The Lives Of Prehistoric Monuments In Iron Age Roman And Medieval Europe

Author : Marta Díaz-Guardamino
ISBN : 9780198724605
Genre : Dolmens
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This volume explores the pervasive influence exerted by some prehistoric monuments on European social life over thousands of years, and reveals how they can act as a node linking people through time, possessing huge ideological and political significance. Through the advancement of theoreticalapproaches and scientific methodologies, archaeologists have been able to investigate how some of these monuments provide resources to negotiate memories, identities, and power and social relations throughout European history.The essays in this collection examine the life-histories of carefully chosen megalithic monuments, stelae and statue-menhirs, and rock art sites of various European and Mediterranean regions during the Iron Age and Roman and Medieval times. By focusing on the concrete interaction between people,monuments, and places, the volume offers an innovative outlook on a variety of debated issues. Prominent among these is the role of ancient remains in the creation, institutionalization, contestation, and negotiation of social identities and memories, as well as their relationship with politicaleconomy in early historic European societies.By contributing to current theoretical debates on materiality, landscape, and place-making, The Lives of Prehistoric Monuments in Iron Age, Roman, and Medieval Europe seeks to overcome disciplinary boundaries between prehistory and history, and highlight the long-term, genealogical nature of ourengagement with the world.
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Excavation Of The Iron Age Roman And Medieval Settlement At Gorhambury St Albans

Author : David S Neal
ISBN : 9781848021464
Genre : Social Science
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Gorhambury, just north of Verulamium, was the site of a substantial Roman villa complex which was excavated between 1972 and 1982 as part of a programme designed to test the interrelationships between villa sites in the Verulamium area and to examine trends in their growth, decline and prosperity. The villa was found to have grown out of a settlement belonging to the late Iron Age. A series of ditches of this phase enclosed an aisled barn, a nine-post granary and a circular house; these were the beginnings of a sequence of structures on the same spot which show increasing signs of Roman influence, all of which lay within the limits of the farmstead established at this early period. Timber buildings of the first half of the first century were followed around AD100, by a small but luxurious villa, rebuilt in the late second century, and thereafter in a gradual decline until its apparent abandonment around AD 350. Work on virtually the whole of the farmstead area has enabled a full sequence of plans of the main houses and all the ancillary structures - including barns, subsidiary housing and bath-houses - to be presented in the report. The catalogue of finds is an attempt to show the full range of material recovered from this working farmstead.
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Prehistoric And Medieval Direct Iron Smelting In Scandinavia And Europe

Author : Lars Christian Nørbach
ISBN : 8772887745
Genre : Social Science
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Although the Northern European Iron Age lasted two millennia, the "golden age" in the study of its smelting sites is about to end after less than 40 years. Professional excavations did not really begin until the 1960s, and with most unexplored sites situated in topsoil, the increasingly deep ploughs of modern agriculture destroy more of this heritage every year. At this critical juncture, the papers gathered here offer a glimpse into the state of iron smelting research in both Eastern and Western Europe. They include case studies of iron production sites in archaeological contexts (including social and agricultural frameworks), comparative regional studies, metallographic investigations and techniques for geophysical prospecting and archaeomagnetic dating. The volume should appeal to those with strong interests in the Iron Age, European archaeology or the history of metallurgy.
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Iron Age Hillforts In Britain And Beyond

Author : Dennis Harding
ISBN : 9780199695249
Genre : History
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Widely regarded as major visible field monuments of the Iron Age, hillforts are central to an understanding of later prehistoric communities in Britain and Europe from the later Bronze Age. With such a range of variants represented, no single explanation of their function or social significance could satisfy all possible interpretations of their role. Critically reviewing the evidence of hillforts in Britain, in the wider context of Irelandand continental Europe, the volume focuses on their structural features, chronology, landscape context, and their social, economic and symbolic functions, and is well illustrated throughout with siteplans, reconstruction drawings, and photographs. Harding reviews the changing perceptions of hillforts and the future prospects for hillfort research, highlighting aspects of contemporary investigation and interpretation.
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The Past In The Past The Re Use Of Ancient Monuments

Author : Richard Bradley
ISBN : 9781134641178
Genre : Business & Economics
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First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Great Civilizations

Author : Richard Leakey
ISBN : 1877019291
Genre : History
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Table of contents includes: Mesopotamia and the first cities -- The civilization of Ancient Egypt -- Civilizations in Southern Asia -- Civilizations of Southeast Asia -- Dynasties in China -- Emerging Mediterranean civilizations -- The age of Ancient Greece -- The rise and fall of Rome -- The Iron Age in Europe -- The development of African states -- The emergence of civilization in Mesoamerica -- The Maya -- The rise of the Aztecs -- Civilizations in the Andes -- The Inka state -- Constructing Japan -- The occupation of the Pacific Islands -- Stone-built monuments of the South Pacific -- Prehistoric ways of life of native Americans -- The clash of cultures.
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Author : Timothy Darvill
ISBN : 0192841017
Genre : Social Science
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Travelling around England is in many senses a journey back in time. On all sides, and sometimes even under the road or footpath itself, there are fragments of the ancient past side by side with the clutter of the modern world. Medieval villages, castles, ancient churches, and Roman villas arecommonplace and take us back to the time of Christ. Far older, yet equally abundant, are the barrows, hillforts, stone circles, camps, standing stones, trackways, and other relics of prehistoric times that have survived for several thousand years.This Guide is all about these ancient remains: the prehistoric, Roman, and medieval sites which date from the time between the first appearance of people in what we now call England during the last Ice Age and the end of medieval times around 1600 AD.
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The Gwent County History Gwent In Prehistory And Early History

Author : Ralph Alan Griffiths
ISBN : 0708318266
Genre : History
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This study of early Wales encompasses a vast period of time--from the Paleolithic period to the Norman Conquest--and provides detailed archeological information about the sweeping changes that have occurred in Wales and Southern England. Two separate prehistoric periods are covered, and a wide range of social changes, from the beginning of organized farming to the impact of the Bronze and Iron ages are analyzed. Particular attention is paid to the importance of Norman influences and the explosion of artifacts that accompanied the introduction of the Roman "epigraphic habit"--Wales's first introduction to the written word.
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The Reconstructed Past

Author : John H. Jameson
ISBN : 0759103763
Genre : Social Science
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Collection of original articles that examines issues in reconstructing archaeological sites fo the public, both physically and virtually. Visit our website for sample chapters!
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