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The Old South S Modern Worlds

Author : L. Diane Barnes
ISBN : 9780195384017
Genre : History
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Before the Civil War, America's slave states were enmeshed in the modernizing trends of their time but that history has been obscured by a deeply ingrained view of the Old South as an insular society with few outward connections. The Old South's Modern Worlds looks beyond this myth of an isolated and backward-looking South to identify some of the many ways that the modern world shaped antebellum southern society. Removing the screen of southern traditionalism turns up new stories about slaves as religious missionaries, Native Americans as hard-driving capitalists, cotton cultivators as genetic scientists, proslavery politicians as nationalists, and planters as experimenters in sexuality. The essays gathered in this volume not only tell these jarringly modern tales of the Old South, they also explore the compatibility of slavery - the defining feature of antebellum southern life - and cultural and material markers of modernity such as moral reform, cities, and industry. The Old South emerges from this volume in a new relationship to national and global histories. Considered as proponents of American manifest destiny, antebellum southern politicians look more like nationalists and less like separatists. Southerners' enthusiasm for humanitarian missions and their debates with moral reformers across the Atlantic bring out the global currents that cut against the localism of southern life. The roles that cities played in marketing, policing, and leasing slaves counteracted the erosion of slave discipline in urban settings. The turmoil that changes in Asian and European agriculture wrought among southern staple producers show the interconnections between seemingly isolated southern farms and markets in distant lands. Diverse and riddled with contradictory impulses, antebellum southerners encounters with modernity reveal the often discomforting legacies left by the Old South on the future of America and the world.
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Author : Shyam S. Yadav
ISBN : 9781402063138
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The lentil is one of the first foods to have been cultivated and has maintained excellent socio-economic value for over 8,000 years. The ancient crop is now a crop for modern times in both developing and developed countries today. The international market in recent years has increased significantly and this crop is gaining an important place in cropping systems under different ecologies. It is grown in over 35 countries, has a broad range of uses around the world, and the different seed and plant types adapted to an increasingly wide range of ecologies makes this comprehensive volume even more important today. This book covers all aspects of diversity, breeding and production technologies, and the contents include: Origin, adaptation, ecology and diversity; Utilization, nutrition and production technologies; Genetic enhancement, mutation and wild relatives; Breeding methods and lensomics achievements; Productivity, profitability and world trade. This book presents the most comprehensive and up to date review of research on lentil production systems, biotic and abiotic stresses management, quality seed production, storage techniques and lentil growing around the world.
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2015 Standard Catalog Of World Paper Money Modern Issues

Author : George S. Cuhaj
ISBN : 9781440240379
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Provides values for world bank notes issued between 1961 and the present, discussing denomination, printer and printing date, color, design, care, and grading terminology.
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Encyclopedia Of African Peoples

Author : The Diagram Group,
ISBN : 9781135963347
Genre : History
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Africa is a vast continent, home to many millions of people. Its history stretches back millennia and encompasses some of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Modern Africa boasts a rich cultural heritage, the legacy of many diverse influences from all around the world, reflecting the central role African plays in world history. Encyclopedia of African Peoples provides extensive information about Africa's cultures, history, geography, economics, and politics; it provides an invaluable overview of the whole continent, region by region, ethnic group by ethnic group, nation by nation, personality by personality. Sections include: *Africa Today * The Peoples of Africa * Culture and History * The Nations of Africa * Biographies Past to Present * Glossary * Index.
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After Tamerlane

Author : John Darwin
ISBN : 1596917601
Genre : History
File Size : 39.9 MB
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Tamerlane, the Ottomans, the Mughals, the Manchus, the British, the Japanese, the Nazis, and the Soviets: All built empires meant to last forever; all were to fail. But, as John Darwin shows in this magisterial book, their empire-building created the world we know today. From the death of Tamerlane in 1405, to America's rise to world "hyperpower," to the resurgence of China and India as global economic powers, After Tamerlane is a grand historical narrative that offers a new perspective on the past, present, and future of empires.
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Evolution Of Wild Emmer And Wheat Improvement

Author : E. Nevo
ISBN : 3540417508
Genre : Science
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This book is about the contribution to evolutionary theory and agricultural technology of one of humankind's most dramatic imitations of the evolu tionary process, namely crop domestication, as exemplified by the progenitor of wheat, Triticum dicoccoides. This species is a major model organism and it has been studied at the Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa, since 1979. The domestication by humans of wild plants to cultivated ones during the last ten millennia is one of the best demonstrations of evolution. It is a process that has been condensed in time and advanced by artificial rather than natural selection. Plant and animal domestication revolutionized human cultural evolution and is the major factor underlying human civilization. A post-Pleistocene global rise in temperature following the ice age, i.e., climatic-environmental factors, may have induced the expansion of econom ically important thermophilous plants and in turn promoted complex forag ing and plant cultivation. The shift from foraging to steady production led to an incipient agriculture varying in time in various part of the world. In the Levant, agriculture developed out of an intensive specialized exploitation of plants and animals. Natufian sedentism, followed by rapid population growth and resource stress, induced by the expanding desert, coupled with available grinding technology, may have triggered plant domestication.
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Confederate Cities

Author : Andrew L. Slap
ISBN : 9780226300207
Genre : History
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When we talk about the Civil War, it is often with references to battles like Antietam, Gettysburg, Bull Run, and, perhaps most tellingly, the Battle of the Wilderness, which all took place in the countryside or in small towns. Part of the reason this picture has persisted is that few of the historians who have studied the war have been urban historians, even though cities hosted, enabled, and shaped southern society as much as in the North. The essays in Andrew Slap and Frank Towers s collection seek to shift the focus from the agrarian economy that undergirded the South to the cities that served as its political and administrative hubs. By demanding a more holistic reading of the South, this collection speaks to contemporary Civil War scholars and classrooms alike not least in providing surprisingly fresh perspectives on a well-studied war."
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