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The Science Of Marijuana

Author : Leslie L. Iversen
ISBN : 0195151100
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 86.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"He has written a remarkably well-balanced volume that provides the scientific background for the current debate on marijuana use.... Iversen's book explores these issues from all sides, with reports from diverse scientific fields. It is a treasure trove of information about the history of marijuana use and legislation, and it effectively summarizes in lay terms the cannabinoid research that now offers a potential scientific foundation for medical, political, and legal decisions about marijuana. The most important, and most extensive, part of the book deals with the potential therapeutic uses of marijuana, the cornerstone of the current public debate..... Iversen has presented an effective blueprint for future studies." --Science
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The Science Of Marijuana

Author : Leslie L. Iversen
ISBN : 9780190846848
Genre : Medical
File Size : 78.72 MB
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Revised edition of the author's The science of marijuana, 2008.
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The Science Of Marijuana

Author : Leslie Iversen
ISBN : 9780190846855
Genre : Science
File Size : 29.74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Science of Marijuana, 3rd Edition is directed at a public interested in knowing more about cannabis, how it works, and what the hazards associated with its use may be. In terms of cannabis as a medicine, it is now sanctioned by a majority of US States, with approved medical indications that often go beyond what is really known scientifically about the effectiveness of cannabis treatment. Some countries and US States have approved full legalization of cannabis for adults; the regulations needed to control such legal use are still being worked out. The pros and cons of cannabis legalization are reviewed. There have been big changes in the public perception of cannabis, and increased support for legalization. The book comes at a timely moment in this debate.
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Understanding Marijuana

Author : Mitch Earleywine
ISBN : 0195138937
Genre : Medical
File Size : 39.64 MB
Format : PDF
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This text examines the biological, psychological, and societal impact of marijuana. What are the effects, for mind and body, of long-term use? Are users more likely to abuse cocaine and heroine? What is the effect of the increasing potency of marijuana?
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Marijuana As Medicine

Author : Institute of Medicine
ISBN : 9780309065313
Genre : Medical
File Size : 72.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Some people suffer from chronic, debilitating disorders for which no conventional treatment brings relief. Can marijuana ease their symptoms? Would it be breaking the law to turn to marijuana as a medication? There are few sources of objective, scientifically sound advice for people in this situation. Most books about marijuana and medicine attempt to promote the views of advocates or opponents. To fill the gap between these extremes, authors Alison Mack and Janet Joy have extracted critical findings from a recent Institute of Medicine study on this important issue, interpreting them for a general audience. Marijuana As Medicine? provides patients--as well as the people who care for them--with a foundation for making decisions about their own health care. This empowering volume examines several key points, including: Whether marijuana can relieve a variety of symptoms, including pain, muscle spasticity, nausea, and appetite loss. The dangers of smoking marijuana, as well as the effects of its active chemical components on the immune system and on psychological health. The potential use of marijuana-based medications on symptoms of AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and several other specific disorders, in comparison with existing treatments. Marijuana As Medicine? introduces readers to the active compounds in marijuana. These include the principal ingredient in Marinol, a legal medication. The authors also discuss the prospects for developing other drugs derived from marijuana's active ingredients. In addition to providing an up-to-date review of the science behind the medical marijuana debate, Mack and Joy also answer common questions about the legal status of marijuana, explaining the conflict between state and federal law regarding its medical use. Intended primarily as an aid to patients and caregivers, this book objectively presents critical information so that it can be used to make responsible health care decisions. Marijuana As Medicine? will also be a valuable resource for policymakers, health care providers, patient counselors, medical faculty and students--in short, anyone who wants to learn more about this important issue.
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Marijuana And Medicine

Author : Institute of Medicine
ISBN : 9780309071550
Genre : Medical
File Size : 68.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The medical use of marijuana is surrounded by a cloud of social, political, and religious controversy, which obscures the facts that should be considered in the debate. This book summarizes what we know about marijuana from evidence-based medicine--the harm it may do and the relief it may bring to patients. The book helps the reader understand not only what science has to say about medical marijuana but also the logic behind the scientific conclusions. Marijuana and Medicine addresses the science base and the therapeutic effects of marijuana use for medical conditions such as glaucoma and multiple sclerosis. It covers marijuana's mechanism of action, acute and chronic effects on health and behavior, potential adverse effects, efficacy of different delivery systems, analysis of the data about marijuana as a gateway drug, and the prospects for developing cannabinoid drugs. The book evaluates how well marijuana meets accepted standards for medicine and considers the conclusions of other blue-ribbon panels. Full of useful facts, this volume will be important to anyone interested in informed debate about the medical use of marijuana: advocates and opponents as well as policymakers, regulators, and health care providers.
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Gr N Ist Die Hoffnung

Author : T.C. Boyle
ISBN : 9783446251960
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 69.72 MB
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Felix Nasmyth hat alles hingeschmissen: Er ist raus aus Kinderchor und Schulorchester, hat der Kirche den Rücken gekehrt, das Studium abgebrochen, geheiratet und sich scheiden lassen. Jetzt mühen er und seine Freunde sich in den abgelegenen Bergen von Kalifornien einen ganzen Sommer lang mit dem Anbau von Hanf ab. Danach wollen sie ernten und eine halbe Million Dollar einsacken. Doch sie haben nicht mit schnüffelnden Nachbarn, sintflutartigen Regenfällen, Felix‘ neuer Liebe und einem lästigen Drogenfahnder gerechnet ... Dreist, witzig und spannend: Die Neuübersetzung dieses Romans über drei schräge Typen und ihren Traum vom leichten Geld hat alles, was einen echten Boyle ausmacht.
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Medical Use Of Marijuana

Author : Tatiana Shohov
ISBN : 1590337549
Genre : Medical
File Size : 76.55 MB
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In recent years, there has been much debate over whether marijuana, an illegal drug, can provide patients with a level of therapeutic relief comparable to existing pharmaceutical treatments. While this idea is hardly new, it is advanced by some proponents as deserving more scientific inquiry. Advocates for the medical use of marijuana contend that there is already sufficient scientific evidence to justify rescheduling marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act, a change that would give it the necessary legal recognition to be used for medicinal purposes. This has already occurred in the case of dronabinol, the synthetic form of the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, which has been available as an oral prescription drug since 1986 under its brand name Marinol. To address these viewpoints, several comprehensive studies were done in the late 1990s to evaluate medicinal claims made for smoked marijuana and determine whether they are supported by convincing scientific evidence. The medical marijuana debate gained attention at the state level in 1996, when voters in California and Arizona approved ballot initiatives allowing doctors to prescribe the drug for therapeutic uses. In 1998, similar propositions were adopted in Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, and reaffirmed in Arizona. Voters in Maine adopted a medical marijuana initiative in 1999. In 2000, medical marijuana was approved by voters in Colorado, reconfirmed in Nevada, and passed by the legislature in Hawaii. Federal health officials assert that these initiatives are part of a strategy to soften the nation's drug laws, and that public policy would be better served if science, rather than the ballot box, were used to judge the drug's utility. This book assesses the current issues and examines the controversies regarding the marijuana legalization issue.
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