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The Regenerative Business

Author : Carol Sanford
ISBN : 9781473669093
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 35.60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What if leaders stripped away all preconceptions about how business operates, allowing the organization to go back to its core and build itself back up to become something new-something so responsive, so innovative and resilient, it becomes virtually non-displaceable in the market? The Regenerative Business sets the stage for what is now only dreamt of by most of today's forward-thinking leaders and paves the path to make it possible. The book features: -Real stories from companies leading innovation and transformation across the globe including; Google, Colgate Europe, Seventh Generation, Nike and others -A logical, comprehensive approach that factors in the complexities of the modern organization -The work of internationally-recognized leadership expert Carol Sanford, who for decades has been designing and leading systemic business change
Category: Business & Economics

Around Glare

Author : Coen Vermeeren
ISBN : 9780306483851
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 65.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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During September 24-26, 2001, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands organised the Glare - the New Material for Aircraft Conference, an international conference on the relationship between design, material choice and application of aircraft materials with respect to new developments in industry. Eminent representatives from the aircraft manufacturing world, including manufacturers, airlines, airports, universities, governments and aviation authorities, were present at this conference to meet and exchange ideas - see the group photo on the next two pages. The fact that the conference was held just two weeks after ‘September 11, 2001’ put things in a rather unique perspective. The aim of the conference was to illustrate the many unique applications of the Glare family of fibre metal laminates and to provide for the exchange and distribution of information regarding this material in order to stimulate their acceptance and promote further application. The introduction of fibre metal laminates into the commercial aviation market took about 20 years’ time. Introducing new technologies should not be taken lightly, however; the aircraft industry is by nature rather conservative and innovations must therefore be proven – a paradox actually – in all possible ways before they can be introduced in real aircraft structures. Not only do technical aspects play a role in this respect; historical, cultural, economical and political issues are equally important.
Category: Technology & Engineering

All In

Author : David Grayson
ISBN : 9781351001182
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 47.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Written by three leading thinkers in the field of sustainability, All In defines the essential attributes of high-impact corporate sustainability leadership and describes how companies can combine and apply those characteristics for future success. All In draws on research involving thousands of experts globally as collected via the GlobeScan-SustainAbility Leaders Survey over two decades. The book also reveals insights from dozens of interviews with Chairs, CEOs and Chief Sustainability Officers of pioneering companies, including 3M, BASF, BP, DuPont, Google, GE, Huawei, IKEA, Interface, Marks & Spencer, Natura, Nestlé, Nike, Novo Nordisk, Patagonia, Shell, Tata, Toyota, Unilever and Walmart, explaining how they have gained recognition, created value and boosted resiliency based on their sustainability leadership. All In also outlines what the private sector must do to lift sustainability performance, protect business’s license to operate and help deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. This unique book, rich with quantitative and qualitative insights, offers current and aspiring business leaders a succinct overview of the most important developments and trends in corporate sustainability and responsible leadership. All In will also appeal to others interested in why sustainability has become a critical mainstream business issue. With a foreword by Dan Hendrix, Chairman, Interface, and afterword by Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever.
Category: Business & Economics

The Future Of Coaching

Author : Hetty Einzig
ISBN : 9781317552789
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 85.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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We live in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, in which our work and lives are constantly disrupted and changing. But coaches and leaders are still trained to operate within stable models with a uni-focus on performance. Coaches are starting to question the remit of ‘raising performance’ within existing systems, many of which are outdated, dysfunctional and even toxic. The role of the coach today must evolve to become fit for purpose in challenging times and coaching must re-articulate its values, as the essential compass for navigating turbulent waters. In The Future of Coaching, Hetty Einzig examines the role of coaching and leadership in the twenty-first century, and sets out a compelling vision for its future. Drawing on experience gained over twenty-five years of coaching leaders in the corporate and public sectors, in the UK and globally, she challenges the tenet of coaching neutrality. Rather than simply following the client agenda, she encourages coaches to see themselves as partners in courageous leadership and to work towards building an ethical, holistic and networked coaching approach to help create businesses that serve society and our globalised world. The book asks essential questions of coaches working today: how can leaders and coaches become ‘positive deviants’ and transform the rules of the game within cultures where denial and group-think are rife? How can coaches work with the anxious and depressed, embracing the dark as well as the light? Are coaches prepared for the rise of Millennials, women leaders and those over sixty (the Third Acters)? Einzig challenges the model of the Strong Leader in favour of Respons-able leadership based on authentic strength, distributed power and responsive thinking. And she shows how this vision of a transformed workplace is essential for the transformations society must undertake to reclaim a positive future. This thought provoking collection of essays, designed to be read in any order, is enlightening and inspiring reading for coaches in practice and in training, HR and L&D professionals and for leaders everywhere.
Category: Psychology

