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The Merovingian Kingdoms 450 751

Author : Ian Wood
ISBN : 9781317871156
Genre : History
File Size : 69.50 MB
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A comprehensive survey which begins with the rise of the Franks, then examines the Merovingians.
Category: History

The Merovingian Kingdoms 450 751

Author : Ian Wood
ISBN : 9781317871163
Genre : History
File Size : 67.63 MB
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Of all Rome's western successors, the Frankish kingdom that emerged in France, Belgium, the Rhineland and Switzerland was the longest lasting and most powerful; yet the Merovingians, who ruled it for nearly 300 years (481-751), have been harshly treated by posterity. This is partly through the hostility of the Carolingians who usurped and succeeded them, and partly because of a family history that was lurid and bloody even by contemporary standards. Ian Wood rescues them from the shadows of obscurity and contempt in this superb survey which will be required reading for all early medievalists.
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The Carolingian World

Author : Marios Costambeys
ISBN : 9781139936149
Genre : History
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At its height, the Carolingian empire spanned a million square kilometres of western Europe - from the English Channel to central Italy and northern Spain, and from the Atlantic to the fringes of modern Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. As the largest political unit for centuries, the empire dominated the region and left an enduring legacy for European culture. This comprehensive survey traces this great empire's history, from its origins around 700, with the rise to dominance of the Carolingian dynasty, through its expansion by ruthless military conquest and political manoeuvring in the eighth century, to the struggle to hold the empire together in the ninth. It places the complex political narrative in context, giving equal consideration to vital themes such as beliefs, peasant society, aristocratic culture and the economy. Accessibly written and authoritative, this book offers distinctive perspectives on a formative period in European history.
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Sainted Women Of The Dark Ages

Author : Jo Ann McNamara
ISBN : 9780822382362
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 47.56 MB
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Sainted Women of the Dark Ages makes available the lives of eighteen Frankish women of the sixth and seventh centuries, all of whom became saints. Written in Latin by contemporaries or near contemporaries, and most translated here for the first time, these biographies cover the period from the fall of the Roman Empire and the conversion of the invading Franks to the rise of Charlemagne's family. Three of these holy women were queens who turned to religion only after a period of intense worldly activity. Others were members of the Carolingian family, deeply implicated in the political ambitions of their male relatives. Some were partners in the great Irish missions to the pagan countryside and others worked for the physical salvation of the poor. From the peril and suffering of their lives they shaped themselves as paragons of power and achievement. Beloved by their sisters and communities for their spiritual gifts, they ultimately brought forth a new model of sanctity. These biographies are unusually authentic. At least two were written by women who knew their subjects, while others reflect the direct testimony of sisters within the cloister walls. Each biography is accompanied by an introduction and notes that clarify its historical context. This volume will be an excellent source for students and scholars of women's studies and early medieval social, religious, and political history.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Gregory Of Tours

Author : Martin Heinzelmann
ISBN : 0521631742
Genre : History
File Size : 50.22 MB
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A new interpretation of the Ten Books of History of Gregory of Tours (538-594), first published in 2001.
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Power And Religion In Merovingian Gaul

Author : Yaniv Fox
ISBN : 9781107064591
Genre : History
File Size : 82.82 MB
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This book examines the political and social effects brought about by the establishment of Columbanian monasteries in seventh-century Gaul.
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The Birth Of France

Author : Katharine Scherman
ISBN : UOM:39015012847185
Genre : History
File Size : 25.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Depicts the vitality of a barbarian people, the decadence of a dying empire, and the crucial role of the development of Christianity while tracing the saga of the earliest kings of France
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France In The Making 843 1180

Author : Jean Dunbabin
ISBN : 019158830X
Genre :
File Size : 31.63 MB
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Covering the centuries between the disintegration of the Carolingian empire and the rise of the French monarchy, this book traces the long period of gestation that ended with the emergence of the kingdom of France as a recognizable political entity capable of inspiring the loyalty of its peoples. The author describes the emergence in the late ninth and tenth centuries of principalities and lesser political units in which the personal qualities or resources of the rulers permitted them to command obedience. In the eleventh century, the threat of political fragmentation led princes to establish sounder theoretical foundations for their authority in legal and administrative procedures. The twelfth-century kings of France, hitherto little more than princes of the Ile-de-France, exploited the state-building activities of their princes to re-establish their own lordship over all the princes, counts, and bishops within their realm. At the same time, they contrived to identify themselves in their subjects' imaginations with the dawning sense of French community. By 1180 the kingdom of France was firmly established, both on the map of Europe and in the minds of its inhabitants.

Before France And Germany

Author : Patrick J. Geary
ISBN : 0195044584
Genre : History
File Size : 48.38 MB
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This innovative new study rejects traditional conceptions of European history to present the Merovingian period as an integral part of Late Antiquity. Mapping the complex interactions of a volatile era, Geary traces the Romanization of the barbarians and the barbarization of the Romans, which ultimately made these populations indistinguishable.
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Late Merovingian France

Author : Paul Fouracre
ISBN : 0719047919
Genre : History
File Size : 33.43 MB
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This collection of documents in translation brings together the seminal sources for the late Merovingian Frankish kingdom. It inteprets the chronicles and saint's lives rigorously to reveal new insights into the nature and significance of sanctity, power and power relationships. The book makes available a range of 7th- and early 8th-century texts, five of which have never before been translated into English. It opens with a broad-ranging explanation of the historical background to the translated texts and then each source is accompanied by a full commentary and an introductory essay exploring its authorship, language and subject matter. The sources are rich in the detail of Merovingian political life. Their subjects are the powerful in society and they reveal the successful interplay between power and sanctity, a process which came to underpin much of European culture throughout the early Middle Ages.
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