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The Once And Future World

Author : James Bernard MacKinnon
ISBN : 9780544103054
Genre : Nature
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Defining our true role in shaping the nature around us, an award-winning ecology writer searches for places untouched by human hands and discovers, along the way, that the environmental crisis we face today has been well under way for hundreds of years. 20,000 first printing.
Category: Nature

The Once And Future World

Author : J.B. MacKinnon
Genre :
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The Once and Future World began in the moment J.B. MacKinnon realized the grassland he grew up on was not the pristine wilderness he had always believed it to be. Instead, his home prairie was the outcome of a long history of transformation, from the disappearance of the grizzly bear to the introduction of cattle. What remains today is an illusion of the wild--an illusion that has in many ways created our world. In 3 beautifully drawn parts, MacKinnon revisits a globe exuberant with life, where lions roam North America and 20 times more whales swim in the sea. He traces how humans destroyed that reality, out of rapaciousness, yes, but also through a great forgetting. Finally, he calls for an "age of restoration," not only to revisit that richer and more awe-filled world, but to reconnect with our truest human nature. MacKinnon never fails to remind us that nature is a menagerie of marvels. Here are fish that pass down the wisdom of elders, landscapes still shaped...

T H White S The Once And Future King

Author : Elisabeth Brewer
ISBN : 9780859913935
Genre : History
File Size : 80.99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A critical study of T.H. White's classic Arthurian tetralogy.
Category: History

The Once And Future Turing

Author : S. Barry Cooper
ISBN : 9781107010833
Genre : Computers
File Size : 55.92 MB
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Original essays by world-leading researchers reveal Alan Turing's lasting contributions to modern research.
Category: Computers

The Once And Future Church Collection

Author : Loren B. Mead
ISBN : 9781566996631
Genre : Religion
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In 1991 The Once and Future Church by Alban Institute founder and former director Loren B. Mead created an instant sensation in congregational circles with its prophetic insights into the life of the church in a post-Christendom era. Still often-quoted and in demand, the book stands as Alban's all-time best seller. Two subsequent titles, Transforming Congregations for the Future and Five Challenges for the Once and Future Church, extended Mead's original vision with similar success. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the publication of The Once and Future Church, Alban released all three of these books as a single, special edition hardcover. In addition to these classic texts in beautiful, newly designed formats, this collection features an interview with Loren Mead discussing how his views have changed since the books' first publications and his current thoughts on directions for the church in the twenty-first century. This hardcover volume is the perfect gift for graduating seminary students, new congregational leaders, or for pastors whose original editions of these three books may be dog-eared or missing--and a wonderful addition to every church library. All who love the church and pray for the future of our congregations will value this opportunity to have Loren Mead's seminal works in a single, long-lived edition.
Category: Religion

The Once And Future Pastor

Author : William Chris Hobgood
ISBN : 9781566996655
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37.99 MB
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Hobgood examines new pressures on clergy that are emerging in the "post-Christendom era:" financial stresses; the effects of a conflicted and confrontational culture; the needs of an increasing number of people living broken or dependent lives; dysfunctional behavior on the part of pastors and parishioners; questions regarding clergy respect and job satisfaction. How is ministry being affected by these changes? What skills will clergy need as they enter the new century? An invaluable resource thoroughly grounded in research and full of practical observations for clergy, judicatory executives, seminary professors, and long-range planners.
Category: Religion

