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The Lives Of Prehistoric Monuments In Iron Age Roman And Medieval Europe

Author : Marta Díaz-Guardamino
ISBN : 9780198724605
Genre : Dolmens
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This volume explores the pervasive influence exerted by some prehistoric monuments on European social life over thousands of years, and reveals how they can act as a node linking people through time, possessing huge ideological and political significance. Through the advancement of theoreticalapproaches and scientific methodologies, archaeologists have been able to investigate how some of these monuments provide resources to negotiate memories, identities, and power and social relations throughout European history.The essays in this collection examine the life-histories of carefully chosen megalithic monuments, stelae and statue-menhirs, and rock art sites of various European and Mediterranean regions during the Iron Age and Roman and Medieval times. By focusing on the concrete interaction between people,monuments, and places, the volume offers an innovative outlook on a variety of debated issues. Prominent among these is the role of ancient remains in the creation, institutionalization, contestation, and negotiation of social identities and memories, as well as their relationship with politicaleconomy in early historic European societies.By contributing to current theoretical debates on materiality, landscape, and place-making, The Lives of Prehistoric Monuments in Iron Age, Roman, and Medieval Europe seeks to overcome disciplinary boundaries between prehistory and history, and highlight the long-term, genealogical nature of ourengagement with the world.
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Memory Myth And Long Term Landscape Inhabitation

Author : Adrian M. Chadwick
ISBN : 1782973931
Genre : Science
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In recent years in archaeology there has been increasing acknowledgement of the 'afterlife' of monuments and other features in the landscape, and the role of the past in the past, along with discussions of the spatial and chronological links manifested in monument complexes and ritual landscapes.
Category: Science

The Archaeology Of Death And Burial

Author : Michael Parker Pearson
ISBN : 0750932767
Genre : History
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The archaeology of death is a central aspect of our attempts to understand vanished societies. Through funeral remains we learn of the attitudes of prehistoric peoples to death and the afterlife, and also of their social organisation.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Later Medieval Archaeology In Britain

Author : Christopher Gerrard
ISBN : 9780198744719
Genre :
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The Middle Ages are all around us in Britain. The Tower of London and the castles of Scotland and Wales are mainstays of cultural tourism and an inspiring cross-section of later medieval finds can now be seen on display in museums across England, Scotland, and Wales. Medieval institutions fromParliament and monarchy to universities are familiar to us and we come into contact with the later Middle Ages every day when we drive through a village or town, look up at the castle on the hill, visit a local church or wonder about the earthworks in the fields we see from the window of a train.The Oxford Handbook of Later Medieval Archaeology in Britain provides an overview of the archaeology of the later Middle Ages in Britain between AD 1066 and 1550. 61 entries, divided into 10 thematic sections, cover topics ranging from later medieval objects, human remains, archaeological science,standing buildings, and sites such as castles and monasteries, to the well-preserved relict landscapes which still survive. This is a rich and exciting period of the past and most of what we have learnt about the material culture of our medieval past has been discovered in the past two generations.This volume provides comprehensive coverage of the latest research and describes the major projects and concepts that are changing our understanding of our medieval heritage.

Excavation Of The Iron Age Roman And Medieval Settlement At Gorhambury St Albans

Author : David S Neal
ISBN : 9781848021464
Genre : Social Science
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Gorhambury, just north of Verulamium, was the site of a substantial Roman villa complex which was excavated between 1972 and 1982 as part of a programme designed to test the interrelationships between villa sites in the Verulamium area and to examine trends in their growth, decline and prosperity. The villa was found to have grown out of a settlement belonging to the late Iron Age. A series of ditches of this phase enclosed an aisled barn, a nine-post granary and a circular house; these were the beginnings of a sequence of structures on the same spot which show increasing signs of Roman influence, all of which lay within the limits of the farmstead established at this early period. Timber buildings of the first half of the first century were followed around AD100, by a small but luxurious villa, rebuilt in the late second century, and thereafter in a gradual decline until its apparent abandonment around AD 350. Work on virtually the whole of the farmstead area has enabled a full sequence of plans of the main houses and all the ancillary structures - including barns, subsidiary housing and bath-houses - to be presented in the report. The catalogue of finds is an attempt to show the full range of material recovered from this working farmstead.
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Life And Death In Asia Minor In Hellenistic Roman And Byzantine Times

