The Reality Of Being

Author : Jeanne De Salzmann
ISBN : 9781590309285
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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As the closest pupil of the charismatic spiritual master G. I. Gurdjieff (1866–1949), Jeanne de Salzmann was charged with carrying on his teachings of spiritual transforma­tion. Known as the Fourth Way or "the Work", Gurdjieff's sys­tem was based on teachings of the East that he adapted for modern life in the West. Now, some twenty years after De Salz­mann's death, the notebooks that she filled with her insights over a forty-year period (and intended to publish) have been translated and edited by a small group of her family and follow­ers. The result is this long-awaited guide to Gurdjieff's teach­ing, describing the routes to be travelled and the landmarks encountered along the way. Organized according to themes, the chapters touch on all the important concepts and practices of the Work, including:? awakening from the sleep of identification with the ordinary level of being ? self-observation and self-remembering ? conscious effort and voluntary suffering ? understanding symbolic concepts like the Enneagram ? the Gurdjieff Movements, bodily exercises that provide training in Presence and the awareness of subtle energies ? the necessity of a "school," meaning the collective practice of the teaching in a group. Madame de Salzmann brings to the Work her own strong, direct language and personal journey in learning to live that knowledge of a higher level of being, which, she insists, "you have to see for yourself" on a level beyond theory and concept. De Salzmann consistently refused to discuss the teaching in terms of ideas, for this Fourth Way is to be experienced, not simply thought or believed.
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In Search Of Being

Author : G. I. Gurdjieff
ISBN : 9780834828506
Genre : Philosophy
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Are we able to say that life is governed by a group of conscious people? Where are they? Who are they? We see exactly the opposite: that life is governed by those who are the least conscious, by those who are most asleep. Provocative ideas such as these have attracted generations of thoughtful people to the methods of self-study and inner work devised by Gurdjieff, one of the most radical spiritual teachers of modern times. According to Gurdjieff, the wars raging at this very moment are nothing more than millions of sleeping people trying to annihilate millions of other sleeping people. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such as thing as progress and evolution as long as humanity remains asleep. Two hundred conscious people could change the whole of life on the earth, Gurdjieff says. If we want to become those conscious people, we must learn how to change ourselves. With the help of self-knowledge and an understanding of our relation to the universe, we can awaken to a higher level of being—if we wish to change ourselves. All of Gurdjieff's fundamental principles and methods of transforming the intellect, emotions, and body, in the system known as the Fourth Way, are presented in this book in his own clear, precise words preserved by his closest pupils. Arranged in an orderly sequence of passages drawn from two primary source books—P. D. Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous, and Views from the Real World, edited by Mme. Jeanne de Salzmann—this material is an indispensable introduction for those determined to undertake the efforts and practices necessary for awakening consciousness. All the basic concepts and methods are covered, including: • man is "asleep" • we have no unified "I" • the need for self-knowledge • functions of the human "machine" • states of consciousness • levels of being • three centers: moving, emotional, and thinking • personality and essence • the possibility of self-development • self-observation • remembering oneself • conscious evolution • the law of three forces • the ray of creation • the law of octaves • the Enneagram, a universal symbol • the variety of spiritual ways • esoteric Christianity • working in groups • the necessity of schools
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Gurdjieff Denudatus Ii

Author : Wolfgang W. Liebelt
ISBN : 9783743846104
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Dies ist der zweite Teil der Gurdjieff-denudatus-Trilogie. Er befasst sich mit der zentralen Ikone von Gurdjieffs Lehre, dem - in diesem Fall - illustrierten Enneagramm. Die Teile I und II beinhalten eine erste Bestandsaufnahme und Deutung der verbalen und grafischen Komponenten der Titelillustration der Broschüre für Gurdjieffs "Institut für die harmonische Entwicklung des Menschen". Diese Illustration wurde zur "Schatzkarte" erklärt und die Hypothese aufgestellt, dass darin und damit Hinweise auf den "Schatz", die unbekannte Lehre Gurdjieffs, gefunden werden können. Die Auswertung der in der Bestandsaufnahme gewonnenen Fakten und Erkenntnisse ist dem Teil III vorbehalten.
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Enneas Enneagramm Transformation

Author : Wolfgang W. Liebelt
ISBN : 9783743844209
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Mit diesem Essay bin ich der Aufforderung Gurdjieffs gefolgt, dass der Suchende die Weisheit des Ostens und das Wissen des Westens nehmen soll, um sich auf den Weg zu machen. "Enneagramm & Transformation" widmet sich dem Wissen bzw. der Wissenschaft des Westens, indem es die system- und prozesstheoretischen Grundlagen des Enneagramms untersucht und beschreibt. Die dabei gewonnenen Erkenntnisse machen das Enneagramm zu einem universalen Metamodell, dessen Regelwerk es erlaubt, die unterschiedlichsten Sachverhalte zu durchdenken und im Enneagramm darzustellen. Mit den Ausführungen in "Enneagramm & Transformation" wird somit bestätigt, was Gurdjieff seine Petersburger Schüler lehrte: "Allgemein gesprochen, muss man verstehen, dass das Enneagramm ein universales Symbol ist. Alles Wissen kann im Enneagramm zusammengefasst und mit Hilfe des Enneagramms gedeutet werden. Und so kann man sagen, dass man nur das weiss, beziehungsweise versteht, was man in das Enneagramm einfügen kann. Was man nicht in das Enneagramm einfügen kann, versteht man nicht." Eine zusätzliche Bereicherung und damit noch mehr Möglichkeiten der Modellbildung bietet die aufgrund von Gurdjieff-Zitaten erweiterte Form des Enneagramms - das EN-Kosmogramm©. Zu erwähnen ist schliesslich noch das umfangreiche Literaturverzeichnis, das anderen Suchenden wertvolles Informationsmaterial mit auf den Weg gibt.
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Psychological Illusions

