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The Sacred Quest

Author :
ISBN : 0023263369
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88.73 MB
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Taking a thematic and comparative approach, this book provides a clear, concise introduction to the study of religion. The Sacred Quest examines the main ideas that characterize all religious thought and practice, with particular emphasis on such fundamental topics as ritual, sacred language, ethics, salvation, and the problem of evil. The Second Edition features a number of new thought experiments. Topics include the Supreme Court rulings on religious holiday displays, the relationships between religion and environmental attitudes, and more. In addition, the authors now include a brief survey of the history of religious studies in the introduction, present a streamlined discussion of ethics, and update all terms and references.
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The Sacred Quest

Author : Shanddaramon
ISBN : 9780615213606
Genre : Religion
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Happiness. It is something we all say we want but so few possess. Why do some people seem to be so happy all the time while others struggle to find joy in their lives? Answers to these questions have come mainly from traditional psychological and religious understandings. The Sacred Quest looks at happiness through a spiritual lens as well but finds answers from a unique Pagan perspective.
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The Sacred Quest

Author : Lawrence Cunningham
ISBN : 0130209945
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40.50 MB
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Undergraduates will find this a thought-provoking but accessible text, which presents a comparative, thematic approach to the world's religions. Cunningham (U. of Notre Dame) and Kelsay (The Florida State U.) provide study questions, and a list of suggested reading with each chapter, which is also a
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Saul S Sacred Quest

Author : P. L. Root
ISBN : 9781514434178
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.89 MB
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P. L. Root is a writer who hails from the Western Division of the Empire State. His first collection, The Scrambled, The Poached, and The Fried, included White Rats, the Story of The Year from the International English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta’s publication The Rectangle, as judged by the world-class writer Nikki Giovanni. He has gone on to write or co-write numerous screenplays, including the feature films 603 Holiday Lane, Cherry Crush, and King’s Faith. Additionally, he has written with his daughter Bridget Carolyn Root the children’s book S.O.S.: Save Old Santa, as well as a collection of novellas adapted from his screenplays: Moving Pictures.
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Bewildered Travel

Author : Frederick J. Ruf
ISBN : 9780813934266
Genre : Religion
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Why do we travel? Ostensibly an act of leisure, travel finds us thrusting ourselves into jets flying miles above the earth, only to endure dislocations of time and space, foods and languages foreign to our body and mind, and encounters with strangers on whom we must suddenly depend. Travel is not merely a break from routine; it is its antithesis, a voluntary trading in of the security one feels at home for unpredictability and confusion. In Bewildered Travel Frederick Ruf argues that this confusion, which we might think of simply as a necessary evil, is in fact the very thing we are seeking when we leave home. Ruf relates this quest for confusion to our religious behavior. Citing William James, who defined the religious as what enables us to "front life," Ruf contends that the search for bewilderment allows us to point our craft into the wind and sail headlong into the storm rather than flee from it. This view challenges the Eliadean tradition that stresses religious ritual as a shield against the world’s chaos. Ruf sees our departures from the familiar as a crucial component in a spiritual life, reminding us of the central role of pilgrimage in religion. In addition to his own revealing experiences as a traveler, Ruf presents the reader with the journeys of a large and diverse assortment of notable Americans, including Henry Miller, Paul Bowles, Mark Twain, Mary Oliver, and Walt Whitman. These accounts take us from the Middle East to the Philippines, India to Nicaragua, Mexico to Morocco--and, in one threatening instance, simply to the edge of the author’s own neighborhood. "What gives value to travel is fear," wrote Camus. This book illustrates the truth of that statement.
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The Sacred Quest

Author : Louise E. Langley
ISBN : 1906437009
Genre :
File Size : 90.32 MB
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A novel is impregnated into a young woman's consciousness and she realises she is the central character. As she transcribes this tale it manifests into reality around her.

The Sacred Quest

Author : A. K. Luthienne
ISBN : 190643719X
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28.46 MB
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A woman uncovers a dark secret in an ancient castle unleashing her quest for her great love, an alchemist of an age long past. A thrilling journey of magic and danger unfolds as a story she writes comes to life unlocking a mythical world of alchemy and quantum travel and bringer her face to face with the terror that once tore them apart
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The Sacred Quest Return Of The Magus

Author :
ISBN : 1906437114
Genre : Alchemy
File Size : 33.27 MB
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When Louise becomes Ahqulieah, the name the Magus gives her, the ancient magic of a name older than time is unleashed. The astounding, alchemical secrets of her unusual language, mysterious ring and ancient Book of Kells are unveiled while many age-old mythologies come to life, weaving together to draw one breathtaking conclusion.It soon becomes apparent that every thread of her extraordinary journey has been a highly engineered series of alchemical amulets and steps designed for one end only: the joining together of two worlds through attainment of the highest form of magical adept.The staggering truth of who she and the Magus really are is revealed, together with the ceremonial magic and blood link that binds them. As the gates of time and mortality are dissolved, the origins of human anatomy are spectacularly altered.The menacing darkness that haunts Ahqulieah finally reveals its shocking identity and, with it, the deadly master that lies behind it.In this thrilling climax, as the two mightiest polarities of creation come face to face, the shocking truth of the choice Ahqulieah must make to thwart a most ancient enemy and reunite with the man she has loved for eternity is laid bare.
Category: Alchemy

Who Am I

Author : Jean Klein
ISBN : 9781626257948
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 32.86 MB
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In his well known, clear and lucid style, Jean Klein offers a book that is fundamentally about ourselves, about our own reality, and how we can start to realise our true nature, our inner stillness and wholeness. Unique among Jean Klein's works, the dialogues contained in this book have been organised by subject. Topics include: Relationship; The Nature of Thinking; The Art of Listening; A conversation on Art, etc. Questioner: “In certain situations in life I feel blocked by a fear which prevents me from acting. How can I be free from this obstacle?” Jean Klein: “First free yourself from the word, the concept, "fear." It is loaded with memory. Face only the perception. Accept the sensation completely. When the personality who judges and controls is completely absent, when there is no longera psychological relationship with the sensation, it is really welcomed and unfolds. Only in welcoming without a welcomer can ther be real transformation. “We are in essence one with all existence; when we truly observe ourselves there is ultimately no observer, only observation--awareness.”
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