The Real American Dilemma

Author : Jared Taylor
ISBN : 0965638308
Genre : Social Science
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The New American Dilemma

Author : Jennifer L. Hochschild
ISBN : 0300031149
Genre : Education
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A provocative examination of school desegregation in America and how it does-and does not-succeed. In this powerful tract on school desegregation, Jennifer Hochschild formulates the most searching challenge to the theory of incrementalism that I have come across in recent years. -David Braybrooke A comprehensive synthesis of what is known about the processes of school desegregation and a powerful policy-oriented argument on a subject whose crucial significance Americans have been unable to wish away. -Paul E. Peterson, Brookings Institution A well-written, insightful survey and analysis of the pattern of school desegregation in American society since the Supreme Court's Brown decisions and a first-rate analysis of the implementation of public policy in the US, with perceptive remarks on incrementalism as a method of change.-Choice The New American Dilemma is policy analysis as it should be done, thorough in its consideration of evidence and bold in its examination of fundamental issues of political practice and social theory.-Clarence N.Stone, Ethics The New American Dilemma challenges almost all positions cherished by liberals and leftists, blacks and whites, including gradualism, democratic participation and ethnic solidarity. Because of that alone, The New American Dilemma is invaluable. -Richard H. King, Journal of American Studies A solid contribution to the literature on desegregation...This thought-provoking book provides an excellent perspective on the thirty years of desegregation since Brown. -Mary Jo Newborn, Michigan Law Review
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Prejudice Politics And The American Dilemma

Author : Paul M. Sniderman
ISBN : 0804724822
Genre : Political Science
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It has been half a century since the publication of An American Dilemma, Gunnar Myrdal's seminal work on race in America. The cleavage between the politics of race of the 1940s and the 1990s is that race has become a greater dilemma than ever before. This book is an attempt to contribute to a fresh understanding of prejudice, politics, and the American dilemma. It presents new lines of questions by deliberately inter-weaving two perspectives, the first taking up issues of race focusing on whites, the second on blacks. The contributors are drawn from several disciplines in the social sciences, sociologists, psychometricians, social and personality psychologists, demographers and political scientists of several persuasions. The book represents an important shift in perspectives, both theoretical and methodological, in the study of race and American politics.
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An American Dilemma

Author : Gunnar Myrdal
ISBN : 9781351531993
Genre : Political Science
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In this landmark effort to understand African American people in the New World, Gunnar Myrdal provides deep insight into the contradictions of American democracy as well as a study of a people within a people. The title of the book, An American Dilemma, refers to the moral contradiction of a nation torn between allegiance to its highest ideals and awareness of the base realities of racial discrimination. The touchstone of this classic is the jarring discrepancy between the American creed of respect for the inalienable rights to freedom, justice, and opportunity for all and the pervasive violations of the dignity of blacks. The appendices are a gold mine of information, theory, and methodology. Indeed, two of the appendices were issued as a separate work given their importance for systematic theory in social research. The new introduction by Sissela Bok offers a remarkably intimate yet rigorously objective appraisal of Myrdal—a social scientist who wanted to see himself as an analytic intellectual, yet had an unbending desire to bring about change. An American Dilemma is testimonial to the man as well as the ideas he espoused. When it first appeared An American Dilemma was called "the most penetrating and important book on contemporary American civilization" by Robert S. Lynd; "One of the best political commentaries on American life that has ever been written" in The American Political Science Review; and a book with "a novelty and a courage seldom found in American discussions either of our total society or of the part which the Negro plays in it" in The American Sociological Review. It is a foundation work for all those concerned with the history and current status of race relations in the United States.
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Race Religion And The Continuing American Dilemma

Author : C. Eric Lincoln
ISBN : 9781429952743
Genre : Social Science
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A classic work on religion and the racial problems of modern america -now brought up to date. Since the early days of the Republic, Americans' exuberant, unchastened idealism, their commitment to the notion of a perfect society in the New World, has clashed with the reality of ugly American society, and religious groups have all too often accommodated themselves to these injustices. In Race, Religion, and the Continuing American Dilemma, C. Eric Lincoln reevaluates what Gunnar Myrdal called "the American dilemma" and studies particularly the influence of the black church. This revised edition takes into account the weakening of welfare and affirmative action, and argues that the black church must serve today as a vital moral authority to lead us in to the twenty-first century..
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An American Dilemma

