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The Myth Of Race

Author : Robert W. Sussman
ISBN : 9780674417311
Genre : Science
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Although eugenics is now widely discredited, some groups and individuals claim a new scientific basis for old racist assumptions. Pondering the continuing influence of racist research and thought, despite all evidence to the contrary, Robert Sussman explains why—when it comes to race—too many people still mistake bigotry for science.
Category: Science

The Myth Of Human Races

Author : Alain F. Corcos
ISBN : 9781627874182
Genre : Science
File Size : 52.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The idea that human races exist is a socially constructed myth that has no grounding in science. Regardless of skin, hair, or eye color, stature or physiognomy, we are all of one race. Nonetheless, scientists, social scientists, and pseudoscientists have, for three centuries, tried vainly to prove that distinctive and separate "races" of humanity exist. These protagonists of race theory have based their flawed research on one or more of five specious assumptions: • humanity can be classified into groups using identifiable physical characteristics • human characteristics are transmitted "through the blood" • distinct human physical characteristics are inherited together • physical features can be linked to human behavior • human groups or "races" are by their very nature unequal and, therefore, they can be ranked in order of intellectual, moral, and cultural superiority The Myth of Human Races systematically dispels these fallacies and unravels the web of flawed research that has been woven to demonstrate the superiority of one group of people over another.
Category: Science

Killer Apes Naked Apes And Just Plain Nasty People

Author : Richard J. Perry
ISBN : 9781421417516
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 34.53 MB
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We like to think that science always illuminates. But the disturbing persistence of the concept of biological determinism—the false idea that human behavior is genetically fixed or inherently programmed and therefore is not susceptible to rapid change—shows that scientific research and concepts can be distorted to advance an inhumane and sometimes deadly political agenda. It was biological determinism that formed the basis of the theory of eugenics, which in turn led to the forced sterilization of "misfits" and the creation of Nazi death camps. In Killer Apes, Naked Apes, and Just Plain Nasty People, anthropologist Richard J. Perry delivers a scathing critique of determinism. Exploring the historical context and enduring popularity of the movement over the past century and a half, he debunks the facile and the reductionist thinking of so many popularizers of biological determinism while considering why biological explanations have resonated in ways that serve to justify deeply conservative points of view. Moving through time, from the prevalence of overt racism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to "human nature" arguments, from the rise of sociobiology in the 1970s to the current fixation on evolutionary psychology, the book argues that both history and cross-cultural studies amply demonstrate the human capacity for growth and self-determination. Clearly written, conversational, and rationally argued, this book promotes sound and careful research while skewering the bogus ideological assertions that have been used to justify colonialism, slavery, gender discrimination, neoliberal economic policies, and the general status quo.
Category: Political Science

Three Biological Myths Race Ancestry Ethnicity

Author : Alain F. Corcos
ISBN : 9781627875851
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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By the end of the twentieth century, biologists and anthropologists concluded that there are no human races. In Three Biological Myths: Race, Ancestry, Ethnicity, Professor Alain F. Corcos raises the question: What about ethnicity? Is it also a biological myth? He also asks a very important question in a time when people are busy looking for their roots: What did your ancestors transmit to you? The answers may surprise you. Human diversity occupies much of the talk these days, but few know about the biological process -- meiosis -- responsible for that extreme diversity. In Three Biological Myths: Race, Ancestry, Ethnicity, Corcos explains the process by which our extreme diversity occurs.
Category: Science

Dismantling The Racism Machine

Author : Karen Gaffney
ISBN : 9781351712095
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.78 MB
Format : PDF
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While scholars have been developing valuable research on race and racism for decades, this work does not often reach the beginning college student or the general public, who rarely learn a basic history of race and racism. If we are to dismantle systemic racism and create a more just society, people need a place to begin. This accessible, introductory, and interdisciplinary guide can be one such place. Grounded in critical race theory, this book uses the metaphor of the Racism Machine to highlight that race is a social construct and that racism is a system of oppression based on invented racial categories. It debunks the false ideology that race is biological. As a manual, this book presents clear instructions for understanding the history of race, including whiteness, starting in colonial America, where the elite created a hierarchy of racial categories to maintain their power through a divide-and-conquer strategy. As a toolbox, this book provides a variety of specific action steps that readers can take once they have developed a foundational understanding of the history of white supremacy, a history that includes how the Racism Machine has been recalibrated to perpetuate racism in a supposedly "post-racial" era.
Category: Social Science

Resourcing Theological Anthropology

Author : Marc Cortez
ISBN : 9780310516446
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Theologians working in theological anthropology often claim that Jesus reveals what it means to be "truly human," but this often has little impact in their actual account of anthropology. ReSourcing Theological Anthropology addresses that lack by offering an account of why theological anthropology must begin with Christology. Building off his earlier study on how key theologians in church history have understood the relationship between Christology and theological anthropology, Cortez now develops a new proposal for theological anthropology and applies it to the theological situation today. ReSourcing Theological Anthropology is divided into four sections. The first section explores the relevant Christological/anthropological biblical passages and unpacks how they inform our understanding of theological anthropology. The second section discusses the theological issues raised in the course of surveying the biblical texts. The third section lays out a methodological framework for how to construct a uniquely Christological anthropology. The final section builds on the first three sections and demonstrates the significance of Christology for understanding theological anthropology by applying the methodological framework to several pressing anthropological issues: gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, and death and suffering X
Category: Religion

Exploring The Role Of Social Media In Transnational Advocacy

Author : Endong, Floribert Patrick C.
ISBN : 9781522528555
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 68.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Emerging digital technologies are playing an increasingly significant role in advancing citizen-based support all over the world. They have become tools used for protest movements, and in the establishment organizations use in campaigning. Exploring the Role of Social Media in Transnational Advocacy is an essential reference source for the latest scholarly research on the various dimensions of new technology platforms, highlighting the use in citizen-enabled, social advocacy campaigns. Featuring extensive coverage on a broad range of topics such as virtual communities, e-health, and e-government, this book is ideally designed for academicians, researchers, students, and policy makers seeking current research on different aspects of social media in campaigns.
Category: Political Science