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The Power Of Presence

Author : Kristi Hedges
ISBN : 9780814437865
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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When some people speak, everyone listens. When they need commitment to projects, others jump on board. These are the lucky few with “presence”—that subtle magnetic field that signals authority and authenticity. Wouldn’t it be great if doors opened as effortlessly for you? They can! Everyone, regardless of position or personality, can strengthen their presence. The key is to cultivate the communication aptitude, mental attitude, and unique leadership style needed to connect with and motive others. The Power of Presence demystifies this elusive sought-after quality. Filled with strategies, exercises, and personal stories from years spent coaching leaders, this new paperback release of a popular career accelerator explains how to: Build relationships based on trust Rid yourself of limiting behaviors Embody values you want to convey Explore how others see you and correct misperceptions Present effectively in public and in meetings Communicate in ways that inspire Presence. You know it when you see it, but how do you get more of it? The Power of Presence shows you exactly how.
Category: Business & Economics

The Power Of Presence

Author : Joy Thomas Moore
ISBN : 9781538743812
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 72.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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For single parents, working parents, and caregivers who worry about the time they spend away from their children, the mother of The Other Wes Moore shares strategies to raise happy, well adjusted kids. As the mother of Wes Moore, whose memoir about overcoming the obstacles that face a fatherless young black man was a huge bestseller, Joy is constantly asked: How did you do it? How can you be a good parent, have a career and stay healthy when you don't have a partner to pick up the slack? How do you connect with a child when you can't always be there? Joy's answer is "presence." Specifically, seven different ways of being a force in a child's life, ensuring that they feel your influence. We can't always be physically there for our children, but the power of presence can help us to be a voice in the back of their minds that guides them through difficult times. In THE POWER OF PRESENCE, Moore explores seven pillars of presence--heart, faith, mind, courage, financial freedom, values, and connectedness--that all parents can use to positively influence their children. Using compelling stories from women who have been there and practical advice on everything from savings accounts to mindfulness, this book is a compassionate look at what it takes to raise great kids even in less than ideal circumstances.
Category: Family & Relationships

The Power Of Presence

Author : Neil T. Anderson
ISBN : 9780857217325
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39.19 MB
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Neil Anderson has travelled the world, speaking and teaching, and has written many books. At his side, at his back, has been his wife Joanne: they have been together for over 50 years. Now Joanne is gripped by a long decline, sinking gradually into agitated dementia. She depends on Neil's presence, calls him Daddy. He has no training as a nurse, but now for long hours he sits at her bedside, and cares for her bodily needs. They do not speak much: conversation is a strain. So Neil has used the silent hours to pray, to spend time in God's presence, and to reflect on what this means. 'I have become keenly aware that God is using Joanne's illness to teach me about the power of presence,' he writes. 'I’m learning on a much deeper level the purpose of just being there, and what it means to be still and know that He is God. There is an inexplicable peace that comes from knowing I don’t have to 'do' in order to 'be' in God's will – to be in His presence – to be in each other's presence. 'It has been a peaceful time of reflection upon the presence of God, and how that has shaped me, our marriage, and ministry. My theology tells me that God is omnipresent, but we are not always aware of His presence, and yet without His presence we are not fully alive.'
Category: Religion

Peace Power And Presence

Author : Jonathan Evatt
ISBN : 9781877492006
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 22.72 MB
Format : PDF
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Why is your life the way it is? How do your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs affect your perception of the world around you? How does this perception influence your power, and therefore affect your state of Inner Peace? Most importantly, how can you approach your life--as it is right now--in such a way so as to liberate yourself from suffering and become established in a lasting state of Peace, in the Power to fulfil your purpose, and in absolute Presence to the perfection that you are? In this groundbreaking new book Peace, Power, and Presence, Jonathan Evatt brings clarity to key principles and perspectives on these and other challenging questions. The result is nothing short of your becoming empowered to recognize the ultimate answers already emerging from the essence within you. You will pierce through the many veils of deception so prevalent in the world today, and step into a Life of Freedom defined not by some external source of knowledge but by the immaculate wisdom of your own Being. In what is set to become a key point of reference for those individuals interested in spiritual and human freedom, Jonathan makes no attempt to show you how to live your life. Instead, he shares with you a new way to approach the life you are already living--an approach that will bring into actualization your innate qualities of Enlightenment--for a Life of Freedom. AWARDS: Winner of a Shortlisting Award in the Mind, Body, Spirit genre (2006) Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Unpublished Manuscript Award
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Presence Of God Realizing More Of The Power And Presence Of God In Your Life

