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The Mind And I

Author : James Joyce
ISBN : 9780786497621
Genre : Social Science
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Psychoanalysts must be patients for years before they can practice. The "talking cure"--the basis of all psychotherapy--is best explained from two perspectives: one patient lying on the couch and the other seated behind it. The author of this memoir was both. He candidly discusses his own analysis, describing his emotional misfires and their causes. He then uses case studies from his practice to explain the meaning of dreams, the causes of neuroses, depression, relationship problems and other issues that affect the lives of many.
Category: Social Science

The Mind And The Brain

Author : Jeffrey M. Schwartz
ISBN : 0061961981
Genre : Philosophy
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A groundbreaking work of science that confirms, for the first time, the independent existence of the mind–and demonstrates the possibilities for human control over the workings of the brain. Conventional science has long held the position that 'the mind' is merely an illusion, a side effect of electrochemical activity in the physical brain. Now in paperback, Dr Jeffrey Schwartz and Sharon Begley's groundbreaking work, The Mind and the Brain, argues exactly the opposite: that the mind has a life of its own.Dr Schwartz, a leading researcher in brain dysfunctions, and Wall Street Journal science columnist Sharon Begley demonstrate that the human mind is an independent entity that can shape and control the functioning of the physical brain. Their work has its basis in our emerging understanding of adult neuroplasticity–the brain's ability to be rewired not just in childhood, but throughout life, a trait only recently established by neuroscientists. Through decades of work treating patients with obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), Schwartz made an extraordinary finding: while following the therapy he developed, his patients were effecting significant and lasting changes in their own neural pathways. It was a scientific first: by actively focusing their attention away from negative behaviors and toward more positive ones, Schwartz's patients were using their minds to reshape their brains–and discovering a thrilling new dimension to the concept of neuroplasticity. The Mind and the Brain follows Schwartz as he investigates this newly discovered power, which he calls self–directed neuroplasticity or, more simply, mental force. It describes his work with noted physicist Henry Stapp and connects the concept of 'mental force' with the ancient practice of mindfulness in Buddhist tradition. And it points to potential new applications that could transform the treatment of almost every variety of neurological dysfunction, from dyslexia to stroke–and could lead to new strategies to help us harness our mental powers. Yet as wondrous as these implications are, perhaps even more important is the philosophical dimension of Schwartz's work. For the existence of mental force offers convincing scientific evidence of human free will, and thus of man's inherent capacity for moral choice.
Category: Philosophy

I Am The Body The Mind And The Soul

Author : Sami S. Jarroush
ISBN : 1453528695
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 24.97 MB
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This book is written to help humans to understand who they are, what their lifes mission is, what happens when they leave this life and how to live and die without fear of the unknown. This is a powerful dialogue between the writer and his guardian angel that brings to light information that was meant to be shared with the world. We, as humans, have worries, fears, and obligations that we live by blindly, according to what we were taught. We seek happiness through different channels that could be called God, Spirit, the Universe, etc., and we do not understand why we are doing what we are doing. The writings in this book will take the reader through a journey to self awareness where the answers to living in happiness without worries, fears, or obligations reside. This journey is to show every human how to finish a life that started with rules and conditions, in awareness and considerate living.
Category: Self-Help

The Mind And The Brain

Author : J.H. Ornstein
ISBN : 9789401028431
Genre : Philosophy
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2 no predictions or experimental findings based on the Identity Theory differ from those based on mind-brain Parallelism or Epiphenomenal ism, i.e., Dualism in general. The Identity Theory, therefore, must stand or fall on its reputed conceptual advantages over Dualism. Then the conceptual issues at stake in the mind-brain problem are discussed. The kernel of truth present in the Identity Theory is shown to be obscured by all the talk about reducing sensations to neural processes. An attempt is made to characterize pain adequately as a pattern or complex of bodily processes. This view is then reconciled with the asymmetry in the way one is aware of one's own pains and the way in which others are. This asymmetry constitutes an epistemological dualism which no philosophical theory or scientific experiment could alter. The sense in which experiences are both mental and physical is thus elucidated. A Multi-Aspect Theory of the mind is presented and defended. Five aspects of pain are discussed in some detail: experiential, neural, bodily, behavioral and verbal. Having a mind characteristically involves having all of these features except the bodily (i.e., a physical irregularity). Thus having a mind characteristically entails having experiences and a healthy, functioning brain. It also involves being able to act and speak reasonably intelligently.
Category: Philosophy

Training The Mind And Cultivating Loving Kindness

Author : Chogyam Trungpa
ISBN : 0834821230
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89.34 MB
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Warning: Using this book could be hazardous to your ego! The slogans it contains are designed to awaken the heart and cultivate love and kindness toward others. They are revolutionary in that practicing them fosters abandonment of personal territory in relating to others and in understanding the world as it is. The fifty-nine provocative slogans presented here—each with a commentary by the Tibetan meditation master Chögyam Trungpa—have been used by Tibetan Buddhists for eight centuries to help meditation students remember and focus on important principles and practices of mind training. They emphasize meeting the ordinary situations of life with intelligence and compassion under all circumstances. Slogans include, "Don't be swayed by external circumstances," "Be grateful to everyone," and "Always maintain only a joyful mind." This edition contains a new foreword by Pema Chödrön.
Category: Religion

The Hidden Fortune Within The Mind And Beyond

Author : Barbara Brusky
ISBN : 1452537380
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 41.7 MB
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The Hidden Fortune within the Mind and Beyond describes in great detail how everybody who has the will to change the way they think, speak and act can live a life filled with passion, prosperity, joy, love, and harmony. This book is intended to guide you, with steps to obtaining an abundance of wealth in all areas of your life. If you truly want to create the best possible life for yourself, you need to keep your faith in the unseen and believe that all things are possible. You're only as successful as your dreams, and your dreams are only as successful as your power to believe in them. Today is your day to celebrate the journey of unveiling all your fortunes in life.
Category: Self-Help

The Mind And Art Of Abraham Lincoln Philosopher Statesman

Author : David Lowenthal
ISBN : 9780739171271
Genre : History
File Size : 20.96 MB
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The Mind and Art of Abraham Lincoln, Philosopher Statesman provides the original texts for 20 of Lincoln's speeches alongside a critical analysis of each speech. Arranged in chronological order, these speeches range from Lincoln's Perpetuation or Lyceum address in 1838 to his last speech just after Lee's surrender. The careful and detailed analysis reveals a much more systematic and radical thinker than hitherto suspected.
Category: History

First In The Mind And Heart

Author : Wayland Matthew Fox
ISBN : 9781935909088
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Written during the 17 months that the author was wrongly incarcerated, this true story shows the resilience of the human spirit. His story is a story of injustice, grief and moral outrage, transcendence, and the lessons of love and service through self-forgetting as taught by the Master, Jesus of Nazareth.
Category: Religion

The Mind And Its Place In Nature

Author : C.D. Broad
ISBN : 9781317833994
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 49.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Category: Philosophy