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Summary Analysis Of Braving The Wilderness

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At a time when political and social debates are becoming explosive and self-reported levels of loneliness are at an all-time high, social scientist Brené Brown blends the latest research with moving personal accounts to bring in a voice of reason and offer a prescription for being human. Don't miss out on this ZIP Reads summary of Brené Brown's life-changing book, Braving the Wilderness! Learn how live an authentic life and find true belonging through vulnerability. What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include? - A synopsis of the original book - Key takeaways to distill the most important lessons - Analysis of each takeaway - In-depth Editorial Review - Short bio of the original author - Supplementary info about the original title Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness redefines what it means to belong, arguing that true belonging is ours not when we find our tribe, but when we find the courage to be true to who we are and live our truth. Brown takes apart the fear and the pressure to fit in that is driving the polarization of society today and recommends four practices that anyone can cultivate to rekindle the waning human connection and fill the primal need to belong. DISCLAIMER: This book is intended as a companion to, not a replacement for, Braving the Wilderness. ZIP Reads is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way.

Rise Of The Deo

Author : Maria Giudice
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The majority of companies, their employees and their leaders navigate a space where competitors appear overnight, customers demand innovations monthly, business plans rarely last a full year and career ladders have been replaced by trampolines. This environment of constant change will only accelerate in the future and traditional business leaders are ill equipped to deal with it. Just as we took our cues from MBAs and the military in casting the ideal CEO of the 20th century, we can look to design - in its broadest form - to model our future leader, the DEO. These leaders possess characteristics, behaviors and mindsets that allow them to excel in unpredictable, fast-moving and value-charged conditions. They are catalysts for transformation and agents of change. A hybrid of strategic business executive and creative problem-solver, the DEO is willing to take on anything as an object of design and looks at ALL problems as design challenges. Readers will learn not only why this form of leadership is essential to the success of modern organizations, but also what characteristics are best suited to this role. Through intimate conversations with leading DEOs, we explore the mindsets, communities, processes and practices common to creative business leaders. The book lays out—graphically and through example—how DEOs run their companies and why this approach makes sense now. We help readers identify these skills in themselves and their colleagues, and we guide them in using these skills to build, revive or reinvent the next generation of great companies and organization.
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The Education Of A Value Investor

Author : Guy Spier
ISBN : 9781137471246
Genre : Business & Economics
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What happens when a young Wall Street investment banker spends a small fortune to have lunch with Warren Buffett? He becomes a real value investor. In this fascinating inside story, Guy Spier details his career from Harvard MBA to hedge fund manager. But the path was not so straightforward. Spier reveals his transformation from a Gordon Gekko wannabe, driven by greed, to a sophisticated investor who enjoys success without selling his soul to the highest bidder. Spier's journey is similar to the thousands that flock to Wall Street every year with their shiny new diplomas, aiming to be King of Wall Street. Yet what Guy realized just in the nick of time was that the King really lived 1,500 miles away in Omaha, Nebraska. Spier determinedly set out to create a new career in his own way. Along the way he learned some powerful lessons which include: why the right mentors and partners are critical to long term success on Wall Street; why a topnotch education can sometimes get in the way of your success; that real learning doesn't begin until you are on your own; and how the best lessons from Warren Buffett have less to do with investing and more to do with being true to yourself. Spier also reveals some of his own winning investment strategies, detailing deals that were winners but also what he learned from deals that went south. Part memoir, part Wall Street advice, and part how-to, Guy Spier takes readers on a ride through Wall Street but more importantly provides those that want to take a different path with the insight, guidance, and inspiration they need to carve out their own definition of success.
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Practising Spirituality

Author : Laura Beres
ISBN : 9781137556851
Genre : Social Science
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The steady increase in economic, social, environmental and political hardships experienced by many around the globe has led, in recent years, to a corresponding growth in the importance ascribed to finding meaning in life, and to addressing the bigger questions. As deliverers of care and assistance to people across many different faiths and cultures whose lives are impacted directly by these hardships, current and future social workers must learn to apply concepts of spirituality in their own professional practice. In this unique and inspiring book, a diverse group of authors draws deeply on their own experiences of spirituality in practice, providing a fascinating and often moving exploration of how meaning is derived in a variety of different contexts. Topics discussed include: • Mindfulness, meditation and the practice of Falun Gong • The interaction between spirituality, social justice and professional practice • The role of spirituality in the provision of palliative care • Indigenous spiritualities, interconnectedness and human-animal bonds • The role of spirituality in providing hospitality and acceptance in practice. Enriched by a wealth of case studies and a strong focus on critical reflection throughout, Practising Spirituality is an important and thought-provoking read for students and practitioners across the full range of health and social care disciplines – from social work and counselling to nursing, youth work and beyond.
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Complexity In Education