The Once And Future Woman

Author : L.O.V.H. Crowders
ISBN : 9781469118291
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87.94 MB
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The Once and Future Woman L.O.V.H. Crowders 19916 Mizner Terrace Ashburn, Virginia 20147 (571) 223-2230 [email protected] We are introduced to a woman who has had a weekend tryst at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. When she awakens, the man has left and the woman finds a handwritten note from him that devastates her. Feeling betrayed, and without thinking, she leaves the hotel in a hurry and is promptly mowed down in the street by a Harley. A handsome stranger stoops down to feel her pulse points to find out whether she is alive or dead, then fumbles through her pursr that has been wrenched from her grasp because of the accident. He is shocked to discover her identity. Moving to the toney suburbs of Washington, we meet the privileged Frances Bittle Adler and her handsome husband, Bill, a high-placed executive, and we meet their four childrenthree gorgeous girls and one handsome sonages 13 to 21. Frances, a college professor, is quite accomplished, and Bill seems to be the ideal husband. But, a malady that has plagued Fran for some time now comes to the fore and causes Bill to have to rush his wife to the hospital the morning after Christmas. We move back to the scene of the first womans accident and find that debris has been cleaned up and the handsome stranger has disappearedalong with the womans purse. At Washington General Hospital, we find that the woman has survived her ordeallargely because of the efforts of Dr. Pete Gregory, a handsome six-foot-six piece of manhood, who apprises her of her injuries and of what steps he will have to take in order to get her back to normalcy. Intermittently, the woman lapses into unconsciousness and has peculiar dreams. In another part of the same hospital, Frances is examined, and protests having to be admitted for tests, but Bill assures her that he and the kids will be fine without her. After a while, the two of them realize that the other bed in the room is occupied by a whizened old woman with grayish cat eyes, Hester Culpepper Rockefeller, who doesnt seem to know where she, who she is, or even what day it is. Francine Hacker, a very attractive, tall African American nurse, comes to attend to the old woman, Hester, who promptly repels her by calling her every name in the book, including the N word. Cut to 1944, and we are made aware of Hesters background and motivations for her behavior. Chapter XIII reveals a great deal about the life of the woman involved in the accident, especially about her relationship with her grandmother, Millie, and about the woman touched by miracles. In the ensuing chapters, we learn that Bill is not the man he seems to be. We are made privy to Francine Hackers enigmatic life. Now, because Hester has passed on, the two women, Fran and LaDeane, are made roommates and, thus, begin a relationship that will last for quite some time. They also get to know nurse Hacker extremely well. And, when LaDeane is released from the hospital, both Frances and Hacker petition to come and see her in her office. LaDeane wonders who will come to see her first as both Hacker and Frances are needy. Because Bill, a bi-coastal husband, has been offered a very powerful position with another corporation headquartered in Washington, DC, he prepares to move back East from Los Angeles where his old company is headquartered. Another chapter marks a special time in Bills life; now he gets to visit his new offices in a prestigious part of Northwest Washington, DC, and having familiarized himself with the layout and having made himself acquainted with those who will work for
Category: Fiction

Seven Wonders Of A Once And Future World

Author : Caroline M. Yoachim
ISBN : 1933846550
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 57.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This debut collection from Nebula-nominated author Caroline M. Yoachim showcases a wide-ranging selection of dark and beautiful stories, fiction that explores human nature against vividly imagined speculative backdrops. Here you'll find time travel, alien invasions, Japanese mermaids, and more--stories of struggle, heartbreak, and hope. The book features twenty-five of Yoachim's most popular published pieces, and two brand new stories exclusive to the collection.
Category: Fiction

The Once And Future God

Author : Wence Horak
ISBN : 9780991674107
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69.5 MB
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To people who, for generations and generations, have been brought up believing this world was created in its present state by supernatural magic, a mere 6,000 years ago, this slight book will represent a bit of a challenge. With the help of ancient myths and sacred texts it reveals that our ancestors had, long millennia ago, believed in a God as sophisticated as the one modern scientist are able to see today. This Cosmic God, representing the universe itself, had to know the entire future before it got started, in order to guide the evolution of matter, of life, of our species. This process is now nearing its completion on Earth.
Category: Religion

The Once And Future School

Author : Jurgen Herbst
ISBN : 9781135964344
Genre : Education
File Size : 85.17 MB
Format : PDF
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Jurgen Herbst traces the debates, discussions, pronouncements and reports through which Americans have sought to clarify their conceptions of the goals and purposes of education beyond the common school. The Once and Future School argues that to make sense of the current trials of secondary educational system and to maintain any sense of direction and vision for its future, we need a clear understanding of its path in the past and of its setting in a multi-national world. From their beginnings in colonial America to the present day, Jurgen Herbst traces the debates, discussions, pronouncements and reports through which Americans have sought to hammer out and clarify their conceptions of the goals and purposes of education beyond the common school.
Category: Education