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The Metaphysics

Author : Aristotle
ISBN : 9780141912011
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 83.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Metaphysics presents Aristotle's mature rejection of both the Platonic theory that what we perceive is just a pale reflection of reality and the hardheaded view that all processes are ultimately material. He argued instead that the reality or substance of things lies in their concrete forms, and in so doing he probed some of the deepest questions of philosophy: What is existence? How is change possible? And are there certain things that must exist for anything else to exist at all? The seminal notions discussed in The Metaphysics - of 'substance' and associated concepts of matter and form, essence and accident, potentiality and actuality - have had a profound and enduring influence, and laid the foundations for one of the central branches of Western philosophy.
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Routledge Philosophy Guidebook To Aristotle And The Metaphysics

Author : Vasilis Politis
ISBN : 9781134529797
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 53.70 MB
Format : PDF
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Aristotles' 'Metaphysics' is one of the most important texts in Ancient Philosophy. This GuideBook looks at the Metaphysics thematically and takes the student through the main arguments found in the text. The book introduces and assesses Aristotle's life and the background to the Metaphysics, the ideas and text of the Metaphysics and Aristotle's philosophical legacy.
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Author : Aristotle
ISBN : 9781624664410
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 31.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This new translation of Aristotle's Metaphysics in its entirety is a model of accuracy and consistency, presented with a wealth of annotation and commentary. Sequentially numbered endnotes provide the information most needed at each juncture, while a detailed Index of Terms guides the reader to places where focused discussion of key notions occurs. An illuminating general Introduction describes the book that lies ahead, explaining what it is about, what it is trying to do, how it goes about doing it, and what sort of audience it presupposes.
Category: Philosophy

Aristotle On Method And Metaphysics

Author : E. Feser
ISBN : 9781137367907
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 26.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Aristotle on Method and Metaphysics is a collection of new and cutting-edge essays by prominent Aristotle scholars and Aristotelian philosophers on themes in ontology, causation, modality, essentialism, the metaphysics of life, natural theology, and scientific and philosophical methodology.
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The Concept Of First Philosophy And The Unity Of The Metaphysics Of Aristotle

Author : Giovanni Reale
ISBN : 0873953851
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 47.20 MB
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Reale s monumental work establishes the exact dimensions of Aristotle s concept of first philosophy and proves the profound unity of concept that exists in Aristotle s Metaphysics. Reale s opposition to the genetic interpretation of the Metaphysics is an updated return to a more traditional view of Aristotle s work, one which runs counter to nearly all contemporary scholarship. Reale argues that Aristotle s first philosophy includes a study of being, a study of substance, a study of divine substance, and a study of principles and causes, all of which are integrated and dialectically reconciled."
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Metaphysics Aristotle

Author : Aristotle
ISBN : 0915145898
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 33.8 MB
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This translation of the central books of the Metaphysics aims at no literary value, only literalness.
Category: Philosophy

Ways Of Being

Author : Charlotte Witt
ISBN : 0801440327
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 53.12 MB
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Charlotte Witt continues her highly regarded exploration of Aristotle's metaphysics in a book devoted to the ontological distinction between potentiality and actuality. She focuses on Metaphysics book ix, which provides the most sustained discussion of this distinction. Witt rejects the conventional reading of this key text—that Aristotle differentiated between the two concepts solely to further the investigation of substance. Instead, in an original interpretation of his work, she argues that his development of the distinction between "being x potentially" and "being x actually" allowed Aristotle to develop an intrinsically hierarchical and normative vision of reality.For Witt, Aristotle's views about being shed light on his puzzling use of gender language in his descriptions of reality. This language has become an important issue for feminist scholars who have noted that in Aristotle's metaphysics of substance form is sometimes associated with the male, and matter with the female. Witt's interpretation that Aristotelian reality is intrinsically hierarchical and normative, but not intrinsically gendered, offers a new, important understanding of a controversial aspect of Aristotle's metaphysics.
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