Author : J. Rasmus Brandt
ISBN : 9781785703607
Genre : History
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Life and Death in Asia Minor combines contributions in both archaeology and bioarchaeology in Asia Minor in the period ca. 200 BC – AD 1300 for the first time. The archaeology topics are wide-ranging including death and territory, death and landscape perception, death and urban transformations from pagan to Christian topography, changing tomb typologies, funerary costs, family organization, funerary rights, rituals and practices among pagans, Jews, and Christians, inhumation and Early Byzantine cremations and use and reuse of tombs. The bioarchaeology chapters use DNA, isotope and osteological analyses to discuss, both among children and adults, questions such as demography and death rates, pathology and nutrition, body actions, genetics, osteobiography, and mobility patterns and diet. The areas covered in Asia Minor include the sites of Hierapolis, Laodikeia, Aphrodisias, Tlos, Ephesos, Priene, Kyme, Pergamon, Amorion, Gordion, Boğazkale, and Arslantepe. The theoretical and methodological approaches used make it highly relevant for people working in other geographical areas and time periods. Many of the articles could be used as case studies in teaching at schools and universities. An important objective of the publication has been to see how the different types of results emerging from archaeological and natural science studies respectively could be integrated with each other and pose new questions on ancient societies, which were far more complex than historical and social studies of the past often manage to transmit.
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Illustrated Guide To Britain

Author : Automobile Association of Britain
ISBN : 0393316432
Genre : Travel
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Covering the length and breadth of Great Britain, this definitive guide provides a wealth of information on over 500 of the country's most attractive, interesting, and historic destinations, both well-established tourist spots and those less well known. Maps are complemented by the latest gazetteer descriptions of places of interest. Each map extract features one or more centers that are good starting places for a tour, and authors with local knowledge outline the attractions of the area, such as castles, gardens, famous landmarks, and areas of outstanding beauty and interest. The Guide also includes an extended section on the unique attractions of London. Clear, large-scale AA mapping and concise gazetteer descriptions Special feature pages for London and Scotland's Highlands and Islands Ideal for planning walks and tours, with a guide to local tourist centers
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A History Of Ancient Britain

Author : Neil Oliver
ISBN : 9780297867685
Genre : History
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Continues Neil's landmark exploration of how our land and its people came to be, which began with the acclaimed A HISTORY OF SCOTLAND. Who were the first Britons, and what sort of world did they occupy? In A HISTORY OF ANCIENT BRITAIN Neil Oliver turns a spotlight on the very beginnings of the story of Britain; on the first people to occupy these islands and their battle for survival. There has been human habitation in Britain, regularly interrupted by Ice Ages, for the best part of a million years. The last retreat of the glaciers 12,000 years ago brought a new and warmer age and with it, one of the greatest tsunamis recorded on Earth which struck the north-east of Britain, devastating the population and flooding the low-lying plains of what is now the North Sea. The resulting island became, in time, home to a diverse range of cultures and peoples who have left behind them some of the most extraordinary and enigmatic monuments in the world. Through what is revealed by the artefacts of the past, Neil Oliver weaves the epic story - half a million years of human history up to the departure of the Roman Empire in the Fifth Century AD. It was a period which accounts for more than ninety-nine per cent of humankind's presence on these islands. It is the real story of Britain and of her people.
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Assembly Places And Practices In Medieval Europe

Author : Aliki Pantos
ISBN : UOM:39015060837419
Genre : History
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In medieval England and elsewhere in northwestern Europe the moot or assembly represented the first resort to law and government. An institution, through which a free man could obtain judgment and recompense, defend himself or seek to change the law, it encapsulated many of the features that today distinguish judicial and political process in north-western Europe. A collection of ten papers by a number of academic specialists, this volume presents a European perspective on the origin and evolution of medieval royal, judicial and popular assemblies. It is the first study in over a century to focus on this remarkable aspect of the early political process.
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