The S Mi People

Author : Veli-Pekka Lehtola
ISBN : 1889963755
Genre : Social Science
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The indigenous Sami people of Scandinavia and European Russia have undergone incredible changes in recent years. The only European ethnic group to be recognized as an aboriginal people, the Sami have been divided by national borders for centuries. They are economically and culturally diverse and speak several dialects of the Sami language. The common perception of the Sami as reindeer herders is increasingly inaccurate as they enter the global system as writers, artists, and political activists. This volume is perhaps the only one written from the Sami perspective that is available in English. Beautifully illustrated with color photos, historic maps, and illustrations, The Sami People situates the Sami within a modern context with a rich appreciation of their ancient history. Color photographs juxtapose "traditional" Sami dress and lifestyle with modern art and handicrafts demonstrating how the Sami have interpreted twenty-first century life. A unique resource on the Sami people, this volume is a significant contribution to the literature on circumpolar peoples. An excellent choice for instructors in anthropology, history, and sociology, The Sami People will also appeal to casual readers who are interested in Scandinavia, Native peoples, and European history.
Category: Social Science

Unabh Ngigkeit

Author : Marc Engelhardt
ISBN : 9783862843176
Genre : History
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Separatisten haben weltweit wachsenden Zulauf. Während viele etablierte Nationalstaaten Krieg, Terror und Vertreibung, aber auch wachsender Konzernmacht und sozialer Ungleichheit scheinbar machtlos gegenüberstehen, versprechen die Unabhängigkeitsbewegungen eine bessere, selbstbestimmte Zukunft. Ihre Visionen sind so unterschiedlich wie die Mittel, zu denen sie greifen: Die einen glauben an die Macht des Stimmzettels, andere kämpfen mit Waffengewalt für ihre Ziele. Gemeinsam sind sie dabei, die politische Weltkarte, wie wir sie kennen, zu verändern. Die Korrespondentinnen und Korrespondenten von berichten in ihren spannenden Reportagen von Unabhängigkeitsbewegungen überall auf der Welt: in Katalonien, Schottland und dem Osten der Ukraine, im türkischen und im irakischen Teil Kurdistans, im Südsudan oder im kanadischen Québec. Sie beschreiben, wie der Befreiungskampf palästinensische Familien spaltet, wie die Samen im hohen Norden Norwegens ihre Autonomie vorbildlich gesichert haben und was passieren kann, wenn Privatpersonen ihren eigenen Staat ausrufen. Zusammengenommen ergibt sich das Bild einer neuen Weltunordnung.
Category: History

Native Peoples Of The World

Author : Steven L. Danver
ISBN : 9781317464006
Genre : History
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This work examines the world's indigenous peoples, their cultures, the countries in which they reside, and the issues that impact these groups.
Category: History

Managing Diversity Through Non Territorial Autonomy

Author : Tove Malloy
ISBN : 9780191058325
Genre : Law
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Non-territorial autonomy (NTA) is a statecraft tool that is increasingly gaining importance in societies seeking to accommodate demands by ethno-cultural groups for a voice in cultural affairs important to the protection and preservation of their identity, such as language, education, and religion. As states recognize the specific rights of identity minorities in multicultural and multi-ethnic societies, they are faced with a need to improve their diversity management regimes. NTA offers policy-makers a range of options for institutional design adaptable to specific circumstances and historical legacies. It devolves degrees of power through legal frameworks and institutions in specific areas of ethno-cultural life, while maintaining social unity at the core level of society. Throughout Europe and North America, NTA exists and is implemented at a state, regional, and local level. Much has been written about the concept of autonomy and its usage as a statecraft tool in states facing regional division, but little literature addresses its non-territorial institutional and public administration functions. This edited volume seeks to fill this gap. Managing Diversity through Non-Territorial Autonomy: Assessing Advantages, Deficiencies, and Risks, carves a space for contextual knowledge production on NTA in law, as well as social and political sciences. Contextual knowledge involves a description of institutions and their functionality as well as of the institutional and legal frames protecting these. What are the institutions, bodies, and functions that ethno-cultural groups can draw on when seeking to have a voice over their own affairs, as well as over issues in society related to their identity production? How are these entities incorporated and empowered to have a voice? What degree of voice do they have, and how are they designed to project this voice? Thus, contextual knowledge also involves critical assessment and risk analysis as well as penetrating insights as to the unintended consequences and hidden agendas that may inform NTA policies. This volume is to provide both policy-makers and ethno-cultural groups with a tool-kit that promotes social cohesion while respecting diversity. This is the first volume in a series of five which will examine the protection and representation of minorities through non-territorial means.
Category: Law