Author : Christopher P. Holmes
ISBN : 0968943527
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The central illusion is that we "know self." People think that they possess capacities which in reality they do not. Primary illusions concern the faculties of consciousness, the unity of I, the possession of will (the capacity to do) and the existence of the soul. The fourth way psychology begins with a study of humans as they are under the conditions of mechanical life and describes the psychology of man's possible evolution. Humans can awaken, experience higher states of consciousness, achieve a unity of "I" and will, and attain the soul. If we understand our illusions, then there is a chance of escape, of awakening and evolution. According to Beelzebub, the central character in G.'s Tales, the three-brained beings on planet Earth are microcosmoses or "similitudes of the Whole." As such, they have the possibility of not only serving local cosmic purposes, feeding the earth and moon as part of organic life on earth, but of experiencing sacred being-impulses, attaining levels of objective reason and individuality and even of "blending again with the infinite." (1950) A human being can potentially coat higher being-bodies for the life of the soul, instinctually sense cosmic truths and phenomena, and maintain existence within the subtle realms of being after death-achieving different levels of immortality. Unfortunately, humankind came to exist only in waking sleep states of automated consciousness, perceiving reality topsy-turvy, conditioned by pleasure and self love, and wasteful of their sacred sexual substances. Human beings no longer realize their deeper cosmic purposes and possibilities, or attain real "I." Psychological Illusions explores the psychology, metaphysics and cosmology of the fourth way teaching. This includes material on the Ray of Creation, the fundamental cosmic laws, the alchemical crystallization of higher being-bodies and the miraculous possibilities existing for the evolution of the individual human being.
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Classical Spirituality In Contemporary America

Author : Michael S. Pittman
ISBN : 9781441185457
Genre : Religion
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G.I. Gurdjieff (d. 1949) remains an important, if controversial, figure in early 20th-century Western Esoteric thought. Born in the culturally diverse region of the Caucasus, Gurdjieff traveled in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere in search of practical spiritual knowledge. Though oftentimes allusive, references to Sufi teachings and characters take a prominent position in Gurdjieff's work and writings. Since his death, a discourse on Gurdjieff and Sufism has developed through the contributions as well as critiques of his students and interlocutors. J.G. Bennett began an experimental 'Fourth Way' school in England in the 1970s which included the introduction of Sufi practices and teachings. In America this discourse has further expanded through the collaboration and engagement of contemporary Sufi teachers. This work does not simply demonstrate the influence of Gurdjieff and his ideas, but approaches the specific discourse on and about Gurdjieff and Sufism in the context of contemporary religious and spiritual teachings, particularly in the United States, and highlights some of the adaptive, boundary-crossing, and hybrid features that have led to the continuing influence of Sufism.
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The Wisdom Of The Fourth Way Origins And Applications Of A Perennial Teaching

Author : Theodore J. Nottingham
ISBN : 9780983769705
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Insights in to the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff known as the Fourth Way, including their application for personal change and their roots in early Christianity. From the Preface: The discovery of esoteric truth is our birthright as children of the universe. No teacher, no book, no system has the final word. Spirituality is meant to awaken the Higher Self who guides us onto a road of purpose, fulfillment and service. However it is packaged and marketed, the only true value of the product is the extent to which it leads us into the intimate depths of our own being where we can each verify, assimilate, and become the truths underlying all authentic wisdom teachings. A special Appendix features exceptional insight from author Reijo Oksanen and his studies connecting the Gurdjieff Work to the spirituality of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Also included is a rare translation of the observations of Boris Mouravieff and his relationship to Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Magic Language Of The Fourth Way

Author : Pierre Bonnasse
ISBN : 9781620553343
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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An application of Gurdjieffian principles to fully and properly activate the power of language • Explains the relationship between the Gurdjieff enneagram and sacred geometry and harmonics • Shows that the objective power of language--and art and music--lies in the ability to use symbols that will mean precisely the same thing to anyone • Includes a new English translation of René Daumal’s essay “The Holy War” In The Magic Language of the Fourth Way, Pierre Bonnasse applies the esoteric teachings of Fourth Way mystic G. I. Gurdjieff and the insights of initiate René Daumal to show how to fully and properly activate the power of language. Bonnasse shows how words can regain the strange magical powers they possessed in the first days of humanity, when words created the realities of what they described. This is a far cry from today’s world in which even writers lament the impotent nature of language. Bonnasse uses the relationship between the Gurdjieff enneagram and sacred geometry and harmonics to reveal the power given to words by the notes of the scale. He shows not only how to discover the objective power of words but also how to apply the relationship between language and living to maximum effect. He explains that the objective power of language--and art and music--lies in the ability to use symbols that will mean precisely the same thing to anyone. The Magic Language of the Fourth Way serves as a clear and generous introduction to the complexities of Gurdjieffian thought as well as a descriptive how-to manual for Fourth Way aspirants on the uses of objective language for spiritual advancement.
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