Author : M. Atwell
ISBN : 9781137270375
Genre : Law
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An American Dilemma examines the issue of capital punishment in the United States as it conflicts with the nation's obligations under the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. In a number of high profile cases, foreign nationals have been executed after being denied their rights under the Vienna Convention. The International Court of Justice has ruled against the United States, but individual states have chosen to defy international law. The Supreme Court has not resolved the question of legal remedies for such breaches.
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Charles A Lindbergh And The American Dilemma

Author : Susan M. Gray
ISBN : 0879724226
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Throughout his life, Lindbergh s value structure, interests, and activities shifted and moved, yielding a conflict between instinct and intellect. Both its presence in his life and his readjustment of values in accordance with it are representative of his time and culture. He moved, with the twentieth century itself, from a faith in technology to a disenchantment with it and finally to a balanced resolution that synthesized the seeming oppositions of technology and the human spirit. This emphasis on a balance between technology and humanity, and Lindbergh s belief that maintained the complementarity rather than the opposition of the two forces, finally culminated in a post-technological mysticism, a teleological worldview of science and nature as aspects of the same physical and spiritual environment."
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Confronting The American Dilemma Of Race

Author : Robert E. Washington
ISBN : 0761822909
Genre : Social Science
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Confronting the American Dilemma of Race consists of twelve articles written by six authors about the second generation African American sociologists who embarked on their sociological careers between 1930 and 1950 when American society was embedded in a racial caste system. From the perspective of the sociology of knowledge, these articles, through examining the life experiences and works of these African American sociologists, reveal important insights into the impact of racial segregation on the development of both black sociology and the sociology of race relations.
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An American Dilemma Revisited

Author : Obie, Jr. Clayton
ISBN : 9781610441247
Genre : Social Science
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"This book must be regarded as a greatly important contribution to race relations literature. It is invaluable for the manner in which authors combine the lessons of history with insightful analyses of empirical data to demonstrate patterns of change over the past fifty years in the status of African Americans... Provocative and stimulating reading." —James E. Blackwell, University of Massachusetts, Boston "Presents a wide-ranging reanalysis of the seminal work done by Gunnar Myrdal in 1944, examining virtually every issue that Myrdal noted as relevant to the American race question. In so doing, Clayton and his contributors have brought the matter up to date and shown how the American dilemma continues into the twenty-first century." —Stanford M. Lyman, Florida Atlantic University Fifty years after the publication of An American Dilemma, Gunnar Myrdal's epochal study of racism and black disadvantage, An American Dilemma Revisited again confronts the pivotal issue of race in American society and explores how the status of African Americans has changed over the past half century. African Americans have made critical strides since Myrdal's time. Yet despite significant advances, strong economic and social barriers persist, and in many ways the plight of African Americans remains as acute now as it was then. Using Myrdal as a benchmark, each essay analyzes historical developments, examines current conditions, and investigates strategies for positive change within the core arenas of modern society—political, economic, educational, and judicial. The central question posed by this volume is whether the presence of a disproportionately African American underclass has become a permanent American phenomenon. Several contributors tie the unevenness of black economic mobility to educational limitations, social isolation, and changing workplace demands. The evolution of a more suburban, service-dominated economy that places a premium on advanced academic training has severely constrained the employment prospects of many urban African Americans with limited education. An American Dilemma Revisited argues that there is hope to be found both in black educational institutions, which account for the largest proportion of advanced educational degrees among African Americans, and in the promotion of black community enterprises. An American Dilemma Revisited asks why the election of many African American leaders has failed to translate into genuine political power or effective policy support for black issues. The rise in membership in Pentecostal and Islamic denonimations suggests that many blacks, frustrated with the political detachment of more traditional churches, continue to pursue more socially concerned activism at a local level. Three essays trace social disaffection among blacks to a legacy of police and judicial discrimination. Mistrust of the police persists, particularly in cities, and black offenders continue to experience harsher treatment at all stages of the trial process. As Myrdal's book did fifty years ago, An American Dilemma Revisited offers an insightful look at the continuing effects of racial inequality and discrimination in American society and examines different means for removing the specter of racism in the United States.
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