The Challenge Of Minority Integration

Author : Peter A. Kraus
ISBN : 9783110441116
Genre : Social Science
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How is solidarity achieved in highly diverse societies - particularly those that have been until recently characterized by relatively homogeneous populations? What are the implications of growing levels of diversity on existing social arrangements? These two fundamental questions are explored in this edited collection, which examines the challenges of minority integration in four Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.
Category: Social Science

Plant Ecology Herbivory And Human Impact In Nordic Mountain Birch Forests

Author : Frans E. Wielgolaski
ISBN : 3540229094
Genre : Science
File Size : 50.53 MB
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This work analyzes vegetation and soils, and investigates the influence of climate change, insect pests, grazing pressure by sheep and reindeer, construction of roads and other consequences of increasing tourism in the Nordic mountain birch forests.
Category: Science

Understanding The Many Faces Of Human Security

Author : Kamrul Hossain
ISBN : 9789004314399
Genre : Law
File Size : 52.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Understanding the Many Faces of Human Security: Perspectives of Northern Indigenous Peoples addresses different aspects of human security threats upon the indigenous peoples of the North: the Ainu, Inuit, Nenets, Sámi and the Mongolian indigenous herders.
Category: Law

With The Lapps In The High Mountains

Author : Emilie Demant Hatt
ISBN : 9780299292331
File Size : 49.71 MB
Format : PDF
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Originally published in Sweden as Med lapperne i hojfjeldet, copyright 1913.

Handbook Of Research On Family Business

Author : Panikkos Poutziouris
ISBN : 9781781009383
Genre : Business & Economics
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'This is a very business-like book in its approach. It has an impressive global reach in its authorship, focal areas and use of evidence; it hits all the major practical challenges of family firms in a spirit that is fresh and current; and it deals with the cutting-edge themes and issues that are uppermost in the minds of owners, executives, advisors and researchers in the field.' – Nigel Nicholson, London Business School, author, Managing the Human Animal, Family Wars and The 'I' of Leadership Acclaim for the first edition: 'The authors have taken a lot of pain in putting this handbook together. As the name indicates, this is an excellent handbook for researchers.' – Global Business Review 'The Handbook of Research on Family Business has collected and synthesized a broad variety of topics by notable researchers who share a common dedication to family business research. This Handbook provides a comprehensive treatment that advances the frontiers of knowledge in family business, provoking valuable thoughts and discussion. The Handbook will serve as both an authoritative and comprehensive reference work for researchers investigating family enterprises.' – A. Bakr Ibrahim, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 'Although family business research is a young discipline it is both necessary and important. For the wellbeing and future development of our society the survival of prosperous and passionate family business entrepreneurs is indispensable. In order to help the families in business to better understand how to succeed with their enterprises we need qualified and updated research. This book is the answer!' – Hans-Jacob Bonnier, Bonnier Business Press Group, Sweden and 6th Generation Chairman of the Family Business Network – International 'This Handbook is a unique compilation of the most important and the best recent family business research. The field has grown so rapidly that this effort will be a mark for the research to follow. The Handbook of Research on Family Business will be the reference for scholars in family business for many years to come. It will also stimulate new ideas in research.' – John L. Ward, IMD, Switzerland and Northwestern University, US During the previous decade, the multi-disciplinary field of family business has advanced significantly in terms of advances in theory, development of sophisticated empirical instruments, systematic measurement of family business activity, use of alternative research methodologies and deployment of robust tools of analysis. This second edition of the Handbook of Research on Family Business presents important research and conceptual developments across a broad range of topics. The contributors – notable researchers in the field – explore the frontiers of knowledge in family business entrepreneurship and stimulate critical thinking, enriching the repository of theoretical frameworks and methodologies. The Handbook takes a systematic and rigorous approach by providing in-depth insights into the dynamics of family business, its context and the significant role of stakeholders. Ultimately, this scholarly compendium of extant family business papers is an invaluable resource for researchers, educators, family business consultants, family business owner-managers and students.
Category: Business & Economics