Author : Christopher Dysinger
ISBN : 1795362227
Genre : Religion
File Size : 24.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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God is active and present in everybody's life. The cares and worries of the world keep us from seeing this. The presence of God will help you to see more of what God is already doing in your life and will help you to adding activities into your life which lead to a greater and active presence of God in your life. This work highlights several important factors that lead to realizing more of the presence of God. Such as, church attendance, prayer, living the Bible, and learning to trust God more. You will thoroughly enjoy the insights brought out by this book.
Category: Religion

The Redeeming Power Of Presence

Author : Andrew Carey
ISBN : 1452051860
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Real life change, real peace, and real love that lift us above the things of the world in the same way that Jesus walked isnt this how we were meant to walk in life? Do you desire new revelations that expand you further into the mysteries of Christ? The Redeeming Power of Presence is not simply about becoming aware of the Lords presence but about our learning to become present and available to Him in a way that makes His powerful presence accessible to us. Experience this narrow way that Jesus walked before us that loses the old selfs life by walking simply in the present moment where the powerful presence of I Am reigns. As you read, experience this living water and pathway to more of the mysteries of Christ that believers are just now beginning to awaken to in their walk with Christ.
Category: Religion

Inside Out Healing

Author : Richard Moss
ISBN : 1401930832
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 37.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Join world-renowned consciousness teacher and healer Richard Moss in an exploration of the power of presence in your life. Presence is associated with feelings of aliveness, connection, creativity, satisfaction, and flow. It is presence that frequently is the "difference that makes the difference" in your ability to enjoy life, heal emotional wounds, experience intimacy, and support the growth and transformation of others. This inspiring book presents powerful principles, tools, and practices for transforming self-limiting patterns of thought and behaviors and for staying in the present even in the midst of very difficult feelings. Drawing from individual counseling sessions and utilizing practical exercises, Dr. Moss demonstrates how awareness and presence can be applied to support change in yourself and others, thereby creating a solid bridge between knowing and doing. Inside-Out Healing will help you become more available and fully connected with yourself and others, build a solid foundation for healing in all areas of your life, be better able to handle difficult situations with more elegance and ease, improve both personal and professional relationships, expand your capacity for genuine empathy and compassion, and experience more richness, gratitude, and fulfillment in your life and relationships. Are you ready for a shift of consciousness that liberates your mind and heart? Whether you’re motivated by illness, relationship unhappiness, or the desire to excel and experience life to the fullest, this book holds the keys.
Category: Self-Help

Holy Power Holy Presence

Author : Elizabeth Dreyer
ISBN : 0809144859
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Western theology is frequently criticized for not having a fully developed pneumatology. According to these critics, preoccupation with Christology and an excessive focus on the nature and unity of God have come at the expense of a full theology of the three persons. While admitting that there is some truth to these criticisms, Elizabeth Dreyer maintains that those who level them base their conclusions on a narrow range of texts and thus fail to establish a true neglect of the Holy Spirit. Medieval authors offer a wealth of creative language and insight that speaks to the role of the Holy Spirit in contemporary spirituality and contributes to a renewed pneumatology for the twenty-first century. Book jacket.
Category: Religion

Power Presence For Women

Author : Janet Ioli
ISBN : 0692088695
Genre :
File Size : 40.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Power Presence for Women It is an exciting time for women. We have an opportunity as never before to stand up and reject outdated models of power and show up in the world differently. We have an opportunity to demonstrate what a truly powerful presence looks and feels like when we are around it. - This presence is not insecure, egocentric, domineering, fearful, or competitive. - It does not seek to conquer, control, and be seen. - It is not sourced from scarcity or from winning and losing. - Instead, this presence seeks to understand, accept, lift, and unite. It is grounded in a secure, non-egocentric place that is not fragile or easily derailed by fear of its loss. You can't lose it-because the source of this power is limitless and always accessible if you simply know how to tap into it and let it flow. Even successful, high achieving women confess that they are haunted by thought habits that disempower them. We present calm, cool, and collected on the outside yet our minds are flickering with negative, defensive, and self-defeating thoughts. Common advice to just "fake it" or strike a "power pose" just doesn't work for very long. A truly powerful presence can only be accessed by grounded, empowering thought habits that provide continuous, clear, and luminous action energy. Power Presence is not dependent on outside validation, the situation, or who is in the room. It already resides deep within you, and is always there for you to access. Drawing on nearly two decades of working with powerful women as an executive coach, Janet Ioli provides 10 power presence mantras that will help you transform disempowering thoughts and beliefs. Your own mind becomes your power portal, you feel grounded and more confident in any situation, you connect with others more easily, and your defensiveness and insecurities begin to disappear. These powerful thoughts become your beliefs, and when combined with consistent, decisive, and intentional action, help you show up in any situation with true Power Presence. You will be... Unshakeable Unstoppable And... Unforgettable.