The Revolt Of The Elites And The Betrayal Of Democracy

Author : Christopher Lasch
ISBN : 9780393348415
Genre : Political Science
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"[A] passionate, compelling, and disturbing argument that the ills of democracy in the United States today arise from the default of its elites." —John Gray, New York Times Book Review (front-page review) In a front-page review in the Washington Post Book World, John Judis wrote: "Political analysts have been poring over exit polls and precinct-level votes to gauge the meaning of last November's election, but they would probably better employ their time reading the late Christopher Lasch's book." And in the National Review, Robert Bork says The Revolt of the Elites "ranges provocatively [and] insightfully." Controversy has raged around Lasch's targeted attack on the elites, their loss of moral values, and their abandonment of the middle class and poor, for he sets up the media and educational institutions as a large source of the problem. In this spirited work, Lasch calls out for a return to community, schools that teach history not self-esteem, and a return to morality and even the teachings of religion. He does this in a nonpartisan manner, looking to the lessons of American history, and castigating those in power for the ever-widening gap between the economic classes, which has created a crisis in American society. The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy is riveting social commentary.
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The True And Only Heaven Progress And Its Critics

Author : Christopher Lasch
ISBN : 9780393348422
Genre : Political Science
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"A major and challenging work. . . . Provocative, and certain to be controversial. . . . Will add important new dimension to the continuing debate on the decline of liberalism." —William Julius Wilson, New York Times Book Review Can we continue to believe in progress? In this sobering analysis of the Western human condition, Christopher Lasch seeks the answer in a history of the struggle between two ideas: one is the idea of progress - an idea driven by the conviction that human desire is insatiable and requires ever larger production forces. Opposing this materialist view is the idea that condemns a boundless appetite for more and better goods and distrusts "improvements" that only feed desire. Tracing the opposition to the idea of progress from Rousseau through Montesquieu to Carlyle, Max Weber and G.D.H. Cole, Lasch finds much that is desirable in a turn toward moral conservatism, toward a lower-middle-class culture that features egalitarianism, workmanship and loyalty, and recognizes the danger of resentment of the material goods of others.
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Who Are We

Author : Samuel P. Huntington
ISBN : 3442151988
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New Radicalism In America

Author : Christopher Lasch
ISBN : 9780307830517
Genre : Political Science
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Around the turn of the century, the American liberal tradition made a major shift away from politics. The new radicals were more interested in the reform of education, culture, and sexual mores. Through vivid biographies, Christopher Lasch chronicles these social reformers from Jane Addams, Mabel Dodge Luhan, and Lincoln Steffens to Norman Mailer and Dwight MacDonald.
Category: Political Science

World Of Nations

Author : Christopher Lasch
ISBN : 9780307830586
Genre : History
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The world of nations is the world men have made, in contrast to the world of nature. Seeking to understand the civil society Americans have made, Christopher Lasch, author of The Agony of the American Left, reexamines the liberal and radical traditions in the United States and the limitations of both, along the way challenging a number of accepted interpretations of American history.
Category: History

Einf Hrung In Die Geschichtswissenschaft

Author : Peter Borowsky
ISBN : 3531213105
Genre : Political Science
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Der erste Band der "Studienbücher Moderne Geschichte" verbindet eine praxisbezogene Einführung in Arbeitsweisen und Hilfsmittel der Geschichtswissenschaft mit einer Erörterung der theoretischen und methodologischen Grundprobleme des Faches Geschichte. Der Aufbau des Bandes orientiert sich an den Bedürfnissen des Studenten und am Arbeitsprozeß des Historikers. Die einzelnen Arbeitsschritte werden durchgängig am Beispiel der Preußischen Reformen konkretisiert. Dadurch wird zugleich eine Einführung in ein zentrales Thema der neueren deutschen Geschichte gegeben.
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The Minimal Self Psychic Survival In Troubled Times

Author : Christopher Lasch
ISBN : 9780393348361
Genre : Psychology
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"Even more valuable than its widely praised predecessor, The Culture of Narcissism." —John W. Aldridge Faced with an escalating arms race, rising crime and terrorism, environmental deterioration, and long-term economic decline, people have retreated from commitments that presuppose a secure and orderly world. In his latest book, Christopher Lasch, the renowned historian and social critic, powerfully argues that self-concern, so characteristic of our time, has become a search for psychic survival.
Category: Psychology

Women And The Common Life Love Marriage And Feminism

Author : Christopher Lasch
ISBN : 9780393348408
Genre : Social Science
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"Vintage Lasch.... One of the refreshments of reading him is that he states his beliefs outright."—Andrew Delbanco, New York Times Book Review Christopher Lasch has examined the role of women and the family in Western society throughout his career as a writer, thinker, and historian. In Women and the Common Life, Lasch suggests controversial linkages between the history of women and the course of European and American history more generally. He sees fundamental changes in intimacy, domestic ideals, and sexual politics taking place as a result of industrialization and the triumph of the market. Questioning a static image of patriarchy, Women and the Common Life insists on a feminist vision rooted in the best possibilities of a democratic common life. In her introduction to the work, Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn offers an original interpretation of the interconnections between these provocative writings.
Category: Social Science

The Culture Of Narcissism American Life In An Age Of Diminishing Expectations

Author : Christopher Lasch
ISBN : 9780393348354
Genre : Social Science
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When The Culture of Narcissism was first published, it was clear that Christopher Lasch had identified something important: what was happening to American society in the wake of the decline of the family over the last century. The book quickly became a bestseller. This edition includes a new afterword, "The Culture of Narcissism Revisited."
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