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The Role Of Sphingolipids In Cancer Development And Therapy

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ISBN : 9780123944139
Genre : Science
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Advances in Cancer Research provides invaluable information on the exciting and fast-moving field of cancer research. This thematic volume looks at "The Role of Sphingolipids in Cancer Development and Therapy" Provides invaluable information on the exciting and fast-moving field of cancer research This thematic volume looks at "The Role of Sphingolipids in Cancer Development and Therapy" Outstanding and original reviews
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Bioactive Sphingolipids In Cancer Biology And Therapy

Author : Yusuf A. Hannun
ISBN : 9783319207506
Genre : Medical
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This volume presents information on both the basic and clinical aspects of sphingolipid-metabolizing enzymes in various cancers. The volume also includes discussions of the innovative techniques and approaches for quantitative analysis and imaging that could significantly impact the general understanding of this topic, and the potential benefit of targeting sphingolipid enzymes to develop novel cancer therapeutics. As well, the volume includes a critical examination of the specific pathways and pathobiologies associated with the altered regulation of sphingolipid metabolism as a contributor to the development and/or maintenance of pathological conditions such as cancer.
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Sphingolipids As Signaling And Regulatory Molecules

Author : Charles Chalfant
ISBN : 1441967419
Genre : Science
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This book attempts to analyze the latest discoveries in sphingolipid biology and how the alteration of their metabolism leads to altered signaling events and to the development of pathobiological disorders, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes, inflammation and infectious diseases.
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Lipidomics Of Stem Cells

Author : Alice Pébay
ISBN : 9783319493435
Genre : Science
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This book combines the current knowledge on the role of lipids in stem cell pluripotency and differentiation. It showcases various approaches to the study of lipids and focuses on various types of stem cells and specific lipids driving maintenance or differentiation. The volume includes chapters reviewing roles of specific lipids in pluripotency, neurogenesis and exocytosis as well as in cancer stem cells. Examples of different classes of lipids—such as sphingolipids, lysophospholipids, cannabinoids and neutral lipids—are described and illustrate the vast biological effects of this class of molecules. The international contributors are all recognized experts in their respective fields. Covering the various aspects of the topic, Lipidomics of Stem Cells provides an up-to-date snapshot—unique among the literature—of where the lipid world is in terms of understanding the roles of lipids in stem cell biology. It provides an essential reference for stem cell biologists, lipid biologists, development biologists, students, academics and clinicians in related areas.
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Sphingolipid Biology

Author : Y. Hirabayashi
ISBN : 4431342001
Genre : Science
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Sphingolipids are fundamental to the structures of cell membranes, lipoproteins, and the stratum cornea of the skin. Many complex sphingolipids, as well as simpler sphingoid bases and derivatives, are highly bioactive as extra- and intracellular regulators of growth, differentiation, migration, survival, senescence, and numerous cellular responses to stress. This book reviews exciting new developments in sphingolipid biology/sphingolipidology that challenge our understanding of how multicellular organisms grow, develop, function, age, and die.
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Sphingolipids In Disease

Author : Erich Gulbins
ISBN : 9783709115114
Genre : Medical
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Sphingolipids are lipid components of the plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells with an important function in signaling mechanisms in the cell. This book provides insight into the physiological and pathophysiological role of sphingolipids and in particular its derivative ceramide. The function of Sphingolipids in cell signaling with regard to infectious and lung diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders are described and treated in distinct parts. Together with Volume 215 from the same Editors, the collection represents a unique, comprehensive work on Sphingolipids, providing information on both: Sphingolipid basic biology as well as its important function in a (patho)physiological context. The book is written for scientists in pharmacology, biochemistry and cell biology with a focus on biomedical research as well as for clinicians in pharmacology, oncology, cardiology, neurology and infectious disease. ​
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Introduction To Cancer Biology

Author : Robin Hesketh
ISBN : 9781107013988
Genre : Medical
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A concise overview of the fundamental concepts of cancer biology, ideal for those with little or no background in the field. From cancer epidemiology and the underlying mechanisms, through to tumour detection and treatment, the comprehensive picture revealed will enable students to move into the cancer field with confidence.
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Cell Death Signaling In Cancer Biology And Treatment

Author : Daniel Johnson
ISBN : 9781461458470
Genre : Science
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A key goal in the treatment of cancer is to achieve selective and efficient killing of tumor cells. The aim of Cell Death Signaling in Cancer Biology and Treatment is to describe state-of-the-art approaches and future opportunities for achieving this goal by targeting mechanisms and pathways that regulate cancer cell death. In this book, molecular defects in cell death signaling that characterize cancer cells, including dysregulation of cell death due to overexpression/hyperactivation of oncoproteins, as well as the loss of tumor suppressor proteins will be described. The potential for targeting microRNAs will be discussed. Multiple chapters will describe preclinical and clinical approaches that are currently being used to target epigenetic modifications, DNA repair pathways, and protein chaperones, as a means of provoking tumor cell death. Finally, the development and application of novel agents and approaches for targeting specific components of cell death signaling pathways and machinery will be reviewed.
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Heat Shock Proteins In Cancer

Author : Stuart K. Calderwood
ISBN : 9781402064012
Genre : Medical
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Heat shock proteins are emerging as important molecules in the development of cancer and as key targets in cancer therapy. These proteins enhance the growth of cancer cells and protect tumors from treatments such as drugs or surgery. However, new drugs have recently been developed particularly those targeting heat shock protein 90. As heat shock protein 90 functions to stabilize many of the oncogenes and growth promoting proteins in cancer cells, such drugs have broad specificity in many types of cancer cell and offer the possibility of evading the development of resistance through point mutation or use of compensatory pathways. Heat shock proteins have a further property that makes them tempting targets in cancer immunotherapy. These proteins have the ability to induce an inflammatory response when released in tumors and to carry tumor antigens to antigen presenting cells. They have thus become important components of anticancer vaccines. Overall, heat shock proteins are important new targets in molecular cancer therapy and can be approached in a number of contrasting approaches to therapy.
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Nsaids And Aspirin

Author : Angel Lanas
ISBN : 9783319338897
Genre : Medical
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This volume is a state-of-the art resource on the recent advances and clinical management of NSAIDs and aspirin. The text provides a thorough overview of NSAIDS and aspirin, reviewing such topics as pharmacology and mechanisms, clinical effects, and the safety and efficacy of these drugs. It also focuses on the effect of the drugs on the cardiovascular system and in the prevention of GI cancer. Practical recommendations for a safe prescription of NSAIDs are also included. Written by experts in the field, NSAIDs and Aspirin: Recent Advances and Implications for Clinical Management is a comprehensive text of great value to gastroenterologists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, oncologists, orthopedists, trauma and internal medicine specialists.
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