The Secret Of The Golden Flower

Author : Richard Wilhelm
ISBN : 9781136303449
Genre : Psychology
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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Deciphering The Golden Flower One Secret At A Time

Author : JJ Semple
ISBN : 9780979533112
Genre : Self-Help
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For the first time ever, a book dares to reveal the secrets of the world's most influential meditation method. Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time is an interpretive companion piece to The Secret of the Golden Flower. It's also a masterfully composed personal narrative. The author, JJ Semple shares his many years of first-hand practice with the sacred book's meditation system. One-by-one, he reveals the techniques behind the book's secrets, providing clear instructions on how to use them. Not even Richard Wilhelm, the translator, or Carl Gustav Jung, the famous psychologist, who wrote the original commentary to The Secret of the Golden Flower, were able to plumb the depths of this method. This book is an extraordinary statement about the inevitability of karma and the obstacles one must overcome in the quest for self-realization.
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The Secret Of Secrets

Author : Osho,
ISBN : 9781786781277
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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In this unique series of discourses Osho unravels the ancient text, The Secret of the Golden Flowers, which he describes as a synthesis of all the great religions - the essence of Taoism. More than 2,500 years old, this remarkable text continues to be as relevant today as it was to its contemporaries. Osho interprets it as the core of all religions and spiritual paths - a stripped-back ideal where spiritual seekers around the world are placing themselves now. The Secret of the Golden Flower belongs to no one in particular - it belongs to us all. The Secrets of Secrets is a timeless collection of Osho's talks on The Secret of the Golden Flower. Osho demystifies all the important terms used by the Chinese mystic Lu Tsu, and shares his meditation exercises. He also outlines the qualities of animus and anima - our male and female energies - as delineated by Lu Tsu, and explains the importance of their relationships inside each of us. The book includes many valuable techniques and gives specific instructions on the Taoist Golden light meditation - to harmonize the male and female elements and transmute sexual energy.
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The Secret Of The Golden Flower

Author : Wilhelm, Richard
ISBN : 9781136303517
Genre : Psychology
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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Secret Of The Golden Flower

Author : Thomas Cleary
ISBN : 9780062501936
Genre : Religion
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The brilliant new translation of the classic Taoist guide to meditation that Carl Jung made famous. 'Thomas Cleary's translation is like an island of peace in the troubled sea of today's world. His beautifully lucid translation of the classic Chi
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The Secret Of The Golden Flower

Author : Dongbin Leu
ISBN : 1585093432
Genre : China
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The word "secret" appears in many book titles in an effort to create sales, but the reader often finds few secrets inside. This book is a rare exception. There is a powerful secret to be found within these pages. It claims to contain the hidden jewel that both Eastern and Western religions have been seeking for centuries. Religions have lost their focus, having turned their attention away from this mystical process and toward their dogmatic theologies. The Golden Flower, in terms of this book, is the hidden light within the human body that is the key to spiritual enlightenment. This book reveals how the reader can tap into it using meditative and Taoist Yoga practices. This can result in higher wisdom, spiritual bliss and a complete transformation of consciousness. It includes a Commentary by the legendary psychologist C.G. Jung concerning the differences in consciousness between the East and West, as well as his closing Appendix honoring the memory and accomplishments of the original Translator of this work, Richard Wilhelm.
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Secret Of The Golden Flower

Author : Lu Yen
ISBN : 9781595479198
Genre : Philosophy
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This ancient esoteric treatise was transmitted orally for centuries before being recorded on a series of wooden tablets in the eighth century. It was recorded by a member of the Religion of Light, whose leader was the Taoist adept Lu Yen (also known as Lu Yen and Lu "Guest of the Cavern"). It is said that Lu Tzu became one of the Eight Immortals using these methods. The ideas have been traced back to Persia and the Zarathustra tradition and its roots in the Egyptian Hermetic tradition.
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