Author : Cok Bakker
ISBN : 9789463007641
Genre : Education
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"This volume, the result of four years of work performed by the combined research groups of Utrecht University (Faculty of Humanities) and the HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (Faculty of Education), focuses on the central theme of ‘Normative Professionalization’. Drawing on a wide variety of scholars including Hannah Arendt, Gert Biesta, Harry Kunneman, Donald Schön and Chris Argyris, and engaging with professionalism, ethics, virtue and morality, this book builds the argument that learning to deal with complexity supports not only education but the personal development of teachers and the improvement of society and democracy as well. This volume presents research on a broad range of topics such as worldview education, co-teaching, moral authorship, traditional-reform perspectives on education, the discourse on citizenship, teacher education, and the question how to link religion and education. The research chapters explain the theoretical lenses and methodological approaches which have been employed to get a grip on complexity. The results have been interpreted in light of the concepts of horror complexitatis, amor complexitatis and dolor complexitatis. Guided by detailed research accounts of worldview descriptions provided by students and teachers, this framework has been enriched with the notion of a passio complexitatis. In the concluding chapters, the book advocates for an improved balance between the normative and instrumental professionalization of teachers, in order to create space for the improvement of pedagogical relations and processes and to reintroduce the moral dimensions of education. The claim throughout this book is that allowing for complexity in education – even going so far as to embrace it – is vital for the improvement of education, and a prerequisite for more authentic relationships (on the micro level) and the maintenance of a well-functioning democracy and a balanced society (on the macro level). This book is of interest to researchers and educators who are interested in normative professionalization, to qualitative and practice oriented researchers, to teachers and managers in primary, secondary and professional education, and to the wider public which is concerned with the significance of education for the development of a stable and sustainable society."
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A Primer For Ascension

Author : Pierre Richard Dubois
ISBN : 1491027282
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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FOR ALL LIGHT WORKERS, ENERGY HEALERS, STARSEEDS, AND TRUTH SEEKERS A PRIMER FOR ASCENSION is a comprehensive, self-empowering, and fundamental manual for all who are serious about the mastery of life and need support in their journey toward ascension.With the courageous vulnerability and openheartedness that only spiritual masters display, Pierre R. Dubois shares very intimate and awakening life lessons that will radically help accelerate your self-realization process. This jewel of authenticity will bring into focus the achievements, pitfalls, landmarks, and signposts that you need to watch for but that other teachers usually do not talk about. You will undeniably appreciate the divine wisdom of Pierre's high consciousness that is channeled throughout this manual and be amazed by the generosity of the numerous gifts of self-healing techniques that are offered. Ultimately, you will discover the underlying universal “block” that slows down humanity's ascension process and the key to unravel it and propel you to a rapid and successful ascension. You will understand why you cannot manifest your true desires in your current state of consciousness, how through ascension you can simply re-connect to the cosmic power that moves everything and remember that you are a co-creator with God.We are currently living in an extraordinary time: at no other moment in history have there been such public acceptance, openness, and tolerance of personal growth, alternative spiritual practices, and consciousness mechanics. Yet many feel “stuck” in their expansion process and struggle to find effective, groundbreaking tools.A PRIMER FOR ASCENSION is one of those “magical,” life-companion books that you read over and over again as it takes you further into a higher level of consciousness, each and every time. The key question is: How sincere are you in your intention to ascend? If you are up for the challenge and ready for truth, read on.
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Bringing It Home

Author : Brenda Lea Brown
ISBN : UOM:39015040672761
Genre : Social Science
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An eloquent anthology of essays by women, from a wide range of fields and perspectivism on the role of feminism in their lives - what it means to them, how they came to view themselves as feminists, and their views on the challenges facing feminism in today's complex world.
Category: Social Science

Creating Community Anywhere

Author : Carolyn Shaffer
ISBN : UCSC:32106013649717
Genre : Social Science
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Describes the community movement, discusses new ways of living together, and offers practical advice on improving one's own comunity.
Category: Social Science