The Regenerative American Fabric

Author : Dean Helmick
ISBN : 9781466952164
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 79.48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This story is written for all those who believe America's best days still lie ahead. Follow the Walbert family as successive generations of Americans navigate through triumphs and challenges—from the Great Depression through the modern-day global war on terror. As members of the World War II generation, John and Margaret Walbert used the advantages of life in a small Montana town to raise their children and prepare them for the future. Despite John's best efforts, the relationship with his son Billy crumbled. To salvage the deteriorating father-son relationship, the family's minster, Father Alex, used Montana's great outdoors as a leverage point to reconnect father and son. Many of the things Billy learned with his dad and Father Alex served him well as he connected with his own son Luke during America's fight against global terror. This is an uplifting story about how one family successfully passed America's torch of freedom from one generation to the next. It illustrates how the American fabric is truly unique in its ability to continually regenerate.
Category: Fiction

Handbuch Regenerative Energietechnik

Author : Viktor Wesselak
ISBN : 9783662530733
Genre : Science
File Size : 30.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Die Autoren beschreiben praxisnah die wichtigsten Formen der technischen Nutzung regenerativer Energieträger. Sie stellen deren Potentiale unter Berücksichtigung der globalen Energieprobleme und der thermodynamischen Grenzen von Energiewandlungsprozessen dar und diskutieren ihren Beitrag zu einem nachhaltigen Energiesystem. Das Buch behandelt Photovoltaik, Solar- und Geothermie, Biomasse, Wind- und Wasserkraft und berücksichtigt damit sowohl Systeme zur Elektrizitäts- als auch zur Wärmebereitstellung. In den einzelnen Kapiteln werden - ausgehend von den natur- und ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Grundlagen - die Funktionsweise der zentralen Komponenten sowie deren Verknüpfung zu Systemen dargestellt. Konkrete Planungs- und Auslegungsbeispiele verbinden die theoretischen Grundlagen mit einer handlungsorientierten Lehre. Der Integration regenerativer Energieanlagen in die bereits vorhandenen Systeme für Elektrizität, Wärme und Transport ist jeweils ein eigenes Kapitel gewidmet. Für die dritte Auflage wurden alle Kapitel hinsichtlich der gegenwärtigen technischen Entwicklung überarbeitet und ergänzt. Ebenso wurden die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen sowie die statistischen Daten auf den neuesten Standür die="" dritte="" auflage="" wurden="" alle="" kapitel="" hinsichtlich="" der="" gegenwärtigen="" technischen="" entwicklung="" überarbeitet="" und="" ergänzt.="" ebenso="" rechtlichen="" rahmenbedingungen="" sowie="" statistischen="" daten="" auf="" den="" neuesten="" stand="" gebracht.p/pfür die="" dritte="" auflage="" wurden="" alle="" kapitel="" hinsichtlich="" der="" gegenwärtigen="" technischen="" entwicklung="" überarbeitet="" und="" ergänzt.="" ebenso="" rechtlichen="" rahmenbedingung="" sowie="" statistischen="" daten="" auf="" den="" neuesten="" stand="" gebracht.bDer Inhalt/bp/ppEinleitung.- Kontext.- Energieeffizienz.- Regenerative Energiequellen.- Photovoltaik.- Solarthermie.- Geothermie.- Biomasse.- Windkraftanlagen.- Wasserkraftanlagen.- Energiespeicher.- Elektrische Energiesysteme.- Thermische Energiesysteme.- Mobilität.- Thermodynamische Bewertung Regenerativer Energieumwandlungen.- Apokryphen./ppbDie Zielgruppen/b/ppDas Buch richtet sich an Ingenieure und Praktiker auf dem Gebiet der erneuerbaren Energien und an Studierende der Energietechnik./ppbDie Autoren/b/ppProf. Dr.-Ing. Viktor Wesselak, Lehrgebiet Regenerative Energiesysteme /ppProf. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schabbach, Lehrgebiet Thermische Energiesysteme “/ppProf. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Link, Lehrgebiet Kraft- und Arbeitsmaschinen/ppProf. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Fischer, Lehrgebiet Bioenergiesysteme/ppInstitut für Regenerative Energiesysteme (in.RET), Hochschule Nordhausen/pdiv
Category: Science

