The Mole People

Author : Jennifer Toth
ISBN : 9781569764527
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 90.32 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is about the thousands of people who live in the subway, railroad, and sewage tunnels of New York City.
Category: Social Science

Mein Geheimes Leben Bei Scientology Und Meine Dramatische Flucht

Author : Jenna Miscavige Hill
ISBN : 9783641112240
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 86.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Die Nichte des Scientology-Führers David Miscavige packt aus! Jenna Miscavige Hill, die Nichte des Nachfolgers von Scientology-Gründer L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, wuchs als Scientologin auf, verließ die kontrovers diskutierte Organisation aber im Jahr 2005. In ihrer Biographie enthüllt sie die befremdlichen und verstörenden Details ihrer Kindheit. Sie gibt einen erschütternden Einblick in ihre Erfahrungen als Mitglied der Sea Organization, das Machtzentrum von Scientology, und legt die Überzeugungen, Rituale und Geheimnisse einer Organisation offen, die bereits Hollywood-Stars wie Tom Cruise und John Travolta in ihren Bann gezogen hat. Sie erzählt, wie sie von ihrer Familie abgeschirmt wurde, und berichtet schließlich auch von ihrer mutigen Entscheidung, mit Scientology endgültig zu brechen.
Category: Biography & Autobiography


Author : Roderick Gordon
ISBN : 9783401800202
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Eine Stadt tief unter der Erde. Eine dunkle Welt, bevölkert von geheimnisvollen Wesen und Menschen, die seit über hundert Jahren in der Finsternis leben - unter der Herrschaft der skrupellosen Styx. Als Will und sein Freund Chester, auf der Suche nach seinem verschollenen Vater, in diese Welt geraten, ahnen sie nicht, dass niemand die Kolonie jemals wieder verlassen darf. Und dass die Häscher der Styx sie längst erwarten...
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Topographien Der Moderne

Author : Robert Stockhammer
ISBN : 9783770541706
Genre : Aesthetics, Modern
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Medien repräsentieren und konstruieren Räume - die Übergänge zwischen einem Stadtplan und einem Bauplan sind fließend. Dar- und hergestellt werden Räume durch graphische Operationen im weitesten Sinn: durch alphabetische, karto-, photo- und cinematographische, aber auch durch solche, die das Gelände selbst >kerben. Der vorliegende Band konzentriert sich vornehmlich auf TopoGraphien des 20. Jahrhunderts in Europa, Eurasien
Category: Aesthetics, Modern

New York City

Author : Mario Maffi
ISBN : 9780814209578
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 44.77 MB
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Category: Social Science

Time Out New York 19th Edition

Author : Time Out Guides Ltd
ISBN : 9781407011707
Genre : Travel
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The 19th edition of Time Out New York has been updated by a team of local aficionados who have explored even the most out-of-the-way neighbourhoods for the latest eateries, bars and shops. Dozens of new feature boxes and listings spotlight the varied cultural offerings-be it family friendly or something a little more risqué. Travellers and residents alike turn to Time Out New York for discriminating takes on the best of what to see, do, where and when to explore. From Central Park, Upper Fifth Avenue and Museum Mile to the hottest downtown and Brooklyn 'hoods (Greenwich Village, the Meatpacking District, Carroll Gardens and more), Time Out points visitors to both the well known and the under-the-radar sights. Plus we review the hippest new hotels and the best of the constantly changing dining, drinking and shopping scenes.
Category: Travel

Subterranean Cities

Author : David Lawrence Pike
ISBN : 0801472563
Genre : History
File Size : 76.51 MB
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The underground has been a dominant image of modern life since the late eighteenth century. A site of crisis, fascination, and hidden truth, the underground is a space at once more immediate and more threatening than the ordinary world above. In Subterranean Cities, David L. Pike explores the representation of underground space in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a period during which technology and heavy industry transformed urban life.The metropolis had long been considered a moral underworld of iniquity and dissolution. As the complex drainage systems, underground railways, utility tunnels, and storage vaults of the modern cityscape superseded the countryside of caverns and mines as the principal location of actual subterranean spaces, ancient and modern converged in a mythic space that was nevertheless rooted in the everyday life of the contemporary city. Writers and artists from Felix Nadar and Charles Baudelaire to Charles Dickens and Alice Meynell, Gustave Doré and Victor Hugo, George Gissing and Emile Zola, and Jules Verne and H. G. Wells integrated images of the urban underworld into their portrayals of the anatomy of modern society. Illustrated with photographs, movie stills, prints, engravings, paintings, cartoons, maps, and drawings of actual and imagined urban spaces, Subterranean Cities documents the emergence of a novel space in the subterranean obsessions and anxieties within nineteenth-century urban culture. Chapters on the subways, sewers, and cemeteries of Paris and London provide a detailed analysis of these competing centers of urban modernity. A concluding chapter considers the enduring influence of these spaces on urban culture at the turn of the twenty-first century.
Category: History

Homelessness In New York City

Author : Thomas J. Main
ISBN : 9781479846870
Genre : History
File Size : 89.39 MB
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The story of New York City’s struggle to provide shelter for its homeless population Can American cities respond effectively to pressing social problems? Or, as many scholars have claimed, are urban politics so mired in stasis, gridlock and bureaucratic paralysis that dramatic policy change is impossible? Homelessness in New York City tells the remarkable story of how America’s largest city has struggled for more than thirty years to meet the crisis of modern homelessness through the landmark development, since the initiation of the Callahan v Carey litigation in 1979, of a municipal shelter system based on a court-enforced right to shelter. New York City now shelters more than 50,000 otherwise homeless people at an annual cost of more than $1 billion in the largest and most complex shelter system in the world. Establishing the right to shelter was a dramatic break with long established practice. Developing and managing the shelter system required the city to repeatedly overcome daunting challenges, from dealing with mentally ill street dwellers to confronting community opposition to shelter placement. In the course of these efforts many classic dilemmas in social policy and public administration arose. Does adequate provision for the poor create perverse incentives? Can courts manage recalcitrant bureaucracies? Is poverty rooted in economic structures or personal behavior? The tale of how five mayors—Koch, Dinkins, Giuliani, Bloomberg and de Blasio—have wrestled with these problems is one of caution and hope: the task is difficult and success is never unqualified, but positive change is possible. Homelessness in New York City tells the remarkable story of what happened—for good and sometimes less good—when New York established the right to shelter.
Category: History

American Countercultures

Author : Gina Misiroglu
ISBN : 9781317477297
Genre : History
File Size : 57.49 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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American Countercultures is a useful supplement throughout the American History curriculum. It highlights the writings, recordings, and visual works produced by these movements to educate, inspire, and incite action in all eras of the nation's history.
Category: History

Urban Underworlds

Author : Thomas Heise
ISBN : 9780813547848
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 37.3 MB
Format : PDF
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Urban Underworlds is an exploration of city spaces, pathologized identities, lurid fears, and American literature. Surveying the 1890s to the 1990s, Thomas Heise chronicles how and why marginalized populations immigrant Americans in the Lower East Side, gays and lesbians in Greenwich Village and downtown Los Angeles, the black underclass in Harlem and Chicago, and the new urban poor dispersed across American cities have been selectively targeted as "urban underworlds" and their neighborhoods characterized as miasmas of disease and moral ruin. The quarantining of minority cultures helped to promote white, middle-class privilege. Following a diverse array of literary figures who differ with the assessment of the underworld as the space of the monstrous Other, Heise contends that it is a place where besieged and neglected communities are actively trying to take possession of their own neighborhoods.
Category: Literary Criticism