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The Origin Of Evil

Author : Stephen N Berberich
ISBN : 9781543458237
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Origin of Evil A group of well-intentioned geneticists in charge of the first designer baby project at a fertility clinic in Southern California were on the brink of an incredible discovery. Their arrogance ultimately led to a critical error in judgment. The dire consequences of that blunder wouldnt be evident for years to come. Unfortunately, by then, it was too late. Vatican Citytwenty years later Pope Peter II, the first American pontiff, began having nightmares so vivid and realistic that on the last night of each month, he was unable to sleep. The night frights were always the same. Horrific evil was spreading through population centers like an aggressive cancer. Worse yet, these nightmares had escaped the boundaries of the popes dreams and invaded reality. Father Kevin McCarthy, a noted American geneticist, was urgently summoned to Vatican City to investigate these strange happenings. What he and his colleague, Meighan Cole, found would join science and religion at the hip and then turn each discipline on its respective ear. They discovered that pure evil had its ancestral roots in human DNA and those individuals missing a prime gene, and their names were replete in the annals of history. But what Kevin found while drilling even deeper into this matter was more alarming. This new and burgeoning generation of evil, led by Daman Leonard and his master plan, was not the product of classical evolution, but one created in a laboratory using a computer and a petri dish. This evil, if not confronted quickly, was destined to change the nature of man and turn the human race into an advanced species with no genetic soul.
Category: Fiction

The Origin Of Evil

Author : Ellery Queen
ISBN : 9781471910678
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.55 MB
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When the past comes back to haunt you, there is no escape. A dead dog, a green alligator wallet, a burned book and a series of cryptic notes send Ellery Queen on the trail of a murderer. Laurel Hill, daughter of Hollywood jeweller Leander Hill, believes that her father was frightened to death, and asks Ellery Queen to investigate. Someone is still out to get Hill's business partner, Roger Priam, but he's not talking. And it appears that a mysterious and violent incident in the men's past may be at the heart of the matter. When Priam begins to receive a series of less than pleasant 'gifts', master detective Ellery Queen must discern the pattern that connects the clues and the notes, and entrap the criminal.
Category: Fiction

The Origin Of Evil Spirits

Author : Archie T. Wright
ISBN : 3161510313
Genre : Religion
File Size : 79.73 MB
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How do we account for the explosion of demonic activity in the New Testament? Archie T. Wright examines the trajectory of the origin of evil spirits in early Jewish literature. His work traces the development of the concept of evil spirits from the Hebrew Bible (Genesis 6) through post-biblical Jewish literature. "I would in fact recommend this book, not because of the answers it gives, but the questions it raises." -- Philip R. Davies in Journal of Semitic Studies 55 (2010) "This work is marked by several strengths. First, Wright shows an impressive command of the primary and secondary literature. Second, this writer appreciates Wright's tendency to express cautious conclusions regarding historical and source-critical matters. These qualities are especially helpful in a work dealing with the reception history of a given text. Third, Wright has an extremely helpful discussion of the identity of the nephilim of Gen. 6:4 (80-83)." -- Mark D. Owens in Faith & Mission 24 (2007), pp. 68-70
Category: Religion