The Materiality Of The Sky

Author : Fabio Silva
ISBN : 1907767096
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This volume presents a variety of research generated in the field of skyscape astronomy across a wide spectrum of ages, cultures and geographical regions. It reveals how concepts, patterns, myths and other creations of this intangible culture were transformed into material culture, including iconography, calendars, structural orientations and more.

The Materiality Of Color

Author : Andrea Feeser
ISBN : 9781351542739
Genre : Art
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Although much has been written on the aesthetic value of color, there are other values that adhere to it with economic and social values among them. Through case studies of particular colors and colored objects, this volume demonstrates just how complex the history of color is by focusing on the diverse social and cultural meanings of color; the trouble, pain, and suffering behind the production and application of these colors; the difficult technical processes for making and applying color; and the intricacy of commercial exchanges and knowledge transfers as commodities and techniques moved from one region to another. By emphasizing color's materiality, the way in which it was produced, exchanged, and used by artisans, artists, and craftspersons, contributors draw attention to the disjuncture between the beauty of color and the blood, sweat, and tears that went into its production, circulation, and application as well as to the complicated and varied social meanings attached to color within specific historical and social contexts. This book captures color's global history with chapters on indigo plantations in India and the American South, cochineal production in colonial Oaxaca, the taste for brightly colored Chinese objects in Europe, and the thriving trade in vermilion between Europeans and Native Americans. To underscore the complexity of the technical knowledge behind color production, there are chapters on the 'discovery' of Prussian blue, Brazilian feather techn?and wallpaper production. To sound the depths of color's capacity for social and cultural meaning-making, there are chapters that explore the significance of black ink in Shakespeare's sonnets, red threads in women's needlework samplers, blues in Mayan sacred statuary, and greens and yellows in colored glass bracelets that were traded across the Arabian desert in the late Middle Ages. The purpose of this book is to recover color's complex-and sometimes morally troubling-past, and in doing so,
Category: Art

Modernism And The Materiality Of Texts

Author : Eyal Amiran
ISBN : 9781107136076
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This book argues that elements of modernist texts that are meaningless in themselves are motivated by their authors' psychic crises.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Carphone Warehouse Group Plc V Office Of Communications Case 1111 3 3 09 The Carphone Warehouse Group Plc V Office Of Communications Case 1149 3 3 09

Author : Great Britain: Competition Commission
ISBN : 0117080624
Genre : Business & Economics
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On 22 May 2009 the Office of Communications (Ofcom) published a statement concerning local loop unbundling entitled 'A new pricing framework for Openreach'. The statement contained decisions to impose charge controls on British Telecommunications (BT) in relation to various services supplied by BT in the market for wholesale local access services in the UK (excluding Hull). The services in question are all rental services meaning that a communications provider acquires the right to provide voice and broadband internet services to customers. Appeals were brought by the Carphone Warehouse Group plc against the decision in the statement before the Competition Appeal Tribunal. British Sky Broadcasting (Sky) and BT both intervened. This report explains the determinations made in the appeal.
Category: Business & Economics

The Sky Of Our Manufacture

Author : Jesse Oak Taylor
ISBN : 9780813937946
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The smoke-laden fog of London is one of the most vivid elements in English literature, richly suggestive and blurring boundaries between nature and society in compelling ways. In The Sky of Our Manufacture, Jesse Oak Taylor uses the many depictions of the London fog in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century novel to explore the emergence of anthropogenic climate change. In the process, Taylor argues for the importance of fiction in understanding climatic shifts, environmental pollution, and ecological collapse. The London fog earned the portmanteau "smog" in 1905, a significant recognition of what was arguably the first instance of a climatic phenomenon manufactured by modern industry. Tracing the path to this awareness opens a critical vantage point on the Anthropocene, a new geologic age in which the transformation of humanity into a climate-changing force has not only altered our physical atmosphere but imbued it with new meanings. The book examines enduringly popular works--from the novels of Charles Dickens and George Eliot to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, and the Sherlock Holmes mysteries to works by Joseph Conrad and Virginia Woolf--alongside newspaper cartoons, scientific writings, and meteorological technologies to reveal a fascinating relationship between our cultural climate and the sky overhead. Under the Sign of Nature: Studies in Ecocriticism
Category: Literary Criticism

Virginia Woolf And The Materiality Of Theory

Author : Derek Ryan
ISBN : 9780748676453
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Derek Ryan demonstrates how materiality is theorised in Woolf's writings by focusing on the connections she makes between culture and nature, embodiment and environment, human and nonhuman, life and matter.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Past Is The Present It S The Future Too

Author : Christine Ross
ISBN : 9781441147745
Genre : Art
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The term ‘temporality' often refers to the traditional mode of the way time is: a linear procession of past, present and future. As philosophers will note, this is not always the case. Christine Ross builds on current philosophical and theoretical examinations of time and applies them to the field of contemporary art: films, video installations, sculpture and performance works. Ross first provides an interdisciplinary overview of contemporary studies on time, focusing on findings in philosophy, psychology, sociology, communications, history, postcolonial studies, and ecology. She then illustrates how contemporary artistic practices play around with what we consider linear time. Engaging the work of artists such as Guido van der Werve, Melik Ohanian, Harun Farocki, and Stan Douglas, allows investigation though the art, as opposed to having art taking an ancillary role. The Past is the Present; It's the Future Too forces the reader to understand the complexities of the significance of temporal development in new artistic practices.
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Blue Sky Law Reporter

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105061816927
Genre : Securities
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Blue Sky Law

Author : Joseph C. Long
ISBN : STANFORD:36105060247074
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The Materiality Of Stone

Author : Christopher Y. Tilley
ISBN : 1859738923
Genre : Architecture
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With Wayne Bennett From the silky wax qualities of the surfaces of some quartz menhirs to the wood-grain textures of others, to the golden honeycombed limestones of Malta, to the icy frozen waves of the Cambrian sandstone of south-east Sweden, this book investigates the sensuous material qualities of stone. Tactile sensations, sonorous qualities, colour, and visual impressions are all shown to play a vital part in our understanding of the power and significance of prehistoric monuments in relation to their landscapes. In The Materiality of Stone, Christopher Tilley presents a radically new way of analyzing the significance of both 'cultural' and 'natural' stone in prehistoric European landscapes. Tilley's groundbreaking approach is to interpret human experience in a multidimensional and sensuous human way, rather than through an abstract analytical gaze. The studies range widely from the menhirs of prehistoric Brittany to Maltese Neolithic temples to Bronze Age rock carvings and cairns in southern Sweden. Tilley leaves no stone unturned as he also considers how the internal spaces and landscape settings are interpreted in relation to artifacts, substances, and related places that were deeply meaningful to the people who inhabited them and remain no less evocative today. In its innovative approach to understanding human experience through the tangible rocks and stone of our past, The Materiality of Stone is both a major theoretical and substantive contribution to the field of material culture studies and the study of European prehistory.
Category: Architecture