Yoga For The Creative Soul

Author : Erin Byron
ISBN : 9780738753713
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Use the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga to Explore the Deepest Aspects of Your Creative Self Combining expressive arts and yoga therapy, Yoga for the Creative Soul is an invaluable guide to healing emotional wounds and creating a joyous life. Through drawing, writing, dancing, humming, and cooking—as well as yoga postures, meditation, relaxation, breathing, and self-inquiry—this book helps you cultivate your true intentions and live your deepest values. With helpful tips for daily practice and a quiz to support you in identifying areas of imbalance, author Erin Byron shares techniques that you can personalize to meet your specific needs. Discover how to bring color, movement, and melody into everyday moments with the five paths to self-realization: Karma, Jnana, Raja, Bhakti, and Tantra. Engaging a process of personal transformation and learning how take control of your life are gifts you can give yourself with Yoga for the Creative Soul Praise: “I’m dazzled. Yoga for the Creative Soul is more than a program or philosophy. It’s a gift, merging the tenets of ancient and yoga-based psychology with the expressive arts and personal healing . . . In this blessed book, Erin presents us with an all-inclusive path to joy.”—Cyndi Dale, author of Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras “Grab your journals, pens, crayons, and music and get ready for a dance party! Yoga for the Creative Soul is not just a book, but a companion that allows for a unique personalized experience. Erin Byron compassionately guides you on a delightful journey . . . to help unleash the creative power that is within us all.”—Shelly Prosko, PT, PYT “A DIY guide full of exceptional exercises to awaken your best and most creative self . . . Yoga for the Creative Soul will help you to gently release fear, embrace change, gather courage, and overcome your inner-perfectionist.”—Amy B. Scher, author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can “Erin Byron expertly guides you through fun-filled, creative workouts that are not only enjoyable but transformative. Encouraged by one of the exercises, I found myself happily skipping down the street, something I haven’t done in a very long time.”—Sherrie Dillard, author of Sacred Signs and Symbols “I don’t have much yoga experience, yet Yoga for the Creative Soul is written in such a way that I am excited to put its teachings into practice! More than just a book about yoga, it serves as a journey to replenish one's source of creative energy.”—Steven Tippin, MFA, MBA “Yoga for the Creative Soul is a must-read for artists of life! Each one of us is looking to live to our fullest potential and this book is a practical guide on that path.”—Robert Butera, PhD, author of Yoga Therapy for Stress & Anxiety “In Yoga for the Creative Soul, Erin Byron unlocks the key to the creative essence which is within each and every one of us, regardless of what external form it takes. This book is a guide to the process of finding that creativity and keeping it flowing.”—Servet Hasan, author of Life in Transition: An Intuitive Guide to New Beginnings “In her new book, Yoga for the Creative Soul, author Erin Byron uses her extensive knowledge of yoga, the expressive arts, and psychotherapy to help her readers develop or release their natural creativity. This is a refreshing look at the emotional possibilities yoga can open.”—Jeanne Van Bronkhorst, author of Dreams at the Threshold “Erin Byron’s Yoga for the Creative Soul is a book that is for anyone who is interested in how to live a more creative and fulfilling life. I have had the pleasure of teaching with Erin and it is with great joy that I notice her clear teaching style has translated onto the pages of this book.”—Staffan Elgelid, PhD, PT, GCFP, C-IAYT “I am impressed with how this book provides such an immediate and practical guide to accessing our wellspring of creativity. Everyone can benefit from this accessible map to exploration and expression.”—Gary Diggins, author of Tuning the Eardrums: Listening as a Mindful Practice “Yoga for the Creative Soul is a call to delight in the transformative and liberating power of yoga by laying down the self-conscious fear-based ego and picking up the valuable art of play-driven vulnerability and authenticity, the balance between action and acceptance that can enable us to truly find and live our creative dharma, our life purpose.”—Dr. Ginger Garner, founder of the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute and author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga “I love books that give you practical tools for transformation. And this book is full of them! In it, you'll find ways to heal yourself, inspire your creativity, and manifest your desires—all while unifying mind, body, and spirit!”—Tess Whitehurst, author of The Good Energy Book “This is a masterpiece book on the creative soul, which should be an essential part of all the yoga practitioners’ and every yoga therapist’s and health care professional’s library.”—Dilip Sarkar, MD, C-IAYT, president of the board of directors of the International Association of Yoga Therapists "Yoga for the Creative Soul is an inspirational wake up call for the animating principle that we all long to express. Erin Byron shares ancient yogic concepts in a way that is both simple and profound, and offers clear insights that will illuminate the creative path for all ages and levels.”—Kristen Butera, RYT500, C-IAYT, author of Yoga Therapy “Yoga for the Creative Soul provides a treasure chest of tools for those searching to reclaim or sustain their creative efforts.”—Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, C-IAYT, editor of Fostering Creativity in Rehabilitation “This book is a gem for waking up your creative self using the principles and practice of Yoga Therapy. Accessible, inspiring and fun, it is a unique resource for artists, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to live a full, unabashed life.”—Rachel Krentzman, PT, C-IAYT, author of Yoga for a Happy Back “Erin Byron’s invitation to gently and playfully access your creative capacities demands your full attention. What a delightful thinker and writer.”—Markus G. Scott-Alexander, PhD, director of the World Arts Organization “This book takes you on a journey of understanding and connecting to that creative aspect of yourself that might have become diminished, forgotten, or lost . . . This book will help anyone searching for a reconnection to their truth, their innate creativity, and to realize their intentions.”—Marlysa Sullivan, MPT, C-IAYT, assistant professor at Maryland University of Integrative Health “This is a wonderful practical guide with a fun, creative approach to becoming unstuck. A clearly written exploration of integrating ancient wisdom and yoga practices for modern minds with the purpose of inducing the creative process that lies within us all.”—Helene Couvrette, founder and director of Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga “Is your body longing for more meaningful expression? Erin Byron gives you lovely, creative ways to discover your body and yourself more deeply.”—Deborah Sandella, PhD, RN, author of Goodbye Hurt & Pain “Erin Byron offers a unique and much-needed tool to awaken and ignite the creative fire. Heart-felt, imaginative, and highly accessible in its writing, this book is a must-have for everyone looking to dream and live in vivid color.”—Melanie Klein, co-editor of Yoga and Body Image
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