Stem Cells In Regenerative Medicine

Author : Alain A. Vertes
ISBN : 9781118846216
Genre : Science
File Size : 29.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is a unique guide to emerging stem cell technologies and the opportunities for their commercialisation. It provides in-depth analyses of the science, business, legal, and financing fundamentals of stem cell technologies, offering a holistic assessment of this emerging and dynamic segment of the field of regenerative medicine. • Reviews the very latest advances in the technology and business of stem cells used for therapy, research, and diagnostics • Identifies key challenges to the commercialisation of stem cell technology and avenues to overcome problems in the pipeline • Written by an expert team with extensive experience in the business, basic and applied science of stem cell research This comprehensive volume is essential reading for researchers in cell biology, biotechnology, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering, including scientists and professionals, looking to enter commercial biotechnology fields.
Category: Science

Die Notwendige Revolution

Author : Peter M. Senge
ISBN : 3896707906
Genre :
File Size : 40.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Die notwendige Revolution : Wie Individuen und Organisationen zusammenarbeiten, um eine nachhaltige Welt zu schaffen / von Peter M. Senge, Bryan Smith, Nina Kruschwitz, Joe Laur, Sara Schley Klimawandel, Raubbau an natürlichen Ressourcen, wachsende Müllberge, giftige Abfälle - die bestehenden und drohenden Krisen des Industriezeitalters fordern jeden Einzelnen zum Umdenken auf. Wie kann der notwendige radikale Wandel gelingen, der zu einem nachhaltigen Wirtschaften führt? Peter Senge und seine Koautoren liefern in diesem Buch nicht nur eine eindrucksvolle Bestandsaufnahme gegenwärtiger Krisen samt Entstehungsgeschichte. Sie führen auch ein neues Denken vor, das unser soziales und wirtschaftliches System als Teil eines größeren natürlichen Systems begreift. Mehr noch: Anhand zahlreicher Beispiele zeigen sie, dass die notwendige Revolution bereits in vollem Gange ist. Die Autoren - Organisationsberater und Wissenschaftler - berichten von den Erfahrungen erfolgreicher Vorreiter des Wandels, von Einzelpersonen und Organisationen, die mit innovativen Ansätzen und in kooperativen Partnerschaften und Netzwerken bereits an der kreativen Gestaltung einer nachhaltigen Welt arbeiten. Die Beispielgeschichten von Coca-Cola bis zum Chemiekonzern DuPont zeigen, dass nachhaltiges Handeln kein karitatives Unterfangen ist, sondern ein notwendiges Gebot für Unternehmen, die auch in Zukunft erfolgreich und konkurrenzfähig bleiben wollen. Die Beispiele werden ergänzt durch Tools zur Strategieplanung sowie praktische Anleitungen für erfolgreiche Veränderungsinitiativen und den Aufbau von Unternehmensnetzwerken. Aus dieser Kombination entsteht ein unentbehrliches Handbuch für alle, die eine nachhaltige Welt für uns und unsere Nachkommen schaffen wollen.

Leading For Regeneration

Author : John Hardman
ISBN : 9781136580093
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 56.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book presents the regenerative leadership framework that has emerged from doctoral research and consulting work with successful sustainability leaders and their organizations in business, education, and community. The framework synthesizes the levels of awareness, the leadership styles and behaviours, and the organizational arrangements that correlate most significantly across these domains. Most importantly, the overwhelming majority of the leaders in this work agree that individual and collective consciousness development is critical to transforming the culture of organizations for sustainability and beyond. The term regenerative has not been chosen arbitrarily, but to provide an alternative to the notion of sustainability, which many of the leaders featured here indicate has become insufficient to describe what needs to be done, economically, socially, and environmentally, if we are to ensure a flourishing world for present and future generations. This work in turn has led to the development of the Regenerative Capacity Index (RCI), a tool designed to assess an organization’s readiness to engage in regenerative practice. From this evaluation of an organization’s regenerative capacity, it becomes possible to design a strategy for regeneration that considers all levels of its environmental, social, and economic impact, both internally and externally, in the local and global community. Among its major findings, the book argues that the more evolved sustainability leaders are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the construct of sustainability, and indicate the need for a profound cultural shift towards regenerative human systems. In this framework, regenerative organizations are driven by a sense higher purpose, and leadership is exercised horizontally and collaboratively. Leaders and followers engage in generative conversations to create desirable futures which are then ‘backcasted’ to eliminate unanticipated consequences. Throughout, leaders emphasize the critical importance of engaging in personal and collective consciousness development or "inner work" in order to make regenerative practices possible.
Category: Business & Economics

Die Grenzen Des Denkens

Author : Donella H. Meadows
ISBN : 386581199X
Genre :
File Size : 80.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Anschauliche und leicht verständliche Einführung in das Gebiet komplexer Systeme, die es überall in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft sowie in den Naturwissenschaften gibt.