play in different cultures as medicines, religious sacraments, status symbols, and coveted trade goods • Reveals how drugs drove the global trade and cultural exchange that made the modern world • Examines the causes of drug prohibitions a century ago and the current “war on drugs” Every society is a high society. Every day people drink coffee on European terraces and kava in Pacific villages; chew betel nut in Indonesian markets and coca leaf on Andean mountainsides; swallow ecstasy tablets in the clubs of Amsterdam and opium pills in the deserts of Rajastan; smoke hashish in Himalayan temples and tobacco and marijuana in every nation on earth. Exploring the spectrum of drug use throughout history--from its roots in animal intoxication to its future in designer neurochemicals--High Society paints vivid portraits of the roles drugs play in different cultures as medicines, religious sacraments, status symbols, and coveted trade goods. From the botanicals of the classical world through the mind-bending self-experiments of 18th- and 19th-century scientists to the synthetic molecules that have transformed our understanding of the brain, Mike Jay reveals how drugs such as tobacco, tea, and opium drove the global trade and cultural exchange that created the modern world and examines the forces that led to the prohibition of opium and cocaine a century ago and the “war on drugs” that rages today.
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Arte Huichol

Author : Johannes Neurath
ISBN : UCSC:32106019594073
Genre : Art
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