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The Science Of Voter Mobilization

Author : Donald Green
ISBN : 1412927587
Genre : Political Science
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Format : PDF, ePub
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A powerful new research design in the field of voter mobilization has created a more comprehensive picture of the effectiveness of various get-out-the-vote campaign methods. With an increase in field experiments in the past few years, researchers, campaigns, and policymakers have gleaned important insights into voter participation. Until recently, voting behavior was mainly studied through survey research. And while large national surveys have had a tremendous impact on scientific and policy debates, concerns about the accuracy of survey research remain. Surveys suffer from two major drawbacks. First is the possibility of misreporting by survey participants. Measuring voter turnout through survey research relies on respondents' disclosure of whether they voted or not, and some voters may feel embarrassed that they did not vote and provide false answers. Second, campaigns may focus their energies on likely voters. If so, surveys may show a correlation between voter turnout and voter mobilization activity even when voter mobilization campaigns are ineffective. Aware of the limitations of survey research, political scientists have recently turned to field experimentation to gain a clearer picture of the causal implications of voter mobilization efforts on specific populations. This issue of The ANNALS presents the results of several field experiments, which are at the forefront of research in this area. These field experiments draw important distinctions between different forms of mobilization activities and their effects on a variety of populations – studying personal versus impersonal mobilization efforts as well as partisan versus non-partisan efforts. Challenging conventional wisdom and clarifying important methodological issues, this issue of The ANNALS provides a new approach to the study of voter mobilization. Taken together, these intriguing articles report advances in knowledge gained by field experiments and have the potential to reshape the past assumptions about campaign effectiveness and influence future strategies on mobilizing voters. This issue will also serve as a springboard for new work in the field as political scientists grapple with filling in existing gaps – such as the effects of mass media – and move toward an even clearer theoretical understanding of the conditions under which interventions work. Professionals, volunteers and anyone directly involved in voter mobilization will discover important findings in this collection of studies. And, because the research was conducted in the real world of campaigns and elections, the authors help answer the critical question of how to apply scholarly insights to voter outreach programs on a grand scale.
Category: Political Science

Get Out The Vote

Author : Donald P. Green
ISBN : 081573266X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 81.75 MB
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The first edition of Get Out the Vote! broke ground by introducing a new scientific approach to the challenge of voter mobilization and profoundly influenced how campaigns operate. In this expanded and updated edition, the authors incorporate data from more than one hundred new studies, which shed new light on the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of various campaign tactics, including door-to-door canvassing, e-mail, direct mail, and telephone calls. Two new chapters focus on the effectiveness of mass media campaigns and events such as candidate forums and Election Day festivals. Available in time for the core of the 2008 presidential campaign, this practical guide on voter mobilization is sure to be an important resource for consultants, candidates, and grassroots organizations. Praise for the first edition: "Donald P. Green and Alan S. Gerber have studied turnout for years. Their findings, based on dozens of controlled experiments done as part of actual campaigns, are summarized in a slim and readable new book called Get Out the Vote!, which is bound to become a bible for politicians and activists of all stripes." —Alan B. Kreuger, in the New York Times "Get Out the Vote! shatters conventional wisdom about GOTV." —Hal Malchow in Campaigns & Elections "Green and Gerber's recent book represents important innovations in the study of turnout."—Political Science Review "Green and Gerber have provided a valuable resource for grassroots campaigns across the spectrum."—National Journal
Category: Political Science

Voter Mobilization And The Politics Of Race

Author : Harold Watkins Stanley
ISBN : UOM:39015012895887
Genre : Political Science
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This study of the expansion of the Southern electorate between 1952 and 1984 is reminiscent of William R. Keech's "The Impact of Negro Voting" in its use of empirical data and in its rigorous analysis that punctures myths and conventional wisdom about the consequences of increased voter participation. . . . Despite its methodological sophistication and pervasive quantitative analysis, the text is sufficiently comprehensible for its arguments and findings to be of interest to general readers. "Chioce" Stanley analyzes the accepted understanding of what happened in the South, which is that increased black political participation triggered racial counter-mobilization by whites. He finds this understanding to be inadequate. He contends that easier registration did facilitate black participation, yet racial countermobilization had almost no importance for increased white participation. Using presidential election survey data from 1952 to 1984, Stanley establishes why Southern turnout, both white and black, rose. He demonstrates how partisan competition, socioeconomic conditions, media usage, and other factors facilitated registration and voting. Indivuduals studying state and local government, civil rights, Southern politics, or political parties and elections will surely gain important information and invaluable insight from this book.
Category: Political Science

Voter Turnout

Author : Meredith Rolfe
ISBN : 9781107015418
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 82.31 MB
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Combines positive political theory, social network research and computational modeling, explaining why some people are more likely to vote than others.
Category: Philosophy

Campaigns And Elections American Style

Author : James A Thurber
ISBN : 9780429975011
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 61.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With new and revised essays throughout, Campaigns and Elections American Style provides a real education in practical campaign politics. In the fourth edition, academics and campaign professionals explain how campaign themes and strategies are developed and communicated, the changes in campaign tactics as a result of changing technology, new techniques to target and mobilize voters, the evolving landscape of campaign finance and election laws, and the increasing diversity of the role of media in elections. Offering a unique and careful mix of Democrat and Republican, academic and practitioner, and male and female campaign perspectives, this volume scrutinizes national and local-level campaigns with special focus on the 2012 presidential and congressional elections. Students, citizens, candidates, and campaign managers will learn not only how to win elections but also why it is imperative to do so in an ethical way. Perfect for a variety of courses in American government, this book is essential reading for political junkies of any stripe and serious students of campaigns and elections.
Category: Political Science

The Future Of Democracy

Author : Peter Levine
ISBN : 9781611687958
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 82.23 MB
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We need young people to be civically engaged in order to define and address public problems. Their participation is important for democracy, for institutions such as schools, and for young people themselves, who are more likely to succeed in life if they are engaged in their communities. In The Future of Democracy, Peter Levine, scholar and practitioner, sounds the alarm: in recent years, young Americans have become dangerously less engaged. They are tolerant, patriotic, and idealistic, and some have invented such novel and impressive forms of civic engagement, as blogs, "buycott" movements, and transnational youth networks. But most lack the skills and opportunities they need to participate in politics or address public problems. Levine's timely manifesto clearly explains the causes, symptoms, and repercussions of this damaging trend, and, most importantly, the means whereby America can confront and reverse it. Levine demonstrates how to change young people's civic attitudes, skills, and knowledge and, equally importantly, to reform our institutions so that civic engagement is rewarding and effective. We must both prepare citizens for politics and improve politics for citizens.
Category: Political Science

The Demobilization Of American Voters

Author : Michael J. Avey
ISBN : UOM:39015015518502
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 25.39 MB
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Avey challenges the theory that the characteristics of of nonvoters--low levels of education and political apathy--are the root causes of poor voter turnout among persons of low socioeconomic status, arguing instead that nonvoting results from the behavior of politicians, political elites, and the political system.
Category: Political Science