The Philosophy Of Aristotle

Author : Aristotle
ISBN : 0451528875
Genre : Fiction
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This annotated collection of the influential philosopher's most famous works includes: Metaphysics, Logic, Physics, Psychology, Ethics, Politics, and Poetics.
Category: Fiction

The Politics Of Rationality

Author : Charles Webel
ISBN : 9781134490448
Genre : Political Science
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What are reason and rationality? How significant are recent postmodernist and neuroscientific challenges to these longheld notions? Should we abandon a belief in reason and an adherence to rationality? Or can reason and rationality be reformulated and reframed? And what does politics have to do with how we think about reason and why we act more or less rationally? The Politics of Rationality differs from other books with "reason" or “rationality” due to its historical, political, depth-psychological, and multidisciplinary approach to understanding reason through history. Charles P. Webel eloquently clarifies the links among ideas, their creators, the relevant mental processes, and the political cultures within which such important concepts as reasons and rationality take hold. He demonstrates how reason and rationality/irrationality have become what they mean for us today and proposes a way to rethink reason and rationality in light of the withering critiques leveled against them. In doing so, he presents a "history of reason and rationality" by examining the intellectual and political contexts of four representative theorists of reason and rationality-- Plato, Machiavelli, Kant, and Weber—and by addressing contemporary challenges posed by postmodernism, depth psychology, and neurophilosophy.
Category: Political Science

True Detective And Philosophy

Author : Jacob Graham
ISBN : 9781119280798
Genre : Philosophy
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Investigating the trail of philosophical leads in HBO’s chilling True Detective series, an elite team of philosophers examine far-reaching riddles including human pessimism, Rust’s anti-natalism, the problem of evil, and the ‘flat circle’. The first book dedicated to exploring the far-reaching philosophical questions behind the darkly complex and Emmy-nominated HBO True Detective series Explores in a fun but insightful way the rich philosophical and existential experiences that arise from this gripping show Gives new perspectives on the characters in the series, its storylines, and its themes by investigating core questions such as: Why Life Rather Than Death? Cosmic Horror and Hopeful Pessimism, the Illusion of Self, Noir, Tragedy, Philosopher-Detectives, and much, much more Draws together an elite team of philosophers to shine new light on why this genre-expanding show has inspired such a fervently questioning fan-base
Category: Philosophy

The Fiction Of Evil

Author : Peter Brian Barry
ISBN : 9781317594772
Genre : Philosophy
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What makes someone an evil person? How are evil people different from merely bad people? Do evil people really exist? Can we make sense of evil people if we mythologize them? Do evil people take pleasure in the suffering of others? Can evil people be redeemed? Peter Brian Barry answers these questions by examining a wide range of works from renowned authors, including works of literature by Kazuo Ishiguro, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, and Oscar Wilde alongside classic works of philosophy by Nietzsche and Aristotle. By considering great texts from literature and philosophy, Barry examines whether evil is merely a fiction. The Fiction of Evil explores how the study of literature can contribute to the study of metaphysics and ethics and it is essential reading for those studying the concept of evil or philosophy of literature at undergraduate level.
Category: Philosophy

Web Based Learning Through Educational Informatics Information Science Meets Educational Computing

Author : Ford, Nigel
ISBN : 1599047438
Genre : Education
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Educational informatics represents the convergence of key aspects of information science, computing, and education while exploiting Web-based techniques and standards. This book provides a rigorous definition of and theoretical framework for educational informatics, while relating to the human aspects of educational information systems. Web-Based Learning Through Educational Informatics: Information Science Meets Educational Computing explores the role of information seeking and retrieval in the development of information systems to support personalized and autonomous learning by introducing key concepts from information science.
Category: Education

Confucius The Analects And Western Education

Author : Frank M. Flanagan
ISBN : 9780826499301
Genre : Education
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Frank Flanagan explores significance Confucius' philosophyhas for Western education systems today. >
Category: Education

Die Zerbrochene Wirklichkeit

Author : Leon Wurmser
ISBN : 9783662009192
Genre : Psychology
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Ausgehend von klinisch-therapeutischen und literarisch-philosophischen Beobachtungen, die das Selbst- und Welterleben als "gespalten", als zerbrochen oder doppelt zeigen, konzentriert sich der Autor auf drei Erscheinungsformen: Was ist das Erleben des Tragischen? Welches sind der Ursprung und die Natur des durch das Ressentiment begründeten absoluten Bösen? Was steckt hinter der durch Lüge und Verleugnung geschaffenen doppelten Wirklichkeit? Zur Erklärung dieser Phänomene dient das Konzept des inneren Konflikts. Die Erklärung durch Konflikt und Komplementarität ist überhaupt die einzige Kausalantwort, die aus der psychoanalytischen Erfahrung mit Sicherheit abgeleitet werden kann. Als Wissenschaft vom inneren Konflikt wird die Psychoanalyse als gesonderter Bereich der symbolischen Erfassung und Gestaltung der Wirklichkeit aufgefaßt, der weitgehend unabhängig ist und weder den Natur- noch den Geisteswissenschaften zugehört.
Category: Psychology

Philosophy And Vision

Author : Dane R. Gordon
ISBN : 9042006013
Genre : Philosophy
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Philosophy and Vision argues that clear thinking and imaginative understanding are necessary qualities as we try to deal with the problems that confront us in our daily life. The book discusses history, the environment, religion, personal and corporate morality, freedom, the concept of person, poetry, and post-modernism attempts to show that as a philosophic vision is brought to bear on all of these, we will grasp them more completely and more constructively.The issues which challenge most of us seldom have straightforward answers, but they require some answers, some response other than failing out of our emotions. Attempting to see these philosophically, to adopt a philosophic vision, is no panacea, but it may make the difference between being overwhelmed and being able to cope.The book has a crisp enjoyable style, and while it is a philosophical work it draws upon movies, fiction, poetry, and life's experiences in developing its arguments.
Category: Philosophy

Essays On Aristotle S Ethics

Author : Amélie Rorty
ISBN : 0520040414
Genre : History
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"Uniformly distinguished. . . . The cream of the philosophical thinking that has been done by students of Aristotle in this country and in Britain in the last few years. This compilation will mark a high point of excellence in its genre."--Gregory Vlastos, University of California, Berkeley
Category: History

Shakespeare S Philosopher King

Author : Guy Story Brown
ISBN : 9780881461855
Genre : Drama
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The Tragedy of King Lear precedes Cymbeline King of Britain as the earliest of Shakespeare's English history plays in the sense that it represents a primordial age when the "sceptered isle" of "England" was hardly yet even clearly differentiated from "Britain." The decay and fall of the world is visible, i.e., is originally conceivable as a subject, only from a vantage that is in some sense not itself limited to error or fault. This resolution cannot be a thesis that is merely proved from outside but a vantage that emerges in a careful reading of the 1623 Folio text from the beginning that is alert both to the whole of Shakespeare's corpus and its cultural context. The reading shows The Tragedy of King Lear to be a Thomistic portrayal of the problem and reality of kingship, in which there emerges an increasingly explicit and profoundbut unsentimentalChristianity that seems as much Augustinian as Thomistic.
Category: Drama