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The Protector S War

Author : S. M. Stirling
ISBN : 9781101565971
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ten years after The Change rendered technology inoperable throughout the world, two brave leaders built two thriving communities in Oregon's Willamette Valley. But now the armies of the totalitarian Protectorate are preparing to wage war over the priceless farmland.
Category: Fiction

The Protectors Book Two Weapon Of War

Author : L.J.M. Wadsworth
ISBN : 9781291394511
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Project, hot on the trail of Edward and Emma, has arrived in Flintlock. But with a psychic weapon on the loose and the stakes upped to Level One Alpha, General Wade finds himself increasingly isolated in his efforts to bring the Twins in safely. Cal Taylor is key, but there are other forces that want to get their hands on the Twins, and even as Edward decides whether to risk his and Emma’s safety to help Cal, or pursue a backup plan using the vulnerable Shrew, General Wade and the Project are about to discover that things are not as they seem.
Category: Fiction

The Protectors

Author : G. J. Moses
ISBN : 9781635688122
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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On the way home from celebrating his 14th birthday at the Secaucus Fair in New Jersey, Eric, along with his older sister Tiffany, is assaulted by a group of men. What they wanted horrifies Eric, as it was not robbery, and had nothing to do with him. It did not take long to know there was little hope of survival for either of them. When all seemed lost, they are saved by a young man named Chris and his friends. This group of very unique individuals is known as the Protectors. Chris, the leader, has the unique ability to accelerate his metabolism increasing both his agility and strength. But this ability only comes at great personal risk. Eric, after getting to know more about Chris, makes a promise to himself on how he can repay this man. Eric's life change's dramatically over the next few years in his desire to join this group, with danger now being the norm. Eric comes to know and love the men and women that make up the Protectors. Their true strength is in their love, friendship and loyalty for each other. Tiffany and Chris become an item which makes Eric's promise to himself even more important than ever. Eric knows that unless he fulfills this promise, he will not be ready when Chris needs him the most. And if he is not ready... Chris will not survive. And time is getting short.
Category: Fiction

The Protectors

Author : Janette Owens & Linda J Owens
ISBN : 9781514403693
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.11 MB
Format : PDF
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Shortly after the Beginning the Creator made the protectors and sent them out on a journey to find a heathen that was pure of heart. They searched for centuries. Eventually, they found one and rushed back to the Creator, all excited! “We have found a pure of heart heathen!” The Creator was pleased. Given a task of protecting the heathen, the protectors defended them from earthly threats. In the process, time itself was skewed to protect one family’s progeny and ensure their descendants would be born. Eventually the protectors needed support from the very people they would defend. Twin sisters Avalene and Avalon, born in conflict, would set the stage for the beginning of jealousy and eventually rage. Literally transforming into a disembodied hate so intense, Avalene knew nothing of time or distance. Her fury drew in Legion and its followers to use her to their own evil ends. Unable to defeat the protectors the first time, Legion placed on the heathen’s family a scourge that would last four hundred years. Avalon inherited the protectors, so her descendants would bring about one small girl to break the curse and set her family free from the scourge. Soon the time would come when the protectors and Legion would clash in an epic battle of good and evil.
Category: Fiction

The Protectors

Author : April Hollingworth
ISBN : 9781509214730
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Tensions run high as the final battle with The Protectors approaches. Secrets are uncovered and new allies arise. With the help of her vampire lover, Victor Harlow, and their friends, Candi needs to prepare for the coming battle, a battle she might not survive. Danger surrounds her. The battle ground has been chosen. Will Candi be able to solve the mysteries of the past, and defeat The Protectors, for once and for all?
Category: Fiction

Silvie Of The Circle And The Protectors And Keepers Of The Golden Light

Author : Lily Anne Deary
ISBN : 9781449054885
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The end times had come and SIlvie had to find her circle in order to help fight the forces of darkness that were now walking the earth. The dark angel Goethe, Lucifers second had been awakened by the evil Minerva a dark wizard. Now he and Lucifer together were ready to call upon the legion of other angels and demons so they could at last wipe out the humans they so hated and then find their way back to heaven. Golden lighters from all dimensions of reality were on ready waiting for the word that the final fight of armegeddon was to begin.
Category: Fiction

The Protectors

Author : Ricky Spain, Jr.
ISBN : 9781462867394
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 709
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The protectors tell the tale of modern day brothers Tahjay, Eric, and Travon Benson. They are the latest in the long line of protectors, three beings each gifted with a different control over the elements, to protect the ancient, coveted box of nevaeh from the forces of darkness. While trying to balance their destiny with living everyday normal lives, they encounter the mimicals, shape shifters who are after the box of neveah. It is a fight to the death that the protectors may not win, and could ultimately lead to their exposure to the world.
Category: Fiction